Who Is German Musical Artist And TV Host Irina Beller?

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Is Irina Beller on Wikipedia? The TV host got featured in 30 minutes Germany, in 2015.

Irina, the German musical artist, spoke about her relationship with event king Thomas Durrr, reported in the Blick. The couple confessed their love in front of the media without hesitation or fear.

The TV host is newly in love with the Swiss concert promoter, Thomas. The CEO of Act Entertainment reported how the couple met each other. Both are two freaks who live life and are looking for surprises.

Irina Beller Wikipedia: Who Is She?

Despite Irina Beller's fame in Germany, Wikipedia has not featured her.

Beller, 50, is a bold model who is not afraid of exposing her body parts in the photo sessions. She is a woman with ambitions who loves to dance and twirls at many weddings. 

The old-age lady is renowned as a reality star, best-selling author, brand ambassador, and entertainer. Generally, she serves all those professions with incredible passion but unmistakably. 

Russian-Ukrainian rooted model Beller loves to play with provocation. Behind the glamour lady, there is a loving woman down-to earthiness endowed with a sense of humor.

Moreover, her personality never ceases to surprise her followers. As an author, she wrote books including, The Human in me and Hello Mr. Rich. 

Irina Beller's Kinder Alter- Is She Married?

Yes, Irina Beller is a married woman and has a kinder alter.

Her daughter, Alino, 22, is from her first married life with Walter. As reported in World-Today, she never wanted to marry again after Walter's death. 

The couple was one of the most glamorous couples in Switzerland, spending almost 20 years together. Their daughter, Aliona, was born on May 25, 2000.

Irina Beller was her late husband Walter
Irina Beller was her late husband Walter

Beller explained to the World Today how her husband died in his apartment. She got devasted after the death news of her husband. As of now, she finds love in Thomas Durr in Dubai.

Thomas and Irina met at an event in August where he asked about her biography. The meeting was the first beginning of their love story.

At the beginning of their dates, Thomas used to take her to concerts where they were never bored. The couple got closer and closer, and today they are a couple. 

However, the couple doesn't share any children. In addition, she has not revealed many things about her daughter.

Irina Beller's Activeness On Instagram

Irina Beller is active on her Instagram account under the username @irina.beller, a verified account.

The model has 2,203 posts on her Insta wall with 262k followers. Her Insta profile reveals that she is a best-selling author and model (1.77 34-36). Her Instagram is full of bold pictures.

Irina Beller on Instagram
Irina Beller on Instagram

Beller never limits herself in the boundaries of society. She experimented with new techniques so that her followers could attach to her.

Almost all of her photos are focused on 18+ audiences. Recently, the lady revealed her relationship with Thomas through her Instagram account on June 4, 2022.

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