Who Is Richard Irvin Girlfriend Laura Ayala Clarke And Why Is She Arrested?

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Last year, Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin, who is now running for governor of Illinois, arrived at the scene of his then-arrest girlfriend by Aurora police for allegedly striking a security officer at a marijuana business.

Laura Ayala Clarke is well-known as the ex-girlfriend of Mayor Richard Irvin.  

The couple dated for a long time, but Richard ended their relationship after the incident and his release on bail for assaulting a marijuana business security guard.

Richard later clarified his remark about being "taken care of" as a simple statement about his girlfriend receiving proper legal representation, and then called for a proper jail bailout.

Currently, he is working hard to remove his rude comment and improve his public image.

Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin stated that he will handle his girlfriend's criminal charges after she was arrested by Aurora police. 

Laura Ayala Clarke: Richard Irvin's Girlfriend Arrested

According to initial police reports, Richard Irvin's girlfriend, Laura Ayala Clarke, was sentenced to prison last year for assaulting a security guard at a marijuana shop.

One of the officers assigned to the raid overheard Richard, who arrived at the scene, say that the allegations against his girlfriend Ayala would be "taken care of."

Following some filing, Laura was charged with a minor municipal offense of ordinance battery.

Laura Ayala Clarke was arrested but later released on the charge of ordinance battery of violation, which is a minor offense in this case.

Laura Ayala Clarke Age Wiki And IG

She is currently 35 years old, but her exact birth date is unknown.

Her parents gave birth to her in Aurora, Illinois. Information about her parents and siblings, however, remains unknown.

Laura's social media platforms show that she is quite active. Her Instagram account has 1814 followers and 1422 posts.

According to her Instagram, she is a Deputy Editor at @watchintheknow by @yahoo, but she is best known as Richard Irvin's ex-girlfriend.

Richard Irvin dating Laura Ayala Clarke
Richard Irvin dating Laura Ayala Clarke

Furthermore, we can see from her Instagram profile that she has one son who she adores.

Meet Laura Ayala Clarke's Ex-boyfriend Richard Irvin

He attended Robert Morris College and Northern Illinois University, where he earned his law degree. Before opening his own law firm, he worked as an assistant state's attorney in Cook and Kane counties. But he was always interested in politics.

Irvin ran for mayor in 2005 but lost to Democrat Tom Weisner, who had the backing of then-Senator Barack Obama.

Later, Irvin was elected as Alderman-At-Large on the Aurora City Council in 2007, after previously running for and losing higher office.

Irvin ran for mayor for the third time in 2017, after serving on the City Council for ten years.

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