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Best Fantasy Baseball Scoring System

By Roshan Khatiwada / 6 July 2023 02:53 AM

Acuna Jr. is the top player in fantasy baseball at the moment
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Best fantasy baseball scoring system is points. Points are based on statistical achievements like runs and hits and account for every game aspect.

Fantasy baseball is a game where players can create their teams and compete with other players. The game is not actually about playing baseball, though.

Here you select a team of real-world players and get points based on their performance during actual MLB games. The scoring happens based on weekly matchups.

A draft is held before each season, where managers draft players on their team. These players remain on the roster till they are traded for others or are dropped.

The order of draft picks is randomly determined. In some cases, last season's ranking allows the team with the worst rank the previous season to pick first, followed by the second-worst position, and so on.

Top Fantasy Baseball Scoring System

Scoring system in fantasy baseball is a way of calculating the points of playing teams. There are different types of scoring systems.

The two top fantasy baseball league scoring systems are points and categories. Points leagues are similar to fantasy football, where players get specific points based on their performance.

Further, the system is simple and player-oriented, with the player who gets the most points each week winning. Different leagues have different point structures.

Every hit, stolen base, and run by a batter contributes to the team's score. Points can also be lost; for instance, if a batter gets struck out, points will be deducted from the score.

There are two types of scoring system in the fantasy baseball
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Here is the standard scoring system of ESPN:


  • Home run - 4
  • Total Bases - 1
  • RBIs - 1
  • Runs Scored - 1
  • Stolen Bases - 1
  • Walks - 1
  • Strikeouts - Minus 1


  • Innings Pitched - 3
  • Wins - 5
  • Losses - Minus 5
  • Saves - 5
  • Earned Runs - Minus 2
  • Hits Allowed - Minus 1
  • Strikeouts - 1
  • Walks Allowed - Minus 1

Similarly, a category scoring system aims to accumulate the most stat in specific categories. The player who wins the most categories wins the matchup.

The categories are balanced between pitching and hitting and can be 6 x 6 (six-hitting and six-pitching categories) or 5 x 5. The team with the highest ranking in the category earns a point for that category.

Fantasy Baseball Settings

Best fantasy baseball settings consider several factors, such as the draft type, scoring system, number of teams, playoff format, etc.

Some factors must be considered when choosing the league, as they can determine the outcome of the league. Ultimately, the best settings for the game are the ones that you enjoy the most, and that fit the style of play you prefer.

Here are some recommendations for picking the best settings for the game:

1. Type of draft

The draft type determines how you acquire players on your team. Snake draft and auction draft are the two types.

Type of draft can also have an impact on the way you perform in the league
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Snake draft allows you to pick players in a predetermined order that reverses each round. Similarly, in an auction draft, you bid for players using a fixed budget.

2. Scoring system

As discussed earlier, the game has two types of scoring systems: points and categories. Each method has its pros and cons.

However, the points system is straightforward and similar to other sports fantasy games like NFL. On the other hand, the categories system is more realistic and challenging.

3. Number of teams

The number of teams in the league determines how many players you must battle and how competitive the league is. It also increases the difficulty of winning the league.

Depending on availability, the number of teams can range from eight to twenty or more. Leagues with fewer teams are more manageable and predictable.

4. Trade and waiver rules

These rules determine how you can release or acquire players during the season. Trade rules govern the exchange of players with other teams in the league, whereas waiver rules govern how you can claim players dropped by others.

Trade rules allow fans to exchange players with other teams in the league
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These rules affect the balance and activity of the league, so selecting leagues with looser rules is more flexible and fun.

5. Playoff format

The format of the playoff determines how the league crowns the champion. This format depends on the number of teams that qualify, the length, and the structure of the rounds.

The format determines the excitement of the league. Playoffs with fewer teams are more exclusive, whereas other formats having more teams can be dramatic.

Head To Head Categories

Head to head categories fantasy baseball strategy is the way of planning your moves to win the weekly matchups in your leagues.

The format puts two teams against each other in a weekly battle based on several statistical categories. The team with the highest rank in each category earns a point, and the team with the highest point wins the league.

