Five Unknown Facts About Abraham Romero

Abe Romero on field
Abe Romero on field( Source : ktsm )

Abraham Romero is a teen football player, from a city called Las Cruces, New Mexico.

He is the senior captain of the football team "Knights Football" of his high school Organ Mountain High School. He was respected by everyone as the team captain.

Although there is a historic lack of winning tradition at his high school- Organ Mountain High, Romero always showcased high expectations for the team and used to make a few bold claims. He believed he could lead his team to victory. The teen captain was very dedicated to the sport and diligent.

He is now missed by his loved ones, his team members, and the entire Las Cruces community after his departure from life in September 2022.

Quick Facts about Abe Romero

Full nameAbraham Romero
Birth Year2005
Mother's nameElizabeth Alonzo
SchoolOrgan Mountain High School
Football teamKhights Football
PositionMiddle Linebacker
StatusCaptain of the team

About Abraham Romero

Abraham Romero was born in the year 2005, in New Mexico. He was brought up in the second largest city in the state of New Mexico, which is Las Cruces.

Abraham is popularly known as Abe Romero when he is among his teammates and on the field.

He has the unusual height for a player, due to which he usually stood out. He was the only football player on his team, under 5 foot 5 inches. But, nevertheless, the player used to showcase the confidence of a 6 foot 3 inches tight ends.

The hard-working teen football player had a bright future ahead of him. He was persistently working towards building a bright future for himself until his demise in September 2022.

Romero's Family and Relations

Romero was born to his mother, Elizabeth Alonzo, and his father in 2005. There is not much information at the time, on his family members except for his mother.

Romero's mother: Elizabeth Alonzo
Romero's mother: Elizabeth Alonzo ( Source : lcsun-news )

Romero was from a tightly knit family. He seemed to be very close with his mother. Romero loved spending time with his family.

Abe was a loving human being. He used to care for the people that surround him and those who mattered to him. Until the end of his day, his mother was by his side. His teammates also went to visit him when he was in the hospital. 

Romero was loved by everyone in the Las Cruces community. According to KTSM, after Romero was rushed to the hospital and medically induced into a coma, multiple fundraisers for Romero and his family have raised over $15000. A GoFundMe was launched and has raised over $8,000 which shows that the athlete and his family were not alone during those tough times.

Abe was named the Homecoming King this year

Earlier this year in September, Organ Mountain High football player Abe Romero was nominated for Homecoming King.

During that time, Romero was in a medically induced coma for almost three weeks in the intensive care unit of El Paso Children's Hospital.

However, Abe was named the Homecoming King during the Knights' game against Gadsden on Thursday night September 15. He was officially announced as the High School's 2022 Homecoming King during that game.

His mother, Elizabeth Alonzo, was in attendance at the ceremony. Elizabeth accepted the award on her son's behalf.

Elizabeth accepting the honor of the Homecoming King on her son's behalf
Elizabeth accepting the honor of the Homecoming King on her son's behalf ( Source : lcsun-news )

Romero became the team captain this season

Romero was the captain of his high school-  Organ Mountain High's, football team. Along with leading the team, he played as a middle linebacker. 

Romero was part of the first senior class that his coach Steve Castille coached. He had coached Romero for all four years. He wore the jersey with the number 22 while playing for his team.

Romero wearing a number 22 jersey in field
Romero wearing a number 22 jersey in field ( Source : mobile )

Romero, as coach Castille remembers it, had never missed a game and only a few of his practice matches. He was very dedicated to football and persistently hard-working. 

He had a bright personality and was always encouraging his team towards a better performance. According to coach Castille, he had the ability to bring out the best in all of his team members which is one of the many reasons why Romero was named the team captain this season.

What did Romero bring to the team as the captain of Knights Football?

Romero was the undisputed leader of Organ Mountain High's football team whether they were on or off the field.

He was very optimistic about his team's performance and as a captain always brought out the best in his teammates. During practice, he made sure none of the members were slacking off, and before any matches, he got the communication flowing between the members to make sure that everyone understood their alignments and assignments.

