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Houston Astros Minority Owners And BOD Members

By Aditya update Bhattarai / 14 August 2023 08:06 AM

Astros owner Jim Crane is supported by a group of Majority and Minority owners in leading the team to its current glory.
Source : facebook

Houston Astros Minority owners are Milton Carroll, Raul Pedraza, Margaret Barradas, and Janet Gurwitch. Jim Crane is the principal owner with 40% shares.

Crane has been the sole owner of Astros since 2011 after purchasing it for $680 million from Drayton McLane. It has grown by leaps in the past decade after the change in ownership.

Houston Astros is a Major League Baseball team that has been around for 61 years since its establishment in 1962. It changed ownership seven times before Crane acquired the franchise in 2011.

They have made five consecutive playoff appearances since 2017. While they won two World Series titles in 2017 and 2022, they have also won four American League Pennants in the years they failed to get the World Championship title. 

Considering the investment made by the Astros Ownership Group, both Both the minority and majority shareholders of the franchise are glad to have followed Crane to invest in the club.

The Houston-based club ranks eleventh on the Forbes list of Most valuable teams in MLB. They have a yearly increase of 14% with an operating income of $44.3 million as of 2023.

Additionally, General Manager Dana Brown has taken the position from the 2023 season to support the club in reaching better heights. Likewise, manager Dusty Baker has been handling the coaching and operations behind the successful tenure of the club since 2020.

Astros Minority Owners List

Astros minority owners list contains Janet Gurwitch, Milton Carroll, Raul Pedraza, and others. Astros is worth a total of $2.25 Billion per Forbes 2023 records.

The owner and chairman of the group Jim Crane holds 40% of the total ownership equity by himself. Astros ownership has 60% equity divided among other shareholders.

Crane has been leading the Astros as the sole owner of the club since 2011.
Source : bizjournals

While the primary shareholders are on the decision-making body of the Board Of Directors, the minority stockholders have no control over the organizational activities.

They do not have a set of daily responsibilities as a minority owner since Crane handles everything as the main owner. They have to attend four meetings per year starting with the one during the Spring training. Their sole task is to provide their support to Crane at the front office as a member of the team’s board.

Shawn Taylor is also one of the former minor stock owners that have been on the team since Crane started handling the Front Office. He still remains on the club as an advisor and assistant to the chairman.

Here are a few of the Astros minority stockholders known to sponsor the MLB team.

  • Milton Carroll
  • Raul Pedraza
  • Margaret Barradas
  • Janet Gurwitch

Raul Pedraza

Raul Pedraza is a minor stockholder of Astros known for being the founder and CEO of Magno International. He owns and manages the freight forwarding management.

Minority shareholder Pedraza gifted a bat to Astros first baseman Yuli Gurriel.
Source : twitter

Pedraza is Cuban American investor with a few years of experience in understanding transportation, the railroad, and other freight management areas. 

He is a capable business professional skilled in Air freight and logistics management. Pendraza is of Cuban American origin.

Milton Carroll

Milton Carroll is among the two initial investors for Crane when he was purchasing Astros in 2011. Caroll is a minority owner of color with African American origin.

Before investing in Astros to support Crane, he is renowned as the Executive Chairman of CenterPoint Energy. He has been on the board of directors for that company for the past 31 years since 1992.

Carroll is Chairman of the Board of Health Care Service Corporation as well. It is a mutual insurance company in Illinois, Chicago, owned without collecting investor money for capital.

Janet Gurwitch

Janet Gurwitch invested in Astros while supporting Crane in 2011. She is also the BOD member of Astros, as per her Instagram.

Gurwitch is a woman entrepreneur and owner of GurWitch Products or Laura Mercier Cosmetics.

The former CEO Of Laura Mercier used to work as an Executive Vice President at Neiman Marcus from 1992 to 1995. Gurwitch is also a Board Of Directors at Olapex Inc.

Her other ventures include working as an operating partner at Advent International. Before joining that, she used to work in the same position for a decade at a private equity firm in Boston named Castanea Partners.

