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Jerry Yang comes from Taiwanese origin
Jerry Yang comes from Taiwanese origin( Source : stanford )

Jerry Yang is a Taiwanese-born American billionaire computer programmer and entrepreneur whose net worth is about $2.5 billion.

Yang started Yahoo! in 1994 and was the company's CEO from 2007 to 2009. In 2012, he departed Yahoo! He started AME Cloud Ventures, a venture capital business, and now serves on multiple corporate boards.

Jerry was a "brilliant entrepreneur, advocate, strategist, and mentor," according to Rob Solomon, a venture capitalist at Accel Partners, having "built the pattern for what is possible on the Internet."

Who is Jerry Yang?

Jerry Yang, an American billionaire from Taipei, Taiwan, is an internet entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

Yang Chih-Yuan was born in Taipei, Taiwan on November 6, 1968. His father died when he was two, so he was entirely raised by his mother.

Yang is a committed philanthropist who has contributed to a variety of charity organizations throughout the years.

 Successful American investor in China, Jerry Yang
Successful American investor in China, Jerry Yang( Source : fortune )

Jerry attended Stanford University after graduating from high school, where he received a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in electrical engineering. He completed both degrees in four years.

During Jerry's college years, he met David Filo, with whom he later co-founded Yahoo!

During their undergraduate years, the duo participated in a student exchange program to Japan, where Jerry met his future wife.

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What Is Jerry Yang's Net Worth?

As of 2022, the entrepreneur, Jerry, has a net worth of an estimated $2.7 billion.

He is well known as a co-founder of Yahoo! He formerly served as the CEO of Yahoo! Jerry, a qualified computer programmer, made his wealth through venture capital and online business.

Jerry Yang Photo
Jerry Yang Photo( Source : forbes )

He also made some wise investments through the firm, including a 40% interest in Alibaba for $1 billion in 2005. Only seven years later, Yahoo! sold its interest for $7.6 billion.

In 2007, he and his wife gave $75 million to Stanford University, which was used to build a new lab. He and his wife donated $25 million to the Asian Art Museum in 2017.

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About Jerry Yang's Family

Jerry was raised by his mother mostly. In his family, his father passed away when he was two years old.

The family moved to San Jose, California, in 1978. His mother was an English and theater professor at the time, but she could only teach Yang one word before transporting him to the United States: "shoe."

However, Yang then changed his name to "Jerry" and became proficient in just three years.

Jerry Yang At Yahoo
Jerry Yang At Yahoo( Source : thepersonage )

Meet Jerry On Instagram

Jerry Yang is not active on Instagram. He stays away from social media platforms.

He does not like social media life, so he prefers not to be active on any networking sites.

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