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Phillies Hand Gesture After Hit 2023

By Roshan Khatiwada / 16 August 2023 10:56 AM

Nicholas Castellanos doing his signature hand gesture after smashing a home run
Source : instagram

Phillies hand gesture after hit 2023 implies that the players have the courage to perform well on big stages. The celebration is inspired by Major League 2.

The Phillies players perform the gesture after recording a hit during big moments in the match. Almost all teams in the major league have a way of celebrating hits and home runs.

Performing these gestures and celebrations after scoring a run, recording a hit, or smashing a home run helps to pump up the fans in the stadium. It also helps to motivate the teammates in the dugout.

Some of the celebrations done by the athletes have some meaning or stories behind them, whereas some of them are just a fun way of expressing themselves. These gestures not only help athletes express themselves but also increase fan engagement.

The hand gestures players perform after a hit change throughout the season and vary according to athletes.


Phillies Juggling Hand Gesture After Hit 2023

Bryce Harper hand gesture after a hitting a home run includes the I love you sign in American sign language. The celebration is inspired by Harper's mother.

The sign was given to the right fielder by his mother when he was younger. When making the gesture, the player extends his thumb, index finger, and pinky finger while keeping the remaining fingers down.

The Philadelphia Phillies player mostly performs this when he advances the bases or scores a home run. The celebration is a way of expressing his affection towards his mother.

Highlighting the team name on the chest is one of the other gestures used by the Phillies' right fielder. The celebration implies that the player is loyal to the team and feels pride playing for the franchise.

Bryce Harper and Weston Wilson celebrating after the latter hit his first home run in the major league
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Bryce often performs this after hitting a crucial hit like a home run, a game-winning RBI, or a run-scoring single, double, or triple. Harper has scored 7 home runs and 38 RBIs at an average of .289.

The first baseman of the franchise Rhys Hoskins is known for getting on base and hitting power shots. However, due to an injury during a spring training game, the player has been unavailable for the 2023 season.

He is also known for celebrating after recording a hit and advancing bases. One such celebration is tapping the helmet with the right hand, which he often performs when reaching the first base.

Trea Turner is another player who is famous for his celebrations. Turner was the man who invented the tapping head celebration after a hit at Los Angeles Dodgers.

Many fans speculated the meaning of the gesture, with some suggesting it was a sign of confidence while others suggested that it was a way of saying that he was fine. The shortstop has not given any official comment regarding the meaning of the gesture.

Michael Lorenzen pitching for the Phillies for the first time after being traded from Detroit on August 1
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Turner has smashed 12 home runs, 66 runs, 22 stolen bases, and 44 RBIs this season. He is slashing at .252./.303/.701 for the year, slightly below his career average.

Kyle Schwarber has been with the Phillies for the last two seasons, during which his salute celebration has become a beloved tradition in the Philadelphia franchise. The gesture is used to celebrate big moments during the matches.

The gesture is an honor to the military professionals who serve have served the country. It gained widespread attention during the 2017 edition of the World Baseball Series.

It is a simple but powerful gesture as the meaning behind it is very important and conveys respect and patriotism. The player first raises his right hand toward his forehead and salutes his teammates and the visitors in the stadium.

Schwarber is having one of his best seasons in the league this year. He has smashed 20 home runs and 73 RBIs at an average of .182 as of August 14.

Phillies Hit Celebration 2023

Phillies hand signal of juggling hands after a hit is a fun and unique way of celebrating. The gesture also nods to a classic baseball movie, Major League 2.

The origin of the celebration can be traced back to the comedy baseball movie released in 1994. Actors such as Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, and Corbin Bernsen star in the film.

The movie follows Cleveland Indians trying to progress toward the World Series. They had finished the previous season winning the division title but lost in the ALCS against the White Sox.

It follows the story of how the Indians managed to get into the World Series. During a scene in the movie, a player named Isuro "Kamikaze" Tanaka criticizes his teammate Pedro Cerrano for his lack of form and struggles.

Trea Turner has been finding his stride recently after moving to the Phillies this season
Source : instagram

Tanaka says Cerrano has no marbles and makes the juggling gesture. Irritated with the criticism, Cerrano smashes a home run during his next game.

While running the bases, the player looked toward the dugout and performed the gesture. This particular scene inspired the Phillies to adopt the gesture.

Phillies hands up and down gesture is simple and implies that the Phillies players have marbles and can perform well during big and tense moments. It is normally performed after recording a significant hit.

The celebration also portrays the swag and confidence of the athletes. The Phillies are second in the National League West Division of MLB with a record of 65-54 and are playing well, thus increasing the confidence of the players.

Alec Bohm, Garrett Stubbs, and Bryce Harper are the few athletes performing the gesture after a base hit. It also helps increase the bond between the fans and teammates, who often join the celebration.

Why Do The Phillies Juggle After A Hit?

Phillies juggle after a base hit to tell the opposition that they are not afraid of scoring runs and smashing homers during big moments in the game. It is one of their hit celebration gestures.

The celebration is inspired by the 1994 baseball comedy movie Major League 2. The gesture has been getting much attention recently as more fans and players have joined the celebration.

One of the major reasons for the gesture being a hit is the team's form. They have been exceeding expectations with the results this season, and all the star players in the team are performing to their expected standard.

Braves Hit Celebration Is Different Than Phillies

Atlanta Braves hand gesture after hit is derived from a popular NBA gesture known as 'too small.' Braves outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr. often does the celebration.

The origin of the gesture can be traced back to the NBA, where the gesture is very common. In NBA, when a player scores on a defender, they often pull out the motion indicating that the defender is too small to stop them.

The gesture is made by lowering a hand to the ground. The meaning of the gesture in MLB can be derived as players telling their opponents that the pitcher or the ballpark is too small to stop them from recording a hit or a home run.

Matt Olson has been one of the best first baseman in the major league for the 2023 MLB season
Source : instagram

Braves have used different celebrations for hits and home runs throughout the last couple of years. During the 2020 MLB season, Marcell Ozuna introduced a 'mix it up' hand gesture which all the Braves players used when they did something well at the plate.

The Braves started the 2023 season with a new homerun celebration involving an oversized Braves hat. Any player who scored a home run was given the hat to wear when he reached the dugout.

However, the celebration was cut short as the official hat provider of MLB New Era was bothered by the fact that a hat other than their brand was getting so popular. Thus, they asked MLB not to allow the Braves to wear them.

As a result, they had to change their home run celebration. 

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