Romero with his football team on the field
Romero with his football team on the field ( Source : facebook )

When the players were together as a team and asked a question, his teammates would first pause for a brief second to see if Abe wanted to answer that. After Abe has taken his turn and spoken, the rest of the term would reinforce the point Abe had just made. They usually talked about how close the team really was and how they are capable of accomplishing any challenge that comes their way, this season.

His coach, Steve Castille, said he was "the ultimate knight" of the Knights Football. He never took criticism the hard way rather listened to and worked on it. Indeed, Romero was the heartbeat of the Organ Mountain football team.

Early demise of Abe Romero

During an August 26 game against Deming, this year, Romero suddenly collapsed on the field and was immediately taken to Mimbres Memorial Hospital in Deming. Later, he was airlifted to El Paso, Texas. The reason behind his collapse still remains unclear. However, he was in the ICU with a brain bruise, for 3 weeks, in a medically induced coma. 

The doctors made several attempts to reduce the swelling of his brain with no result. His condition kept deteriorating. The player passed away on September 17, Saturday night.

After his demise, Las Cruces mayor Ken Miyagishima declared sept. 22 as "Abe Romero Day" as he wore the number 22. She also tweeted saying that she was heartbroken by the loss of Abe Romero and that she sends her thoughts and prayers to his family, friends, teammates, and the entire Las Cruces community during this difficult time.

In the memory of teen athlete Romero

Following his death, his school released a statement saying, "It is with great sadness that we announce that Abraham Romero passed gently on Saturday, September 17 with his mother at his side. Seventeen years is not nearly long enough, but it's all he was given. It is very easy to focus on what we lost, but the true measure of a life is in the impact it makes on our world, not on the time he was with us."

After that, a public viewing was held on Sept.23 from 2 to 7 p.m. at Baca's Funeral Chapels.

Hundreds of community members honor Romero at a vigil on Organ Mountain High School.
Hundreds of community members honor Romero at a vigil on Organ Mountain High School. ( Source : lcsun-news )

A funeral was held on Saturday, Sept. 24 at Las Cruces First, 5605 Bataan Memorial West. Visitation for the funeral began at 9 a.m. which was followed by services at 11 a.m. Romero was laid to rest at St. Joseph’s Cemetery.

In the memory of Abe Romero
In the memory of Abe Romero ( Source : krwg )

His obituary for the funeral goes like this- "Abe at a very young age knew he was going to be an athlete." "He loved to play baseball, basketball, and run track. But Abe’s passion was for football. He loved to be around his friends and had a heart of gold. Abe was always willing to help someone, and his smile would light up any place. His kind gentle soul is now free."

Romero's legacy as a part of Knights Football lives on

His team- Knights Football, is now working hard to let his legacy live on even though he is not there to play with them anymore.

The Knights still intend to play every game on their schedule this season. All the team members plan on continuing to wear helmet decals with Romero’s initials and jersey number.

Romero's teammates honoring him during a match after he passed away
Romero's teammates honoring him during a match after he passed away ( Source : mobile )

Coach Castille said that the team believes the best way to honor Romero’s legacy, and what Romero stood for – is by bringing the best of their games for the rest of the year.

In remembering Romero, one of his teammates from the Organ Mountain High football team said, "You know it's always just gonna be there, it's like he never left."

Fabian Lozoya, another one of his teammates said, "He was the heart. He was the leader. He was the dude we all looked up to.”

Some FAQs

What is the nickname of Abraham Romero?

He is mostly known as Abe Romero among his friends and community.

What is the name of Abe's mother?

The name of Abe's mother is Elizabeth Alonzo.

What position did Abe play in?

Abe played as a linebacker.

Why was Abe admitted in a hospital?

Abe was rushed to hospital after he suddenly collapsed during a match because of a brain bruise.

How long was Abe Romero in coma?

Romero was in a medically induced coma for 3 weeks.

When did Abe Romero pass away?

Abe Romero passed away on September 17, 2022

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Five Unknown Facts About Abraham Romero

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