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El Segundo Little League Roster 2023 In World Series

By Mahesh Bajagain / 17 August 2023 01:50 PM

El Segundo were crowned as the Little League 12U All Stars Districts Champions on 2nd July, 2023.
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El Segundo Little League Roster 2023 includes Finely Green, Colby Lee, and Max Baker. Danny Boehle is the manager of the team.

El Segundo Little League starts its journey with a win in the final of section 4. They registered a comprehensive win of 10-0 against Ladera on July 17, 2023. Broody Brooks with a homer and a walk-off homer by Max Baker inspires the team to the State tournament.

El Segundo defected Fontana community, La Verne and East Hills Yorba Linda Blue by 7-0, 2-0, and 3-0 respectively in South California State Tournament. The tournament ran from July 23 to 31 in Mission Viejo. They thrash Sherman Oak by a narrow 3-2 win to lift the SouCal State Championship and advance to West Region Tournament.

Southern California captures its first win on the opening day of the West Region Tournament. El Segundo win by 4-3 over Northern California champions on August 5. They registered an easy 6-0 win against Hawaii on August 7. SouCal again meets with NorCal in the final match of the West Region tournament on 11 August where they lift the trophy by a 3-1 win.

Southern California / El Segundo team secured a spot at the Little League World Series in Williamsport after winning the West Region Tournament as Little League World Series Qualification.


Southern California Team Roster

Southern California little league roster comprises Louis Lappe, Jaxon Kalish, and Ollie Parks in the team. The squad has a total of 12 players with 3 managing staff.

The Little League World Series schedule has started from 16 August to 27 August. El Segundo will face Ohio Little League in their first match on August 17 in game 8 of the World Series.

The road to Little League World Series for Southern California was not easy. They came from District 68 Little League to the top winning every tournament they played.

In the finals of the West Region Tournament, Southern California scored their first run in the bottom of the first inning when Lucas Keldorf doubled and Jaxon Kalish drew a walk for a run. For Northern California, Brandon Manivong blasted a solo home run to center field in the top of the fourth.

Infielder and pitcher of Southern California Little League, Lappe in action in West Region Tournament.
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Southern California's Louis Lappe took the initial step onto the mound. Over five and two- third innings, the starting pitcher gave up five hits and one run while getting eight strikeouts and just one walk. Keldorf made a comeback appearance for Southern California.

Southern California was led by Keldorf, who drove the middle of the lineup and added two more runs batted in. On the day, they were 1-for-2. Southern California's top hitter, Louis went 2-for-2 at the plate. This overall performance lures the team towards victory.

Following their victory in San Bernardino on August 11, El Segundo's Little League team won the Western Championship and qualified for the Little League World Series. The Roster of the team for the Little League World Series is the same team that played all the tournaments before from the bottom level.

Here is the list of the Little League World Series South California 2023 roster:

Player name (Roster)Playing Position
Lenon Salazar #3Outfielder
Finley Green #4Infielder/Outfielder/Pitcher
Quinn Boehle #8Outfielder/Pitcher
Lucas Keldrof #9Catcher
Colby Lee #10Infielder/Pitcher
Max Baker #13Infielder/Outfielder/Pitcher
Brooks #14Infielder/ Pitcher
Declan McRoberts #15Infielder/Outfielder/Pitcher
Ollie Parks #16Outfielder/Pitcher
Louis Lappe #19Infielder/ Pitcher
Crew O'Connor #21Infielder/Outfielder
Jaxon Kalish #22Infielder/ Pitcher/Catcher

Southern California little league coach is Tim Abrams. He is supported by another Coach Eddie Lee. The team's managerial role is assigned to manager Danny Boehle.

El Segundo LLWS Schedule 2023

El Segundo little league world series schedule 2023 has already begun on August 16, 2023. South California starts its journey playing with Ohio on August 17.

