MLB Players

MLB Players

Aaron Judge Home Runs By Year

Aaron Judge Home Runs By Year are 62 HR in 2022, 39 HR in 2021, 9 HR in 2020, and so on. Judge scored 4 homers in his rookie MLB season in 2016. New York Yankees outfielder Judge was drafted by the MLB club in the first round of the 2013 MLB Draft. ...

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MLB Players

Mark McGwire 62nd Home Run Ball Worth

Mark McGwire 62nd Home Run Ball Worth $1 million was given back by Tim Forneris for free. Forneris picked the ball from outside the field for a fun memory. It would have sold for higher prices considering its value for breaking the Roger Maris recor...

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MLB Players

MLB Players Who Have Played For The Most Teams

MLB Players who have played for the most teams are Edwin Jackson, Octavio Dotel, and Mike Morgan. Jackson has played with the highest of 14 teams in his career. Dotel held the title for playing with thirteen franchises before Jackson made the record...

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MLB Players

Tony Gwynn Strikeouts By Year

Tony Gwynn strikeouts by year tally up to 434 in twenty seasons. The record is one of the lowest for a batter in the major league baseball. The right fielder played all his twenty seasons for the Padres and is known as Mr. Padre. Tony won eight batt...

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MLB Players

MLB Hall Of Fame Class 2023 and Players

MLB Hall Of Fame Class 2023 has 16 nominees led by Scott Rolen and Todd Helton. Fred McGriff will be unanimously inducted under Veteran Committee Ballot. Baseball Writers Associaton of America (BBWAA) released the voting results for the 2023 HOF Bal...

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MLB Players

Barry Bonds Intentional Walks By Year

Barry Bonds intentional walks by year from 1986 to 2007 were 688. The player holds the record for the most intentional walks in Major League history. An intentional walk, also known as IBB, occurs when the fielding team intentionally walks a batter,...

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MLB Players

List Of Minor League Players Released

List of Minor League players released are Andrew Moritz, Matt Dermody, and 977 others in 2023. Phillies released 60 MiLB players in the 2023 season. The released players are those that have completed a contract term and have become available as free...

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MLB Players

Pitchers With 20 Strikeouts In A Game

Pitchers with 20 strikeouts in a game are Roger Clemens, Kerry Wood, and Max Scherzer. Clemens is the only player to achieve the feat twice. Striking out twenty or more opposing batters in a match is one of the rarest and most impressive feats for a...

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MLB Players

MLB Average Length Of Game By Year Since 2010

MLB average length of game by year varies in different seasons. The average time of a major league game in 2023 is dropped to 2 hours and 40 minutes. Each inning in baseball is split into two halves. In the first half, the away team bats, whereas th...

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MLB Players

MLB Players Who Played For Cubs And Mariners

Players Who Played For Cubs And Mariners are Milton Bradley, Rick Wilkins, and Jim Colborn. 98 baseball hitters were involved in both franchises. Chicago Cubs and Seattle Mariners are two MLB teams located on different sides of the USA. The Cubs pla...

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MLB Players

Longest Home Run Streak By A Player

Longest Home Run streak by a player is 8 held together by Ken Griffey Jr, Dale Long, and Don Mattingly. Griffey Jr was last to tie the streak on 28 July 1993. Hall of Famer Long was the first to record the highest consecutive streak on 28 May 1956. ...

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MLB Players

Pablo Lopez Strikeouts Last 5 Games

Pablo Lopez strikeouts last 5 games tally is 46 as of 7th July 2023. The pitcher struck out twelve batters in his last game against the Royals on July 6. Lopez is a Venezuelan professional baseball player who plays for the Minnesota Twins in the MLB...

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MLB Players

Players Who Played For Brewers And Dodgers

Players Who played for Brewers And Dodgers are Brett Anderson, Don Sutton, and Jonathan Broxton. 131 players have played for both franchises. Milwaukee Brewers and Los Angeles Dodgers are one of the top prolific teams in MLB from the National League...

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