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Needville Little League Roster 2023 And World Series Schedule

By Roshan Khatiwada / 17 August 2023 10:56 AM

Needville Little League earned the Southwest Region title earning a ticket to Williamsport
Source : instagram

Needville Little League roster 2023 includes Jakolby White, Heath Filipp, and Jagger McRae. The youth team is the winner of the Southwest Region tournament.

They won the Texas East state competition to qualify for the regional tournament. The state has four sections that consist of eighteen districts.

Needville faced the side from Mississippi during the opening game of the state-level competition. They faced the side from Bellaire in the final, defeating them to qualify for the regionals.

The team from Texas East finished the regional tournament undefeated, thus qualifying for the Little League World Series. They defeated Ascension Parish LL of Louisiana in the final of the tournament.

The World Series is scheduled from August 16 to August 27. Ten teams from the USA compete against ten International teams to determine the ultimate winner of the biggest youth baseball competition.


Needville LL Roster 2023

Texas Little League roster 2023 consists of some of the best young talents, such as DJ Jablonski and Colten Georgi. Both of these players are pitchers.

There are twelve players on the Texas East roster for the 2023 Little League World Series. Andy McRae manages the team, whereas Joey Benge and Clint Jablonski are the coaches.

All the players on the roster have the ability to play multiple positions except for Heath Filipp, who plays as a left-fielder. Four players in the squad have the ability to play at three or more positions.

Needville LL team celebrating after winning the Texas East Section 4 tournament
Source : facebook

Colten Georgi, Michael Raven, Jayson Arispe, and Easton Ondruch are players who primarily play as a pitcher for the team, whereas DJ Jablonski and Easton Benge can throw the ball if needed.

The roster is filled with talented youngsters trying to become the only third team from East Texas to win the LLWS. The Houston LL team in 1966 was the last team from the state to win the tournament at Williamsport.

Needville LL picked up four wins in the Southwest Region Tournament to qualify for the Little League Baseball World Series. A 5-3 win against Louisiana in the regional finals secured a 28th appearance in the LLWS by a team from Texas.

Here is the list of all the players on the roster of the Needville Little League team for the 2023 season:

Players in the RosterPosition
Jakolby WhiteSecond Baseman/Outfielder
Heath FilippLeft Fielder
Jagger McRaeSecond Baseman/Shortstop/Center Fielder/Third Baseman
Dalyn MartinThird Baseman/Shortstop
Easton BengeShortstop/Catcher/Pitcher/Third Baseman
Cade HammondsThird Baseman/Left Fielder
DJ JablonskiPitcher/Catcher/First Baseman/Outfielder
Colten GeorgiRight Fielder/Pitcher
Michael RavenLeft Fielder/Pitcher
Jayson ArispeFirst Baseman/Pitcher
Easton OndruchPitcher/Center Fielder
Corbin RiddleLeft Fielder/Catcher/Third Baseman

Needville Little League World Series 2023 Schedule

Texas Little League World Series schedule 2023 sees them face Pennsylvania in the first round. The game is scheduled for August 17, 4:45 AM.

Ten teams compete against each other in the tournament to determine the winner of the U.S. championship. The winner of the United States tournament will face the winner of the International championship to determine the Little League World Champion.

The Texas East team after winning the Southwest regional tournament
Source : facebook

Further, a consolation game is played for third place in the competition. The game is played between the runner-up of the International championship and the runner-up of the United States championship.

All tournament games are played at Howard J. Lamade Stadium in the Little League headquarters complex in South Williamsport. Needville LL team start their campaign against Media LL on the opening day.

Players of Needville resting on the stairs after a game in the tournament
Source : facebook

Here is the schedule for the 2023 Little League World Series:

Wednesday, 16th August 2023

  • Game 2 - Mountain Region (Henderson LL, Nevada) against Metro Region (Smithfield LL, Rhode Island)
  • Game 4 - Southwest (Needville LL, Texas) against Mid-Atlantic (Media LL, Pennsylvania)

The winner of these games will advance to the second round of the upper bracket. The winner of Game 2 will face Nolensville LL of Tennessee, whereas the winner of the fourth game will face Fargo LL of North Dakota.

