Everything To Know About Gavin Spokes - House of the Dragon Actor

Gavin Spokes in the Set of HBO
Gavin Spokes in the Set of HBO( Source : people )

Gavin Spokes is an English actor and producer, who has played in numerous Movies and Tv Shows. He was born and raised in the United Kingdom (London) His Recent performance in House of Dragon has earned him a lot of recognition in Hollywood.  

Gavin Spokes Starred as Lyonel Strong, the lord of Harrenhal and the head of the house substantial during the reign of the king Viserys | Targaryen.

Despite the fact that we don't know about Gavin's personal life much, he has a wife and a 10  years old daughter. The name of his wife is Emma Annetts.

Due to his unwillingness to reveal his Private life to the paparazzi,  we are uncertain about the number of his children, except the one he posted on Social Media.

Gavin Spokes has had several significant and supporting parts, helping him become a household figure in the British TV Industry, despite not having participated in many productions in his career.

Gavin Spokes in the Set of House of the Dragon as Lord Lyonel Strong
Gavin Spokes in the Set of House of the Dragon as Lord Lyonel Strong( Source : nerdist )

Meet Gavin Spokes - House of the Dragon Actor

Gavin Spokes is a Veteran British actor, born in London. Due to a lack and unreliable sources of his personal details, he is around 44 years of age.

Gavin Kicked-Off his career in a TV Series called "The Bill" as Blake Pressman in 1984. He is probably known for the 2012 dramas She Stoops to  Conquer, Utopia (2013), and Warrior Kings (2002).

Gavin has a successful career not only in movies but in TV Series and Theatre as well. In the course of his learning period, he attended the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) for his acting training. Throughout his acting career, he has worked with the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch in Brexit: The Uncivil War in 2019.

Gavin was nominated for Olivier Award in 2016 for his staggering performance in Guys and Dolls as Nicely Nicely Johnson. He was also part of many highly grossing shows such as Hollyoaks (Lime Pictures) as Greg, and Utopia (Kudos\ Channel 4) as Large Man. His role in Man Down as Winston Churchill was highly praised by the audience.

Gavin's huge achievement is working as Jimmy (Football Fan) in Paul Weiland's Made of Honour, which was Produced by Columbia Pictures and Sony.

Gavin Spokes and Emma Annetts
Gavin Spokes and Emma Annetts ( Source : nsemwokrom )

At Present, Gavin is working on a project called Hamilton. This coming year is going to be huge for Gavin because he is at a peak of his career with an upcoming movie called Magic Mike's Last Dance in 2023. He is sharing the screen with the actors like Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek.

Gavin has been on the screen since 1984 and he has done decent Movies and TV Shows. House of the dragon could be the breakthrough of his career. He is a method actor who has trained in theatre with a minimum set of technologies.

His role as Lyonel Strong in House of the dragon is loyal to the King and the realm. He is a strong hand and adviser of the king whose act isn't going unnoticed by the audience. He has appeared in three episodes (The Heirs of the Dragon, The Rogue Prince, Second of his name) of House of Dragon already.

Gavin Spokes' life outside the set is normal with his beloved family. He was married to his long-time girlfriend Emma Annetts.  Emma is a celebrity spouse who happens to be the beautiful wife of an actor and producer, Gavin Spokes.

Even though she is a celebrity spouse, there is little or no information about her personal life, since she has decided to live her life away from the media's eyes.

Casualty (1986)(TV Series) as Nick Thorne
The Bill (1984)(TV Series) as Blake Pressman
House of the Dragon (2022(TV Series) as Lord Lyonel Strong
The Ipcress File (2022)(TV Series) as Terry
Hitmen (2020)(TV Series) as The Weapons Guy
Brexit (2019)(Film) as Andrew Cooper
The Resistance Fighter (2019)(Film) as Savoy Waiter
Will (2017)(TV Series) as Heavy
Man Down (2013)(TV Series) as Winston Churchill
Utopia (2013)(TV Series) as Large Man
Obsession: Dark Desires (2013)(TV Series) as John Cruickshank
She Stoops to Conquer (2012)(Film) as Landlord
Lunch Monkeys (2009)(TV Series) as Corey Black
Holby City (1999)(TV Series) as Peter Earl
Hollyoaks (1995)(TV Series) as Greg

Gavin Spokes in the Upcoming Shoot called Hamilton
Gavin Spokes in the Upcoming Shoot called Hamilton ( Source : broadwayworld )

Gavin Spokes' Hobbies

Gavin Spokes is a Skilled Baritone and Tenor. Of course, everyone could sing but don't have useful skills and voice.

He is a huge fan of cricket sport, which is also the national game of the United Kingdom. He possessed much of a love for Rugby and was often seen in the arena to watch the game.

Similarly, he can't stop swimming as well, because you can't rule out his sporting ability and athlete mentality from him.

One thing that surprises us all is that he is also interested in stage combat. Some say "It could be the Effect of House of Dragon". If you are in a show like that you should learn stage combat to keep your role for a long time.

Gavin Spokes in Eamonn Bedford Agency with Eliot and harper
Gavin Spokes in Eamonn Bedford Agency with Eliot and harper ( Source : eamonnbedford )

He has been nominated for an Award

Gavin Spokes is a Theater actor, which means theatre is what has been called him first and foremost more than anything.

He's even earned awards for his stage act and was even nominated for Olivier Award in 2016.

He was nominated for his performance as Nicely Nicely Johnson in Guys and Dolls.

Gavin in the stage of Guys and Dolls during the time of act 2016
Gavin in the stage of Guys and Dolls during the time of act 2016 ( Source : eamonnbedford )

Spokes is a Private Person

The shocking fact about him is that he is a private person, who has maintained his professional and personal life, respectively. He is the man of a job and seems to be doing nicely.

There isn't much information about his wife Emma Anneletts. It is rumored that he has more than one child but according to his Instagram post, there is only one daughter aged 10.

Gavin spokes enjoying with his 10 years old Daughter
Gavin spokes enjoying with his 10 years old Daughter ( Source : instagram )

He was the part of Game of Thrones cast

When you talk about him and his career, you can say he did big things and many people get to go into their lives saying that they were part of such a huge project that the entire world watched. He was part of the Game of Thrones Cast.

He is from Agency called Eamonn Bedford

Gavin Spokes is Represented by the Agency called Eamonn Bedford which represents charlie cox and other great actors.

How Much Is His Net Worth?

Gavin Spokes is a British actor who has clenched innumerable roles in TV and Films since 2008. However, he got his first credit when he gave his voice to the popular Video game Warrier Kings back in 2002.

His First TV show came six years later when he played Blake Pressman in an episode of the hit British drama, The Bill.

Thanks to his role since starting his career in 2008, the British actor Gavin Spokes has an estimated net worth of $1 Million. He has committed himself not only as an actor but also to voice do-over.

While doing the research, it is found that Gavin is also the Managing Director at Subterranean Solution Company.

Here is the table of Gavin Spokes details:

NameGavin Spokes
Birth PlaceLondon
WifeEmma Annettes
DaughterOne (Unknown)
Net Worth$1 Million

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