Five Facts You Didn't Know About Arsenal Player Ethan Nwaneri

Ethan Chidiebere Nwaneri in the game against Brentford on Sunday, Sept. 18
Ethan Chidiebere Nwaneri in the game against Brentford on Sunday, Sept. 18( Source : foottheball )

You may have recently heard the name Ethan Nwaneri of Arsenal. The 15-year-old prodigy who took the world by surprise.

Nwaneri joined Arsenal when he was as young as 9 years old. By age 14, he already started playing for Arsenal's under 18s and he quickly advanced to the club's under 21 sides.

By playing as a midfielder in a match against Brentford Football Club in the Premier League, he broke several previously held records.

Nwaneri became the youngest ever player to play for Arsenal. He is also the youngest player to appear in the Premier League. And, he also broke the all-time English top-flight record.

Ethan Nwaneri is truly an interesting person. There is more to learn about him.

Some FAQs

Is Ethan Nwaneri on Social Media?

Yes, Nwaneri is on Social Media. His instagram is @ethan_nwaneri

What is Ethan Nwaneri's Nationality?

Because Ethan was born in England, he holds English nationality. But his parents are of Nigerian descent, so he can represent NIgeria as well.

How much is Ethan's Networth?

His net worth is approximately $500,000.

What is Ethan's Age?

Born on 2007, March 21, Ethan Nwarneri's Age is 15 years old.

Who is Ethan Nwaneri and why are people talking about him?

Ethan Chidiebere Nwaneri is a player of Arsenal Football Club: a professional football club based in Islington, London, England. 

Arsesnal is a football club that plays in the Premier League, which is the top flight of English Football.

Ethan Nwaneri in action against Brentford
Ethan Nwaneri in action against Brentford ( Source : sportstar )

And, Ethan Chidiebere Nwaneri is an attacking midfielder / playmaker for Arsenal who took the world by storm.

Nwaneri is the youngest player to ever play for Arsenal and also the youngest player ever to play in the Premier League as well.

Nwaneri's apperarance is considered significant because of this very same reason.

Quick Facts About Nwaneri to get to Know Him

Full NameEthan Chidiebere Nwaneri
Date of BirthMarch 21st, 2007
CareerArsenal Player
PositionNumber 10 (Playmaker)
Height180 cm (5'11'')
Weight82 kg
Net WorthApprox. $500,000

1. Ethan Nwaneri Can Play Every Attacking Position

Though Ethan played as a number 10 (playmaker) in the Premier League against Brentford, he can also play every attacking position.

Ethan can easily receive and dribble with the ball at his feet so he is good at playing for almost all the attacking positions.

He has practised for and is comfortable with both wide and central roles.

2. Nwaneri was chosen to play as a 'Gut Feeling'

The manager of Premier League club Arsenal, Mikel Arteta explained that Nwaneri and two other under-21 players were present because the first team including the captain had several injuries.

Nwaneri and the two were on the bench on the first half of the match.

He decided to send Nwaneri on to replace Fablo Vieira in the second-half stoppage time, because of a "gut feeeling".

3. Nwaneri Attends school in Enfield

The 15 year old player, Ethan Nwaneri goes to St. John's Prep and Senior School located at Enfield.

St. John's is an English Co-educational day school which takes pupils from the age of 3 upto 18 years old.

In addition to being good at sports, he is one of the brighter students in his school.

St. John's, the school Nwaneri attends, in 2020 taking initiative to get teachers tested for covid
St. John's, the school Nwaneri attends, in 2020 taking initiative to get teachers tested for covid ( Source : stories )

4. Nwaneri Has Mostly Played Above his Age Group

When playing for Arsenal's under-14 at West Ham, 12 year old Nwaneri was said to be one of the better players in that group.

"He scored in that game and has an eye for goal, but he really wanted to be involved in the build-up play and had good ball control.", said a Premier League scout who was watching that game.

When playing in Arsenal's under-13, he was 11 years old and when playing in Arsenal's under-14, he was 12 years old. He was younger than his peers when he played in the under-18 as well.

Now, as a 15 year old, Nwaneri is playing for the under-21s of Arsenal FC.

5. Nwaneri is Bright in Classroom

Nwaneri is not only good at his football career, he is also very bright in his academics. He is praised for being good at both by many.

To attend his secondary school, St. John's Prep and Senior School, Nwaneri passed his entrance exam with flying colours at 98%. His parents have high expections for his GCSE results for the next summer as well.

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