Jane Margolis Is A Tragic Character In Breaking Bad - 5 Unknown Facts

Jane Margolis is one of the most loved character in Breaking Bad
Jane Margolis is one of the most loved character in Breaking Bad( Source : cbr )

Jane Margolis, the daughter of Donald Margolis, was born on April 4, 1982, in Phoenix, Arizona. Her father was in charge of aviation traffic. 

Breaking Bad viewers were first introduced to Jane Margolis in the fifth episode of Season 2.  She is a beautiful 26-year-old girl who is the landlord of a duplex apartment building that her father owns.  She rents out her empty next-door apartment to Jesse.  Jesse's parents had kicked him out of the house. 

When Jesse asks Jane about smoking pot. She denies him and tells him she is on her way to recovery. Jane works as a tattoo artist and is dedicated to improving her life.

They fall in love. Though  Jesse is a bit angered by the act of Jane act because she treats him as just a tenant in front of her father. But later she slips a drawing under his door apologizing for her mistake. This shows she is sorry for her act. 

Some Quick Facts About Jane Margolis

NameJane Margolis
Known ForBreaking Bad
Episodes Played33
Cause of DeathChoking

Some FAQs

How Old Is Jane Margolis?

Jane is 27 years old, she was born in 1996.

Jane Margolis Is A Tragic Character

Jane is a highly intelligent, caring, and loyal woman who is a creative artist and loves her caring father Donald though he is a strict person.

She fears him and is angry when  Jesse introduces himself to him.

Jane loved  Jesse very much and she saw many similarities between him and her. She took pity on him and let him live next door even after she found out that he lied about his real name. Jane is shown to be a bit egotistical and openly admits that she does not like being judged all the time, especially by her own father. 

Jane Margolis is a tattoo artist and Jesse Pinkman's neighbor and landlord. She is also a recovering drug addict
Jane Margolis is a tattoo artist and Jesse Pinkman's neighbor and landlord. She is also a recovering drug addict ( Source : ranker )

She also comes off as a tough woman, but this is because there's sadness in her life. She does not allow many people in her life and does not have many dear friends. Her father had warned her about renting apartments to people like Jesse. But she didn't abide by it. This decision of hers would lead to her tragic death later.

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Jesse and Jane love story

Even though Jane has built walls around her and doesn't let many people in her life, that doesn't mean she is incapable of love.

When it is clear to her that Jesse is involved in some kind of illegal activity, she tells him she doesn't care as long as he keeps it off-premises.

In the seventh episode of Season 2, Jesse is seen to be going through a lot of turbulence in his business.  Jesse becomes so worried about the things that were going around his life that he's unable to leave his apartment.

Jesse invites  Jane inside his house to see his new television. They sit down on lawn chairs in the middle of the living room.  Even though there's no satellite signal on the TV  they sit and watch anyway. Jesse is not comfortable until Jane reaches his hand to her. They fall into deep love.

Jane cares for Jesse

The inevitable occurs in "Mandala," Episode 11 of Season 2, Jesse is saddened by the passing of his friend Combo (Rodney Rush).

Combo was outselling Jesse and Walt's substance in a new area when he was eliminated by rival dealers. He feels guilty. Even if Walt is to fault for the new location, Jesse is once again the only one who feels guilty.

Jesse is defeated and won't allow Jane to assist him. Unsurprisingly, his means of escape is crystal.

He begs Jane to go because he doesn't want to be held accountable for her relapse. But Jane decides to hang around and smoke with Jesse.

She does it in an effort to cheer up her partner. This is the critical turning point in their relationship.

Jane wanted to live a better life

Jesse and Jane begin fantasizing about all the places they can go to in order to get away with having around half a million dollars.

They no longer had to suffer a life of misery, and they now had the potential to entirely transform their lives for good. They could be whatever they wanted to be, do anything of their choice, and travel wherever they wanted since they had complete freedom.

This dream is not the first for Jane. She yearned to be away from her stern, authoritarian father and his incessant criticism.

She has a strong desire to be more than simply an addict. She thinks they can both live better lives with the money they have.

But this dream does not exist in reality. Her dreams are only the desperate illusions of a woman who is stuck in the world of addiction.

Jane's death is about betrayal

Jesse and Jane are both dozing off on the bed and various items are scattered around when Walt reaches Jesse's apartment.

As Jane falls onto her back, he tries to awaken Jesse. While still unconscious, jane starts to cough and spew up.

Walt initially seems like he's going to help Jane. Then he shifts his mind. With Jane out of the picture, Walt can persuade Jesse to join his growing empire, as we can see the gear turning in his brain. He can also use Jane's sorrow to persuade Jesse to change his ways. Walt realizes that Jane knows much too much about his business in any case. She definitely is a threat.

Walt decides not to help while Jane has trouble breathing. He allows her to choke on her own vomit and die.

Things changed after Jane died

Jane and Jesse visited a Georgia O'Keefe museum in the Season 3 episode "Abiquiu," Jane goes in a flashback scene at the end of the movie.

Before the young couple's parallel fall into drug abuse gained control and ruined their lives, it was a happy time for them.

Jesse makes it through El Camino and manages to get away, reaching Alaska. He has a new beginning now that he is out of the brutal world of Walter White's business. Once upon a time, Jesse and Jane fantasized about becoming sober and escaping together. They were unable to fulfill that desire due to Jane's tragic loss, but in the end, Jesse gets a chance to be happy.

Donald was devastated about Jane's passing and as a result, lost focus, which caused Wayfarer Flight 515 to crash into another aircraft. 

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