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Gray New Gloucester Little League Roster And Schedule 2023

By Aditya update Bhattarai / 16 August 2023 02:17 PM

New England team from Maine advances to the LLWS Bracket in 2023.
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Gray New Gloucester Little League Roster contains Kayden Oliver, Cam Beckwith, Ivan Deemer, and others. Manager Brad Shelley led the team to the LLWS 2023.

Gloucester from Maine had won the Little League Baseball World Series New England Region Tournament of 2023. They played the winning game against Canton of Massachusetts on 10 August 2023 at 08:15 PM.

The Maine representative Gloucester was the champion from District 6 as they competed in the State championship from 22 July 2023. They won their way to the regionals by defeating Augusta by a 12-0 score on 30 July 2023 during the State finals.

Later, they kept on advancing by winning further ahead in the regionals and advanced to Williamsport for LLWS after winning the final game with Massachusetts. They have maintained their winning streak from the first game of the State tournament to the Region finals without losing a single game.

After qualifying for the Little League World Series that will occur in Williamsport, the Maine team will be playing against 19 other teams. Nine of them are the region champions from the remaining regions of the United States while the other 10 teams belong to various  International Regions from around the World.

Roster 2023

Gray Maine Little League Roster includes Kayden Oliver, Grant Brann, Caleb Barker, and Benjamin Gilmore. Brann has led the team with 3 hits in the regionals.

The Gloucester became the representative team for the New England region in the LLWS at Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The LL World Series games will begin on 16 August under two brackets of United States and International teams.

Gray Maine win straight games from state level to regionals without losing a single game. .
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They became eligible to reach LLBWS after winning the New England Region Tournament with a 2-1 score. While Oliver was a standout Little League pitcher, Barker struck out two hitters from the opposing team at the Regional Finals 2023.

Here is the 2023 roster for Gray New Gloucester Little League World Series team this season.

Players NamePlaying Position
#3 Benjamin GilmoreSecond Baseman, Catcher
#4 Ivan DeemerSecond Baseman, Outfielder
#5 Cam BeckwithRelief Pitcher, Catcher, First Baseman
#6 Chase PacanzaSecond Baseman, Outfielder
#7 Nathan ShelleySecond Baseman, Third Baseman, Outfielder
#8 Grant BrannSecond Baseman, Outfielder
#9 Kayden OliverStarting Pitcher, Shortstop, Outfielder
#14 Oliver BarkerRelief Pitcher, Shortstop, Third Baseman
#15 Jachary Feehan Jr.Relief Pitcher, Outfielder, Shortstop
#17 Mason WescottFirst Baseman, Outfielder
#18 Alex HanlonThird Baseman, Pitcher, Catcher
#19 Mason AmergianRelief Pitcher, Catcher, Shortstop, Outfielder
#20 Anthony PicconeRelief Pitcher, Infielder, Outfielder
#21 Gage RiouxRelief Pitcher, Catcher, Utility

Gray Maine Little League World Series 2023 team Gloucester is from the Maine State. It has won the State level tournament to reach the regionals.

The Mayne Little League team has manager Brad Shelley, hitting coach Michael Amerigan, and Travis Gilmore leading them in 2023. They have won their way up from District level tournaments to the state level and then finally New England Region.

Later, they defeated Canton from Massachusetts at the Region finals and became eligible for playing in the Little League Baseball World Series. Starting pitcher Oliver had begun the game while Barker hit a line drive against the runner giving Maine a lead against Canton.

Last years winner Massachusetts lost the LLWS regional crown to Gloucester from Maine in 2023.
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Following that, Brann hit a pop fly in the second inning which ended up in him scoring the second run. Barker landed the final strikeout against Massachusetts and finished the game with a lead for Maine.

Similarly, catcher Gilmore is the only 10-year-old player from Gray Mayne to play in the World Series this season. There are other 12 players on the team that have been playing for a travel baseball club program as well.

Canton was defeated by Gloucester in the LLBWS Region finals 2023 after Oliver and Barker showed their excellence in pitching. Likewise, Brann led the score by landing 2 hits over the pitches from Massachusetts.

Maine LLWS Schedule 2023

Gray New Gloucester Little League schedule states their first LLWS game will be against Northwest Seattle. It will be held on 17 August 2023 at Lamade Stadium.

New England Vs Northwest Region is a Game 6 on the United States Bracket of LLBWS 2023. They will play Game 22 against the winner of Game 10 on 21 August if they win against Northwest.

Gray Maine Glocester will be representing the New England Region at LLBWS.
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If they lose, they will end up in the Losers bracket playing Game 14 on 19 August against the loser of Game 4. The tournament follows the double elimination rule for teams in each of these brackets.

Finally, two winning teams from both the United States and International brackets will play against each other to decide on the Ultimate champion of the LLBWS 2023. These final games will be covered by ABC for televising and live stream them on the web.

There will be a total of 38 Games with the last four being held between the winners of the two brackets. ESPN and ESPN 2 will be broadcasting all the American and International games on their network throughout the LLBWS.

All the United States games and finals will be held at Howard J. Lamade Stadium and the International Region games will occur at Volunteer Stadium in Williamsport.

Below are the schedules for all the games that Maine will be playing at the LLBWS 2023;

18 August 2023 Friday

  • Game 6 - New England (Maine LL) vs Northwest (Washington LL)

If New England wins, they will be playing game 22 on 21 August. Meanwhile, losing this round will lead them to the Elimination bracket and they will play against the loser of game 4 on 19 August. 

19 August 2023 Saturday

  • Game 14 - Game 4 Loser Vs Game 6 Loser

20 August 2023 Sunday

  • Game 18 - Game 14 Winner Vs Game 10 Loser

21 August 2023 Monday 

  • Game 22 - Game 6 Winner Vs Game 10 Winner

New England will advance through the winners bracket if they continue winning the games. They will advance to Game 30 if they win game 22.

22 August 2023 Tuesday

  • Game 28 - Game 18 Winner Vs Game 24 Loser

23 August 2023 Wednesday

Winners Bracket

  • Game 30 - Game 22 Winner Vs Game 24 Winner 

The New England team will be playing US Championship game if they win against the Game 24 winner.

Losers Bracket

  • Game 32 - Game 28 Winner Vs Game 26 Winner

24 August 2023 Thursday

  • Game 34 - Game 32 Winner Vs Game 30 Loser

The New England will advance to the US championship game through losers bracket if they win the Game 34 against the loser of game 30.

26 August 2023 Saturday

  • US Championship Game 36 - Game 30 Winner Vs Game 34 Winner

Either through the Winners bracket or through the elimination bracket, if Maine can advance to LLBWS finals after winning Game 36. They would be competing against the International Champion team from the other bracket.

Where Is Maine Little League Team From?

Gray New Gloucester Little League Team is from Maine state of the United States of America. They represent a middle school in Gray Town of Maine, United States.

The Gray Maine team Gloucester Little League are the winners for both state and regionals LLWS 2023.
Source : facebook

They are the fourth team from New England to ever qualify in the Little League Baseball World Series. Massachusetts and New Hampshire were the previous two qualifiers from 2022 and 2021.

Maine team Gloucester became victorious in 2023 against the Massachusetts team Canton during the New England Region tournament finals.

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