If South California defeats Great Lakes in its opening game, it will advance to the August 21 showdown against the winner of Texas vs. North Dakota. El Segundo will play Nevada on August 19 if it loses to Great Lakes and moves on to the losers bracket. It will be an elimination round if they lose their match from the winners bracket.

The competition is conducted using a double-elimination format. Games will be played every day except on August 25, when all teams get the day off.

The following 10 teams from various regions of the United States are included in the US bracket, along with the El Segundo Little League World Series:

While the other 10 teams from International brackets are:

  • Czech Republic
  • Panama
  • Japan
  • Cuba
  • Venezuela
  • Caribbean
  • Australia
  • Mexico 
  • Canada
  • Chinese Taipei

West’s opening match in the world series is on 17th August as per the LLWS Schedule.
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Here is the El Segundo little league world series schedule 2023:

August 17, 2023

Game 8: West Vs Great Lakes. Time:19:00 @ Lamade Stadium

The match will be broadcasted on ESPN.

If South California wins game 8, it will remain in the Winners bracket and if its Winning streak continues its fixtures goes like as mention below:

August 21, 2023

Game 24: Winner of Game 12 Vs Winner of Game 8. Time: 19:00 @ Lamade Stadium

The match will be broadcasted on ESPN2.

August 23, 2023

Game 30: Winer of Game 22 Vs Winner of Game 24. Time: 15:00 @ Lamade Stadium

The match will be broadcasted on ESPN.

August 26, 2023

Game 36: Winner of Game 30 Vs Winner of Game 34. Time: 15:30 @ Lamade Stadium

The game 36 winner is U.S. Champions. The match will be broadcasted on ESPN.

August 27, 2023

Game 38: Winner of Game 36 Vs Winner of Game 35(international). Time: 15:00 @ Lamade Stadium

The winner of Game 38 is Little League World Series 2023 Champions. The match will be Broadcasted on ESPN.

If West loses its first match, it needs to play elimination rounds in the loser bracket where one more loss put the club out of the tournament. Here is the Schedule of West if it continues its losing streak in the losers bracket until the team is in the final of the tournament:

August 19, 2023

Game 16: Loser of Game 2(Nevada) Vs Loser of Game 8. Time: 18:00 @ Lamade Stadium

The match will be broadcasted on ESPN

August 20, 2023

Game 20: Loser of Game 12 Vs Winner of Game 16. Time: 14:00 @ Lamade Stadium

The match will be broadcasted on ABC

August 22, 2023

Game 26: Loser of Game 22 Vs Winner of Game 20. Time: 15:00 @ Lamade Stadium

The match will be broadcasted on ESPN

August 23, 2023

Game 32: Winer of Game 28 Vs Winner of Game 26. Time: 19:00 @ Lamade Stadium

The match will be broadcasted on ESPN

August 24, 2023

Game 34: Loser of Game 30 Vs Winner of Game 32. Time: 19:00 @ Lamade Stadium

The match will be broadcasted on ESPN

The US bracket finals will be played in Game 36 and if loses it will play third-place play-off in Game 37. The winner of game 36 played Little League World Series with international champions in Game 38.

Where Is The Southern California Little League Team From?

Southern California Little League team came from El Segundo. They started their Journey as District Champions on July 2, 2023.

In the U.S. state of California, the city of El Segundo is located on Santa Monica Bay. It was officially established on January 18, 1917, and is a member of the South Bay Cities Council of Governments. Southern California Little League team came from the premises of the city of El Segundo.

The Little League team from El Segundo is representing the West Region as South California in the ongoing Little League World Series 2023. They came to this tournament winning the tournament like District 36 Tournament, Section 8 Tournament, State Tournament, and World Series regional qualification step by step.

Young player of El Segundo in the practice session.
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Teams from Southern California have a long history of success in South Williamsport. They have reached the finals 12 times. Colton, California was the first team to reach the World Series finals in 1954. South California has won five championships. Long Beach, California won the tournament twice in the early 1990s.

The most recent Southern California team to win the championship was Chula Vista, CA. They defeated Taiwan in 2008.

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