Who Is Cody Briseno From Uvalde? Funeral Worker Was Stopped By Cops While Trying To Save The Kids

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Cody Briseno is the Funeral worker from Uvalde. He accused cops of stopping him from saving kids during the Texas school shooting.

Cody has surfaced in the headlines of news articles after the Texas school shooting. As reported in New York Post, the funeral worker Briseno said the cops terminated him from saving kids during the Texas School shooting.

Reporting to the New York Times, he and coworkers ran to help kids after Ramos, the killer, 18, crashed his pickup truck outside Robb Elementary School on May 24.

Who Is Cody Briseno? Uvalde Funeral Worker Interview

Cody Briseno, a funeral worker, was interviewed for many news articles about the Texas School shooting.

In an interview with NBC News, he said he saw Ramos armed with an evil look on his face when the shooting occurred. Cody saw him crawling out from the passenger window and asked him if he was ok or not.

Cody Briseno speaking about the cops and incident
Cody Briseno speaking about the cops and incident

Cody saw the rifle in the hand of Ramos, who opened fire on the men from across the street. The funeral attendant works across the street from the state's deadliest school shooting.

Briseno admitted he was one of the first people to encounter the gunman on May 24. He has assisted in burying five of the victims, including his cousin.

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What Did Cops Do? Cody Briseno's Explanation About Texas School Attack

Cody Briseno said the cops stopped him from confronting the shooter outside the school.

He was the first person who acclaimed he saw the satan Ramos with their locked eyes. In an interview, he immediately armed himself to stop the shooter but couldn't do because of Police's hindrance, leaving him feeling guilty for the incident.

Funeral of Texas School Shooting
Funeral of Texas School Shooting

The man felt guilty that he couldn't do more about the gunman attack at Robb Elementary School last month. Cody was the

As the teen loaded the firearm, he yelled at his coworkers to join him in saving the kids. However, the teenage killer fired on them, escaping safely from the spray of gunfire fired at them.

At that moment, a Police officer stopped him from retrieving his gun from his wife and shared after the shooter. The Police told him to stay back and shut up instead of saving the children from the gunman.

He felt guilty for not shooting the gunman because of the hindrance of the Policeman.

Is Cody Briseno Available On Facebook & Reddit?

Cody Briseno is not available on Facebook and Reddit as of now.

When he spoke about his will and the Policeman's hindrance, many people searched for him on social media. However, he seems to be not available on any social platforms.

Anyone interested in Cody's interview can look at the news article in New York Post, the NBC News, and Yahoo! Sports. He introduced himself as the funeral person who assisted in burry five children and his cousin.

The heart-wrenching news has blown away all the news articles, leaving the heart-breaking environment to the world.

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