Each week the matchups change, and teams are ranked based on their performance throughout the matchup (typically a week). The matchups continue throughout the regular season, and the teams with the best records make it to the postseason.

The playoff format in the head-to-head categories is a single-elimination tournament. The regular season format is similar to the traditional rotisserie scoring format but with some differences.

In rotisserie, teams compete in categories throughout the season without the weekly matchups. You should play against all the other teams in the league in rotisserie, whereas in head-to-head, you compete against a single team.

Head-to-head categories places two players against each other in a weekly matchup
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Here are some of the best strategies to use in a head-to-head format:

1. Know your league settings

Before making any draft moves, you must be familiar with the settings of the league you play in. Settings like roster size, scoring system, and playoff format will affect the availability and value of players.

Further, these settings will also determine the difficulty level and competitiveness of the league.

2. Make a balanced draft

When you draft your team, look for balance across the hitting and pitching categories. Neglecting or overemphasizing a category will hurt your chances of winning the weekly matchups.

Make sure you have a flexible and versatile squad who can contribute in multiple categories and fill different roles on the team.

3. Manage your lineup

Managing the lineup and roster actively is very important in fantasy baseball head-to-head categories. You face a new matchup each week, so you must set your lineup according to the matchup.

Fans must manage their lineup every week in the head-to-head category
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Monitor the ranking and categories to see where the opponent ranks and how you can gain an advantage in the matchup. Further, you must focus on the trend and performances of your players and the opponents.

4. Embrace the randomness

Head-to-head is not just a game of skill but also a game of luck. Many factors beyond your control, such as injuries, scheduling quirks, and hot streaks, can affect the result of the matchup.

You must ensure that the randomness of the matchup and the format do not get to you and make you complacent or frustrated. Focus on what you can control and let the rest of the factors unfold accordingly.

H2H Categories Rankings: Players

Fantasy baseball H2H categories rankings have Ronald Acuna Jr. at the top. The Braves outfielder was named the National League Player of the Month for June.

The Angels pitcher and designated hitter, Shohei Ohtani, is in second position. Ohtani, similar to Acuna, won the AL Player of the Month for June.

Freddie Freeman, Julio Rodriguez, and Fernando Tatis Jr. round off the top five fantasy baseball rankings 2023 categories. Many fans have drafted these players to their squads, and almost all the fantasy baseball players had them on their mock draft before the start of the season.

Fantasy baseball categories mock draft is a simulated draft where fans can practice and prepare for the actual drafts.

Here is a list of the top five players in the H2H category:

  1. Ronald Acuna Jr.
  2. Shohei Ohtani
  3. Freddie Freeman
  4. Julio Rodriguez
  5. Fernando Tatis Jr.

1. Ronald Acuna Jr.

Acuna has been on fire this season, leading the National League in stolen bases. Further, the outfielder has registered 115 hits, 24 doubles, 54 RBIs, one triple, and 21 homers this year.

Ronald is slashing .337/.415/.598 for the season with an OPS of 1.013.

2. Shohei Ohtani

The 2023 home run leader has been in great touch on both ends of the diamond. The Angels pitcher has the third-most strikeouts in the league with an ERA of 3.32 and a record of 7-4.

Ohtani leads the major league in home runs as of July 5, 2023
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In terms of batting, the player scored 61 runs, 31 homers, and 68 RBIs at an average of .300.

3. Freddie Freeman

Freeman is having another great season as the first baseman of the Dodgers. The player has the best rankings among first basemen.

In his first 85 games of the year, Freddie has 106 hits, 28 doubles, 14 homers, and 54 RBIs at an average of .313.

4. Julio Rodriguez

Rodriguez is among the top outfielders in the league for 2023. The 2022 AL Rookie of the Year has 85 hits, including 16 doubles, 13 dingers, and 47 RBIs.

Rodriguez won the 2022 American League Rookie of the Year Award
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The Mariners center fielder is an asset in any fantasy baseball format but provides more value in the head-to-head category.

5. Fernando Tatis Jr.

The Padres outfielder is one of the top baseball players in the game, especially in the head-to-head format, where he can contribute in multiple categories.

The right fielder has already smashed 16 home runs, 44 RBIs, and 48 runs at an average of .288 in the 83 games he has played.

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