Rapper BTK Villeion: Learn Everything About His Relationships, Music And More

BTK Villeion promoting his song RAQX
BTK Villeion promoting his song RAQX( Source : instagram )

BTK Villeion is a popular American rapper, pop singer, songwriter, musician, and media personality. The sensational rapper is well-known for his record-breaking rap album, Drugs, And Illusion. The rising young rapper and singer have been breaking down barriers with himself to change his life and become a professional music artist.

The American rapper is from a small village in the Ivory Coast of West Africa, which is the home of only 3500 people. The versatile music artist's stage name, BTK Villeion, stands for Blolequin Village Villain, which is generally a tribute to his homeland and the people living there. 

The popular rapper has dedicated his stage name as well as his whole music career to his people and homeland, and he wants his people to know that someone from their village has made it whenever they hear the name BTK Villeion. However, he has proudly represented the Ivory Coast of West Africa through his music and talents. 

What Exactly Is A BTK Villeion? His real name, ethnicity, and musical tastes

BTK Villeion is a well-known American rapper from a small village on the Ivory Coast of West Africa. The young rapper from a small village has made quite a big name in the music field and gained an immense amount of fame and recognition from the audience. 

The professional rapper has raped and appeared in many popular music videos like Rolex, Tell Me, Rockstar, X, Halloween, RAQX, Know No Better, Name, Hennessy, and many more. He has also rapped in many songs alongside some popular celebrities like Brandoshis, THOUXANBANFAUNI, Eva Shaw, Yung Tory, and Kitti Red. 

BTK Villeion posing for a picture
BTK Villeion posing for a picture( Source : instagram )

The versatile rapper, singer, and songwriter are known as BTK Villeion, whose real name is Anton Kai. The rapper belongs to the African ethnicity, and his rap and music are usually different, relatable, motivational, and diverse. The unique rapper's music is different as they are not just one genre of music but they have a range of Afro-beat, hip-hop, trap, soft rock, R&B, and pop. 

The American rapper who has established an irreplaceable name for himself in the music field had to spend four years behind bars, and once he stepped out of jail, he decided to change his life and never turn around. He had dedicated a song named "Problem Child" to his mother, saying he no longer has the old mindset, times have changed and he is not going back. 

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What Is Rapper BTK Villeion's Age? His bio and net worth are

The young and rising American rapper from the Ivory Coast of West Africa is just 24 years old and was born on May 8th, 1998. The rising rapper, who belongs to a small village, has been inspiring many such young and talented rappers out there who are struggling every day to make a name in the field of music. 

As of 2022, the sensational rapper's net worth has not been published by any official websites or media. However, we can say that the rapper is enjoying his wealthy life as a successful rapper. 

The rapper whose melody comes from the beat had a very close friend whom he had met in prison named OBoy. He was just like a brother to him, with whom he shared the same dream and did many talents shows together behind bars. The rapper's brother-like friend got released right after a few months after his release date, and they got in touch and did music together. 

Unfortunately, one of his closest friends got shot and killed before they released anything, and hence, that was the last he could ever record with him. However, rapper BTK has released a track called "Waiting," which is a tribute to his long-time friend, OBoy.

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Rapper BTK Villeion Is Dating Who?His Instagram Account and Relationship

The rapper stays quite active on his social media platforms. He has been engaging with his fans and followers for a very long time through his Instagram account.

As of 2022, the rapper's Instagram account is verified and has 231k followers, 587 followings, and 29 posts on his Instagram account. 

BTK Villeion in a walk
BTK Villeion in a walk( Source : instagram )

Although the rapper has never spoken about his love life to the media, he has posted a few pictures with a woman who seems to be very close to him.

However, he has neither mentioned her name nor tagged her in any post. We hope the rapper keeps on climbing the stairs of success. 

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