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Florida Gators Baseball Roster 2023 And Starting Lineup

By Aditya update Bhattarai / 16 June 2023 03:12 AM

Gators are ready to have another great weak at Condron Family Ballpark.
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Florida Gators Baseball Roster 2023 includes Wyatt Langford, Hurston Waldrep, Brandon Sproat, and 34 others. The Florida Gators head coach is Kevin O'Sullivan.

The Gators are the official baseball team for the Univerisity Of Florida. They compete in the Eastern SEC section of the NCAA Division I and play their home games at Condron Ballpark.

This Florida-based college baseball team has nabbed the title of NCAA Regionals champions 15 times since 1988. They have also won 16 SEC Championships, including the last one in 2023.

Florida won the Gainesville Super Regionals as they led the score in the first two games against South Carolina. They came to Omaha as the final eight for the championship series.

Roster 2023

Florida baseball lineup in 2023 has Cade Kurland, Wyatt Langford, and Jac Caglianone. Hurston Waldrep is likely to pitch in the finals.

The Florida baseball has first crowned champions in 2017 with 13 world series final appearances, while 2023 marked the 14th time.
With a new balanced side with outstanding performers including pitcher Hurston Waldrep who has been performing well this season, Forida baseball is again on the way to clinching the title.

This Florida-based college baseball team has nabbed the title of NCAA Regionals champions 15 times since 1988. They have also won 16 SEC Championships, including the last one in 2023.

Gators Online had released the roster for the University of Florida team while mentioning their aim to reach Omaha this season. And the team had certainly lived up to the expectations by advancing to College World Series after 6 years since 2017.

Jac, Wyatt, Brendon and Josh became All-American selection for 2023.
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Here is the list of all the other players from the Gators' baseball roster for 2023. They are categorized according to their playing position.

  1. Dale Thomas (Infielder)
  2. Ty Evans (Outfielder)
  3. Cade Fisher (Left Handed Pitcher/LHP)
  4. Cade Kurland (Infielder)
  5. Colby Halter (Infielder)
  6. Tyler Shelnut (Infielder)
  7. Brandon Sproat (Right Handed Pitcher/RHP)
  8. Salvador Alvarez ( Catcher)
  9. Tyler Nesbitt (RHP)
  10. Mikey Robertson (Outfielder)
  11. Hurston Waldrep (RHP)
  12. Ryan Slater (RHP)
  13. Jac Caglianone (LHP and First Baseman) 
  14. BT Riopelle (Catcher)
  15. Rene Lastres (Catcher)
  16. Yoel Tejeda (RHP And First Baseman)
  17. Pierce Coppola (LHP)
  18. Jake Clemente (RHP)
  19. Sam Sloan (RHP)
  20. Brandon Neely (RHP)
  21. Deric Fabian (Infielder)
  22. Josh Rivera (Infielder)
  23. Richie Schiekofer (Outfielder)
  24. Clete Hartzog (RHP)
  25. Fisher Jameson (RHP)
  26. Luke Heyman (Catcher)
  27. Tucker Talbot (Outfielder)
  28. Erik Blair (Outfielder and LHP)
  29. Wyatt Langford (Outfielder)
  30. Blake Purnell (RHP)
  31. Matthew Prevesk (Outfielder)
  32. Nick Ficarotta (RHP)
  33. Chris Arroyo (LHP And Outfielder)
  34. Carsten Finnvold (LHP)
  35. Anthony Ursitti (RHP)
  36. Philip Abner (LHP)
  37. Max Brown (Outfielder)

Official On3 predicts three of the top draft picks to be Wyatt Langford, Hurston Waldrep, and Brandon Sporat for this season.

Florida Gators Baseball pitcher Brandon Sporat is among the most probable options to get picked in the MLB draft this season. Likewise, Langford is the number-one choice for the draft picks this year with his excellent records for single-season home runs last year.

OMAHA bound Gators are proud to play at the World Series after their last appearance in 2017.
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Waldrep is another pitcher with better strikeout rates making him an option for the upcoming draft season. Florida Gators baseball catcher BT Riopelle is also a senior player with the highest chance of turning pro this year.

Florida Baseball Starting Lineup Today

Florida baseball starting lineup has Jac Caglianone, Josh Rivera, and BT Riopelle. Florida Gators advanced to their first College World Series final since 2017.

With the unlikely heroics from their defensive center fielder, Michael Robertson entered the game in the last inning with a game-winning catch of Brayden Taylor's shot. His outstanding tracking ability and jump helped Florida to advance by a 3-2 score.

Seeing the lineup in the past few games pitcher Hurston Waldrup has been the key performer for the team. 

Gators won the first two games at the Super Regional finals and reaches the MCWS.
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Here will be the Florida starting lineup for their third game in the finals:

  1. Cade Kurland, 2B
  2. Wyatt Langford, CF/LF
  3. Jac Caglianone, DH
  4. Josh Rivera, SS
  5. BT Riopelle, C
  6. Luke Heyman, 1B
  7. Tyler Shelnut, LF
  8. Ty Evans, RF
  9. Colby Halter, 3B

Starting Pitcher 

  1. Jac Caglianone, P

Key Florida baseball Players to Watch:

  1. Hurston Waldrup, P - Hurston Waldrup has been the key for the Florida baseball team from the Regionals, Super Regionals, and World Series games. 
    He has been in brilliant form in the World Series with the performance against Oral Roberts being the icing on the cake. 
    He strikeout 12 batters in his 6 innings pitched pushing the team for the victory against the Roberts. He was given rest for the rest of the matches and with the final incoming he can be the decider for the team.
  2. Jac Caglianone, DH/P - Caglianone has been considered the most volatile among the three pitchers and can play as a designated hitter.
    He has lowered his ERA from 4.91 to 3.78 since May. With two days rest before the finale, he will be kicking off to a fresh start in the finals with his dynamic attributes.

How Much Do Florida Baseball Players Make?

Florida Baseball players minimum wage rate is $32,496 in a year as per ZipRecruiter. Florida Gators pay their players an average of $624 per week.

The University of Florida is among the top NCAA colleges of America with many talented draft picks being selected for MLB. With a century-old history, the Gators have been the top contending teams in NCAA ever since it came to fruition.

Considering their reputation, the Gators could provide a remuneration package of $30,000 to $60,000. Data reports from Comparably also suggest that a MiLB league team annually provides a salary of $64,128 on average.

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