Margaret Barradas

Margaret Barradas is the Director for Crane Capital Group Inc. in Houston. She is a former banker turned financial expert from Bank Of America.

She used to work as a Senior Vice President of BOA for 19 years from 1981 to 2000. Barradas is a Latin-born woman from South Texas that has been working under Crane in his capital for the past 23 years.

Crane Capital is an investment company owned by the Astros owner Jim Crane. Since she was the VP of such a company, she stood in support of Jim during the purchase in 2011.

Houston Astros Board Of Directors

Houston Astros ownership group is led by renowned businessman Jim Crane. Astros is owned by Crane and his team of major and minor stockholders since 2011.

Former Astros first baseman Craig Biggio was appointed as the Board of directors at Baseball Hall Of Fame.
Source : facebook

The Astros were ranked in the lower numbers among the thirty franchises in MLB before Crane bought it. They had made stable increases in the quality of players and performance in the last decade.

Houston Astros owner net worth is $1.6 Billion since Jim Crane owns 40% of shares of the MLB club. Crane has led the team to exponential growth since 2011.

Here are the executives listed on the Board of Directors of the Houston Astros MLB team.

Owner and Chairman

  • Jim Crane

Senior Vice President

  • Affiliate Business Operations - Creighton Kahoalii
  • Business Operations - Marcel Braithwaite
  • Chief Financial Officer - Michael Slaughter
  • Community Affairs and Executive Director, Astros Foundation - Paula Harris
  • Corporate Partnerships - Matt Brand
  • Executive Operations - Jared Crane
  • Marketing & Communications - Anita Sehgal
  • General Counsel and President - Giles Kibbe

Vice President

  • Accounting - Abby Brantley
  • Affiliate Operations - Thomas Bell
  • Business Strategy and Analytics - Jay Verrill
  • Communications - Gene Dias
  • Event Sales and Operations - Stephanie Stegall
  • Finance - Doug Seckel
  • Foundation Development - Marian Harper
  • Human Resources - Jennifer Springs
  • Information Technology - Chris Hanz
  • Marketing - Jason Wooden
  • Merchandising & Retail Operations - Tom Jennings
  • Stadium Operations - Bobby Forrest
  • Tax - Vito Ciminello
  • Ticket Sales & Services - P.J. Keene
  • Executive Assistant - Eileen Colgin
  • Administrative Assistant - Brittany Redeaux
  • Business Analyst - Connor Huff
  • Paralegal - Jessi Merlo
  • Legal Specialist - Siddiq Smith

Houston Astros General Manager is Dana Brown starting from the 2023 season. He was appointed after former GM James Click refused to sign another contract with the team.

Former Houston Astros Owners

Former Astros Owners comprise John McMullen, Drayton McLane, Ford Motor Credit Company, and others. The Astros have been sold seven times before 2011.

Jim Crane is the eighth and current franchise owner after he purchased it from Drayton McLane in 2011. Roy Hofheinz, R.E. Bob Smith, Craig F. Cullinan Jr. and George Kirksey were the first owners of the club.

Former owner Drayton owned the Astros from 1992 to 2011.
Source : houstonchronicle

They had owned the club as partners from 1962 to 1965. Later, Cullinan and Kirksey handed over their share to Hofheinz and Smith in 1965. After another two years, Roy Hofheinz became the club's sole owner and handled the operations for eight long years.

Here is the list of previous Houston Astros owners since its foundation in 1962.

  • Roy Hofheinz, R.E. Bob Smith, Craig F. Cullinan Jr., and George Kirksey - (1962 to 1965)
  • Roy Hofheinz and R.E. Bob Smith - (1965 to 1967)
  • Roy Hofheinz - (1967 to 1975)
  • General Electric Credit Company and Ford Motor Credit Company - (1975 to 1978)
  • Ford Motor Credit Company - (1978 to 1979)
  • John McMullen - (1979 to 1992)
  • Drayton McLane Jr. - (1992 to 2011)
  • Jim Crane - (2011 to present)

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