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Future Stars Showdown MLB The Show 23

By Roshan Khatiwada / 3 July 2023 02:15 PM

Fans have to face the Giants prodigy Kyle Harrison in the final showdown of the series
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Future Stars Showdown MLB The Show 23 is a collection of players' cards who have the potential to become future stars. There are two sets of players there.

MLB The Show is a baseball video game that has been pretty popular among baseball fans. The game features different modes, including the Diamond Dynasty. This mode allows fans to collect cards of different MLB players and play them on their team.

Future Stars Series is one such pack of cards that includes some of the most promising rookies and prospects of the major league. The series is divided into two seasons, with Season 1 players available in a special pack called Welcome To My Show.

Similarly, the Season 2 players are available in different programs, such as the Diamond Duos Pack, Team Affinity Program, and Future Stars Series.

Future Stars Showdown

MLB The Show Future Stars showdown is a challenge mode in the video game where fans can face off against pitchers from the Future Stars Series and earn rewards.

You must draft three Future Stars batters to lead your Showdown squad and compete in a series of challenges against different pitchers from the Future Stars series. Each challenge comes with different difficulty levels and rewards.

Any challenges can be skipped in exchange for some stubs, but skipping a challenge will not result in a reward. The final challenge is a showdown against the San Francisco Giants pitching prodigy Kyle Harrison, the Final Boss in the series.

The showdown is a challenge mode in the video game where fans can face off against different  pitchers and earn rewards.
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The showdown is available at the Future Stars Series Program in the Other Programs section. To beat the pitcher in the showdown, you must score more runs than the pitcher has outs.

The number of runs and outs will depend on the number of challenges completed or skipped before the final showdown against Harrison. Completing all the previous challenges will start the showdown with 13 runs and 20 outs.

Here are some tips on how to complete the showdown:

  • Draft left-handed hitters and switch hitters, as most of the pitchers in the series are right-handed.
  • Avoid chasing splitters or curveballs and focus on hitting fastballs in the upper half of the plate.
  • If the defence is playing back, use bunts to move runners over or get on base.
  • You can skip the second last challenge if it's against a tough pitcher like Grayson Rodriguez or Bobby Miller.
  • Wait till you get a good ball to hit, and don't swing at every ball.


MLB The Show 23 Future Stars rewards include Future Stars players and two Future Stars Captains. Fans can add these players to their Diamond Dynasty squad.

These rewards can be gained by completing the Showdown and other challenges in the program. Conquering the Future Stars Conquest Map is one such challenge.

Kopech and Tucker are the captains for the Future Stars Program Series
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Here are some of the Future Stars Series Program rewards:

  • 92 OVR Ben Joyce - Relief Pitcher (Los Angeles Angels)
  • 93 OVR Andy Pages - Right Fielder (Los Angeles Dodgers)
  • 93 OVR Colt Keith - Third Baseman (Detroit Tigers)
  • 94 OVR Luisangel Acuna - Shortstop (Texas Rangers)
  • 94 OVR Jordan Westburg - Third Baseman (Baltimore Orioles)
  • 95 OVR Bo Naylor - Catcher (Cleveland Guardians)
  • 95 OVR Heston Kjerstad - Right Fielder (Baltimore Orioles)
  • 95 OVR Brandon Pfaadt - Relief Pitcher (Arizona Diamondbacks)
  • 95 OVR George Valera - Right Fielder (Cleveland Guardians)
  • 96 OVR Noelvi Marte - Shortstop (Cincinnati Reds)
  • 96 OVR Marco Luciano - Shortstop (San Francisco Giants)
  • 96 OVR Royce Lewis - Shortstop (Minnesota Twins)
  • 97 OVR Bobby Miller - Starting Pitcher (Los Angeles Dodgers)
  • 97 OVR Kyle Harrison - Starting Pitcher (San Francisco Giants)
  • 97 OVR Jasson Dominguez - Center Fielder (New York Yankees)

Further, fans can earn two Future Stars Captains from the program by completing tasks such as Conquests, Missions, and Moments. Both captains have a card with an overall rating of 95.

Here are the captains for the series:

  • 95 OVR Michael Kopech - Starting Pitcher (Chicago White Sox)
  • 95 OVR Kyle Tucker - Right Fielder (Houston Astros)

Contest Hidden Rewards

Future Stars conquest hidden rewards are gained after conquering territories and strongholds of different major league teams in the Conquest mode.

Different rewards are also earned for your Diamond Dynasty team in return. The prizes include packs, stubs, Future Star Series players, and more. Some rewards are hidden in certain strongholds, and you must capture the territory to reveal the prizes.

Players must take over eight strongholds, seven of which belong to the other teams, to complete the map. In addition, five goals are also set for this conquest.

Acquiring 100M fans is the first goal of the conquest. Those who complete the first goal will be rewarded with a The Show Pack.

The following three goals are to capture the strongholds of three major league teams; the Dodgers, the Yankees, and the Giants. The final goal is to conquer all the territories on the map.

The father son duo of Holiday's can be earned by conquering all the territories and completing the Future Stars map
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Here are some of the rewards for conquering certain strongholds:

Los Angeles Dodgers

  • One MLB The Show 23 Pack
  • 500 XP

New York Yankees

  • One Ballin' is a Habit Pack
  • 500 XP

San Francisco Giants

  • One Welcome to My Show Choice Pack 1
  • 500 XP

Conquering all the territories and completing the Future Stars map will earn further rewards in the Future Stars Other Program and a Diamond Duos Choice Pack 22.

The Diamond Duo pack contains two 99 overall-rated father-son duos. The first card is of the former Rockies legend Matt Holiday, whereas the second is the Future Stars card of his son Jackson Holiday of the Orioles.

Further, completing the map will also result in 1,000 XP points. Those who meet the conquest will also receive 30 points in the Future Stars Series Other Program.

Certain hidden rewards are on the map, including three MLB The Show 23 packs, one Ballin' is a Habit pack, and one Diamond Duos 14 pack. 

Other Program Hidden Rewards

Future Stars Other Program hidden rewards include stubs, MLB The Show 23 pack, and Future Stars Series players. The program was released on June 23.

The reward path of the program leads to the 97 overall rating card of Future Stars player Jasson Dominguez. The reward path starts with a one-star point and ends with 150.

Similar to other programs in the video game, points can be earned by completing moments, missions, showdowns, and conquests. Some of the missions are repeatable.

Certain hidden rewards can also be earned while trying to complete the program.

97 overall rated card of Yankees player Dominguez is the final reward of the program
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Here is some of the reward path for the program:

  • 1 Star Point – MLB The Show 23 pack
  • 3 Star Points – 92 OVR Future Stars Ben Joyce
  • 7 Star Points – 93 OVR Future Stars Andy Pages
  • 25 Star Points – 1,000 Stubs
  • 30 Star Points – 94 OVR Future Stars Jordan Westburg
  • 40 Star Points – 95 OVR Future Stars Bo Naylor
  • 50 Star Points – 95 OVR Future Stars Heston Kjerstad and 2,500 XP
  • 55 Star Points – MLB The Show 23 pack
  • 75 Star Points – 2,000 Stubs
  • 110 Star Points – 95 OVR Future Stars Captain Michael Kopech
  • 120 Star Points – 95 OVR Future Stars Captain Kyle Tucker
  • 135 Star Points – Ballin’ is a Habit pack
  • 140 Star Points – 97 OVR Future Stars Kyle Harrison
  • 145 Star Points – Welcome to the Show Choice Pack 2
  • 150 Star Points – 97 OVR Future Stars Jasson Dominguez

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