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MLB Trade Deadline Rules 2023

By Biraj Khanal / 2 August 2023 01:30 PM

Verlander is one of the top player traded this deadline day to Astros.
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MLB Trade Deadline Rules 2023 allows the team to make trades through waivers by 6 PM ET, Tuesday, 1st August. Two hours were added from its usual 4 PM ET time.

The trade deadline in MLB is considered the last stage in the season where players can be traded from one to another clubs. It is like European soccer transfer deadline day.

Previously, the deadline used to be on 31st July at 4 PM ET, but later with the change in rules, the time also got changed as MLB Commissioner got the right to set the deadline in-between 28th July and 3rd August.

It allows players on the 40-man roster to be traded from one club to another and can still be placed on outright waivers before the mentioned deadline. 

Minor league players who are not on the team's 40-man roster can get traded before the deadline. Notable players, including starting pitchers Dylan Cease and Blake Snell, were mostly discussed in rumors leading up to Deadline Day.

Trade Deadline Rules

MLB Trade Deadline 2023 allows a single trade deadline instead of a waiver trade deadline. No trades are approved after the deadline.

The rules regarding the trade deadline were a different scenario where the teams used to follow the waiver trade deadline rule by being allowed to register the players 48 hours after the nonwaiver deadline. 31st July was considered a nonwaiver deadline day.

Athletes used to have three club options when the waiver was placed and could be traded after clearing revocable trade waivers. 48 hours were provided for both parties to meet the deadline, otherwise, it will be pulled back. 

He will be placed for the second time and could be traded to any club if he passes unclaimed waivers without restrictions.

But the 2019 trade arrived with new dynamics, with rule changes altering the MLB trading system.

The nonwaiver deadline day was replaced by a single trade deadline day where players can be placed and claimed on outright waivers, but transactions won't happen until after the mentioned date. 

However, the postseason deadline day on 31st August is still in effect for newly acquired players.

Eduardo Rodriguez No Trade Clause Teams

Eduardo Rodriguez 10 team no trade clause includes the Dodgers and nine other teams he can block from getting traded into activating the clause in his contract.

No trade clause is a contractual clause, allowing players to veto trades to certain teams, and is often worked into player's free agent contracts and contract extension deals.

Such contracts allow a player to block trades with no trade clauses to specific teams listed, and the players agreeing to this clause can update by year the teams they don't want to get a deal with or traded to. 

A player who has completed 10 years of service time and spent 5 consecutive seasons with a team gains the 10- and 5- rights to decline a trade to any team.

Eduardo blocked his move to Dodgers and stayed with the Tigers closer to his family.
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Tigers left-handed pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez, who was among the players at the trade deadline, was among the trade targets for the Dodgers. Rodriguez has a contract where he is allowed to veto a trade to 10 teams.

Although the deal was almost agreed between the two MLB clubs, the trade was in place before he declined the move to the Dodgers on deadline day.

The player declined the move, saying he wants to remain closer to his family on the East Coast and is comfortable playing here with the Tigers.

Rodriguez can cap out his contract following the free agent after the 2023 season after his five-year contract of $77 million deal completed after the 2022 campaign and was a free agent.

After the player declined the move using his no trade clause in the contract, the Tigers might lose him for free after his contract.

Eduardo Rodriguez trade deadline list has 10 teams, including Los Angeles Dodgers and nine others in 2023 after he blocked his move to the Dodgers. He rejected the move to the Boston Red Sox in 2021.

Dodgers targeted Rodriguez and Verlander, where Rodriguez stayed with the Tigers, and Verlander joined the Houston Astros.

Trade Deadline Winners And Losers 2023

MLB trade deadline winners and losers 2023 include Texas Rangers as the winners and the New York Yankees as the deadline loser.

Chapman pitching for the Rangers after joining from Kansas City Royals.
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Here are some of the trade deadline day winners in the 2023 season mentioned below:

  1. Texas Rangers
  2. Houston Astros
  3. Tampa Bay Rays
  4. Chicago Cubs
  5. Los Angeles Angels
  6. New York Mets
  7. Miami Marlins

MLB trade deadline 2023 Rangers are among the counted deadline day winners even though they lost Verlander to the Astros. The Rangers signed Jordan Montgomery and Max Scherzer on deadline day. 

They further traded in Aroldis Champman, catcher Austin Hedges, and Chris Stratton into the team.

MLB trade deadline 2023 Astros include the return of Justin Verlander from the Texas Rangers, where they need him the most.

They have to lose young prospects Drew Gilbert and Ryan Clifford to Verlander but the form the left handed pitcher is in now is worth the money they spent on.

MLB trade deadline 2023 Rays saw Aaron Civale joining the team as he has been terrific this season and has delivered when the team needs it.

Though he has been the only signing this time but is considered one of the key acquisitions in the team and has completed the picture for the Rays team.

MLB trade deadline 2023 Cubs brought the best hitter available in the deadline as no one would assume the signing of the best hitter will be by the Cubs.

Jeimer Candelario had a World Series ring with the Cubs and played five games in 2016 before being traded to the Tigers. He usually plays at third base, which will be a great help for the Cubs and can strike the ball harder.

MLB trade deadline 2023 Angels saw C.J. Cron, Randal Grichuk, Lucas Giolito, Reynaldo Lopez, and Dominic Leone joining the team. The main reason for being called the deadline day winner is they can enjoy Shohei Ohtani for two more months.

Ohtani's stay is a major factor for the Angels to consider a winner as he is one of the best designated hitters and tops the home run leaderboard in the 2023 season.

Royals traded Scott Barlow to the Padres for Henry Williams and Jesus Rios
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Here are the deadline day losers 2023 mentioned below:

  1. New York Yankees
  2. Boston Red Sox
  3. Cleveland Guardians
  4. Minnesota Twins
  5. Kansas City Royals
  6. Baltimore Orioles

MLB trade deadline 2023 Yankees brought in Keynan Middleton and Spencer Howard, while Juan Carela was traded out. 

Having been an inactive trader this time and with two fewer additions to the team fans might see Yankees finishing since 1992 under .500 this season. 

MLB trade deadline 2023 Red Sox have not been in good this time as it's surprising to see how the acquisition of Luis Urias is going to help Bloom's detractors off his back. The Red Sox further signed nobody for the pitching rotation in an injury-prone season.

MLB trade deadline 2023 Royals include the out-trading of Aroldis Chapman, Nicky Lopez, Jose Cuas, Scott Barlow, and Ryan Yarbrough.

Taylor Hearn, Tucker Davidson, Cole Ragans, Roni Cabrera, Nelson Velazquez, Henry Williams, and Derlin Figueroa are the latest additions to the team.

Being the team with the worst form with 32-75, they approached the deadline from the perspective instead of looking for longer-term players and larger scale refresh.

One of the bad moves was to trade the reliever Chapman on 30th June as Chapman had the best numbers among relievers traded this season.

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