Meet Coursera CEO Jeff Maggioncalda - His Estimated Net Worth Discussed

Jeff Maggioncalda, the Chief Executive Officer at the online learning platform, Coursera
Jeff Maggioncalda, the Chief Executive Officer at the online learning platform, Coursera( Source : fortuneindia )

Jeff Maggioncalda is the CEO of the famous and renowned open online course platform, Coursera.

 It is used by millions of people worldwide to fulfill their learning desires. 

Before getting involved with Coursera, Jeff was the CEO of Financial Engines Inc, an investment advisory company that he co-founded with William Sharpe. 

Jeff is a BA in Economics and English from the Standford University. We can assume how good he is academic. 

At the same time, he also completed his MBA from Standford University Graduate School Of Business in 1996. 

Right after Graduation, he started a job at Cornerstone Research as an analyst, where he was expected to conduct quantitative analysis to support expert witness testimonies in business litigation. 

In addition, Jeff Maggioncalda has served at the Silicon Valley Bank as a board member since 2011. 

Know about the Coursera CEO Jeff Maggioncalda

Jeff Maggioncalda was born in 1968, and his upbringing occurred in Pacifia, California.

He studied at St Ignatius College Prep in San Fransisco and later completed his Graduation from Standford University. 

Maggioncalda has been working very actively in the Educational and Technological Sector. 

Some of the facts about him are given below in the table. 

Name Jeff Maggioncalda
Date of birth 1968
Place of BirthPacifia, California
EducationBA Degree in English and Economics plus MBA Degree from Stanford University
Skills Start-ups, Investments, Technology, Education
Work life Founding Member of the Financial Engines and CEO at Coursera
Net worth About $28.16 M

Jeff Maggioncalda has been working as  CEO of Coursera since the year 2017. Coursera has proven to be one of the leading platforms for providing learning opportunities. 

It collaborates with the world's excellent Colleges and Universities to provide content and credentials to the learners and works alongside multiple industrialists and leaders to provide different types of vocational training and workshops. 

Jeff came back after a two years career break

Many people are unknown of the fact that Jeff Maggioncalda has come back to the industry after a two years career break. 

It was in the year 2015 he decided to stop everything and enjoy retired life. He spent most of the time traveling to different places during the break. 

The two and half years career break included traveling to places, including Europe. South Africa, China as well as Southeast Asia. 

Maggioncalda was going to places with his wife and having a perfect time. He believes that his life period is extraordinary and full of fun and adventure.

In addition, Maggioncalda also stated that he got to learn a bunch of new things while traveling for such an extended vacation. 

He firmly believes that being open-minded, adaptive to change, and curious is very important to make things successful.

Jeff Maggioncalda worked as a paperboy

Jeff Maggioncalda has a unique and surprising job experience most people do not know about. 

As a child, Maggioncalda worked as a newspaper delivery boy. He was merely eleven years old when he started working as a paperboy. 

Maggioncalda would wake up early at around three and deliver newspapers to places. 

Jeff Maggioncalda in his dashing personality poses in front of the camera
Jeff Maggioncalda in his dashing personality poses in front of the camera ( Source : classcentral )

He had his brother as a partner in the delivery job. Maggioncalda had to deliver newspapers around the neighborhood in Pacifia, California, every Wednesday. 

He used to get $25 as remuneration for doing the job with honesty. 

He has founded the Financial Engines

Jeff Maggioncalda founded Financial Engines with Bill Sharpe, the economics Nobel Prize winner. 

Financial Engine was founded in the year 1996. Maggioncalda was always interested in establishing something of his own, utilizing his entrepreneurial skills. 

Financial Engine became very successful under the leadership of these two amazing people. 

Its sample achievements only included raising about $130 million in private funding from VCs, strategic investors, and private equity. 

Furthermore, the revenues just kept on scaling. The profits reached nearly $100 million, developing eleven patents. 

Financial Engines has been regarded as one of the most prominent independent registered investment advisors. 

The company acquired $3 billion by March 2018. 

Jeff Maggioncalda is concerned about Mental Health

Jeff Maggioncalda strongly believes that good mental health is the only key to productivity. 

A professional who has to work long hours a day has a higher chance of ruining one's mental health. Therefore he seems to be very concerned regarding his mental well-being. 

Most of the time, we can hear him advocating for mental health issues. Maggioncalda states that if someone aims to reach the top of their careers, it is very significant to practice mental well-being. 

Jeff Maggioncalda smiles fresh and radiant in one of his interviews
Jeff Maggioncalda smiles fresh and radiant in one of his interviews ( Source : iblnews )

Peace of mind and the practice of well-being contributes a lot to a person's career growth. He has been practicing "The Science of Wellbeing" for many years, which teaches a man to make the right choices in life. 

Moreover, he encourages young people and students to choose the Science Of Wellbeing to make themselves able enough to find the right path in life. 

Finding a purpose and meaning in life is more significant to Jeff Maggioncalda. 

Maggioncalda would love to be a Digital Nomad

In one of his Interviews, Jeff Maggioncalda stated that he would love to be a Digital Nomad. 

Answering one of the questions by the Financial Post, Maggioncalda shared his love for traveling and how happy he would be to live the life of a Digital Nomad. 

The interview occurred during the pandemic, and Maggioncalda seemed very excited for the pandemic to get over. 

He believes that being a Nomad allows a person to experience a similar thing from a different perspective. 

Therefore, he often dreams about being a nomadic CEO and traveling to places with his wife. He loves visiting all over the world, especially areas where they have Offices of the company. 

Maggioncalda enjoys being in one place for two or three weeks. 

Maggioncalda's view on Academic Qualifications

Maggioncalda believes that the demand for Academic qualifications will increase over time. 

According to him, qualifications will be more credited and valued in the upcoming days. Therefore, learning has a greater significance. 

Qualifications and skills will be highly in demand since an individual must have some knowledge and skills to get involved in a job. 

Jeff Maggioncalda in one of his interviews sharing ideas on his profession
Jeff Maggioncalda in one of his interviews sharing ideas on his profession ( Source : forbes )

According to him, learning credentials are equally crucial for an individual's growth. It is essential that an individual comes from a credible institution and holds potential knowledge. 

At the same time, he also encourages people to add as much skill as possible to make their professional and academic life fruitful. 

One can easily find numerous courses on the Coursera learning platform. Unlike many other online platforms, Coursera provides a valid certificate degree that can help the learner gain job opportunities. 

Some FAQS about Jeff Maggioncalda

When did Jeff Maggioncalda join Coursera?

Jeff Maggioncalda joined the online learning platform Coursera in 2017 as a Chief Executive Officer. 

Where did Jeff Maggioncalda work before Coursera?

Before joining Coursera, Jeff Maggioincalda worked as a Chief Executive Officer and founder member of Financial Engines. 

Is Jeff Maggioncalda a mental health advocate?

Jeff Maggioincalda has worked as a consultant for Safe Space adolescent mental health programs and has advocated for mental health. 

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