On the other hand, the losers of the match will drop down to the first-round lower bracket and face the loser of Game 6 and Game 8.

Thursday, 17th August 2023

  • Game 6 - Northwest Region (Northeast Seattle LL, Washington) against New England Region (Gray New Gloucester LL, Maine)
  • Game 8 - West Region (El Segundo LL, California) against Great Lakes Region (New Albany LL, Ohio)

The winner of these games will advance to the third round of the upper bracket, whereas the losers will drop down to the first round of the lower bracket.

Friday, 18th August 2023

  • Game 10 - Southeast Region (Nolensville LL, Tennessee) against Winner of Game 2
  • Game 12 - Midwest Region (Fargo LL, North Dakota) against Winner of Game 4

Saturday, 19th August 2023 (Lower Bracket)

  • Game 14 - Loser of Game 4 against Loser of Game 6
  • Game 16 - Loser of Game 2 against Loser of Game 8

Sunday, 20th August 2023 (Lower Bracket)

  • Game 18 - Loser of Game 10 against Winner of Game 14
  • Game 20 - Loser of Game 12 against Winner of Game 16

Monday, 21th August 2023

  • Game 22 - Winner of Game 10 against Winner of Game 6
  • Game 24 - Winner of Game 12 against Winner of Game 8

Tuesday, 22nd August 2023 (Lower Bracket)

  • Game 26 - Loser of Game 24 against Winner of Game 18
  • Game 28 - Loser of Game 22 against Winner of Game 20

Wednesday, 23rd August 2023

  • Game 30 - Winner of Game 22 against Winner of Game 24
  • Game 32 - Winner of Game 28 against Winner of Game 26 (Lower Bracket)

Thursday, 24th August 2023 (Lower Bracket)

  • Game 34 - Loser of Game 30 against Winner of Game 32

Saturday, 26th August 2023

  • U.S. Championship Game - Winner of Game 30 against Winner of Game 34

Where Is Needville Little League Team From?

Texas team in Little League World Series is from District 36. They won the district, sectional, state, and regional-level tournaments to qualify for the LLWS.

There are eighteen districts in the region divided into four sections. Each district consists of various teams who face each other to determine the winner of the respective district.

Nedville had seven other teams in their district whom they defeated on their way to becoming the champions of District 36. Winning the district tournament qualified them for the sectional-level tournament.

They were placed in Section 4 and faced the winners of Districts 18, 27, 29, and 31. The teams face each other in a double-elimination format, with the winner qualifying for the Texas East State Championship. 

The Needville Little League team after winning the district level competition
Source : facebook

Washington County, Groves National, and Bellaire were the teams, along with Needville, to qualify for the state championships. Needville LL team defeated Bellaire in the final to qualify for the Southwest Regional Tournament.

Here are the results of the state tournament:

Opening Round on July 15:

  • Bellaire defeated Groves National (6-1)
  • Needville defeated Washington County (10-5 in 7 innings)

Semifinal Elimination Bracket on July 16:

  • Washington County eliminated Groves National (10-8 in 7 innings)

Final of Winner's Bracket on July 16:

  • Needville defeated Bellaire (6-1)

Final of Elimination Bracket on July 17:

  • Bellaire eliminated Washington County (8-3)

Championship Game on  July 18:

  • Needville defeated Bellaire (10-7)

A player of Needville Little League team clicking a picture with a fan
Source : facebook

The regional tournament consisted of winners from all eight regions of Southwest. Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas East, and Texas West are the eight regions in the Southwest.

Texas East region was represented by the Needville Little League team. The youth team won the tournament unbeaten, defeating Louisiana in the final and qualifying for the Little League World Series.

Texas vs Media Little League is the first game for the team in the 2023 LLWS at Williamsport. Media LL team is the winner of the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

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