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Rhode Island Little League Roster 2023 And State Tournament

By Biraj Khanal / 14 August 2023 05:51 PM

A look at the Metro Regional Champions, Smithfield team from Rhode Island Little League
Source : instagram

Rhode Island Little League Roster 2023 are John Wozniak, Connor Queenan, and shortstop Brady McShane. Queenan plays as a catcher for the team.

The Smithfield representing Rhode Island in the Little League Regionals is heading to the Little League World Series for the first time in 72 years.

They defeated the New York team by 7-1 in the Metro Regionals final game securing their place in the LL World Series in Williamsport, PA this month.

There are a total of 12 players in the team and coached by Eric Gibree as the head coach, Guytano Agilone, and Steve Curtis as the coaches.

Wozniak plays as an outfielder for the team and Mchshane as a shortstop and a pitcher. Six players can do pitching duties for the team in the World Series.

The team is led by their head manager or coach Eric Gibree. Guytano Agilone and Steve Curtis are also working as coaches assisting Gibree for the team.

The Little League World Series is going to start on Wednesday 16th August 2023 at Williamsport Pennsylvania where Smithfield will be participating in United States Brackett. They will be up against Mountain Region in the first LLWS game.

Rhode Island LLWS Roster 2023

Rhode Island Little League World Series 2023 roster includes Connor Queenan, Gavin Cadoret, and 10 others.

Rhode Island team from Metro Region will be playing their first game against the Nevada Little League team who defeated Utah in the Regional finals by 10-0.

The team's first game will be on Wednesday, 3 PM 16 August at the Lamade Stadium. The game will be broadcasted by the ESPN channel.

During the Regionals, Connor Curtis strikes out 14 batters in his 5.2 innings in the first regionals game. It is the first time in history that the Metro Region will be represented in the World Series.

Smithfield roster and the coaching staffs from the 2023 Little League season.
Source : facebook

Here is the entire roster of Rhode Island competing in the LLWS 2023 mentioned below:


  • John Wozniak - Outfielder
  • Connor Queenan - Catcher
  • Brady McShane - Shortstops/ Pitcher
  • Gavin Cadoret - Second Baseman
  • Gavin Gibree - Center Fielder/ Pitcher
  • Cameron Charlemagne - Outfielder
  • Royce Aglione - Outfielder
  • Henry Begnoche - Infielder/ Pitcher
  • Mason Dionne - Infielder / Pitcher
  • Brayden Castellone - Infielder/Pitcher/Catcher
  • Connor Curtis - First Baseman / Pitcher
  • Franco Lema - Catcher / First Baseman

Coaches : 

  • Eric Gibree - Head Coach / Manager
  • Guytano Agilone - Coach
  • Steve Curtis - Coach

Regionals 2023

Rhode island Little League Regionals 2023 team won the Metro Regionals final defeating New York by 7-1 on 11th August.

Smithfield will represent the Metro Region in the upcoming Little Ligue World Series.
Source : facebook

The team started their Regionals with a 10-1 loss against the New York Side forcing them to join the elimination bracket. 

Later they won all three remaining games to reach the finale and successfully defeated New York in their re-encounter in the finals. Rhode Island vs New Jersey Little League was in the semifinals from the elimination bracket where New Jersey was defeated by a 10-5 score.

Rhode Island vs New York little league was featured two times in the tournament where New York won the first match but lost the Championship title in the finals.

The regionals tournament Rhode island little league bracket 2023 in the Metro Region is mentioned below:

Saturday, 5th August 2023 ( Opening Round)

  • Game 1 - New Jersey 3, Connecticut 0
  • Game 2 - New York 10, Rhode Island 1

Sunday, 6th August 2023 ( Elimination Brackett)

  • Game 3 - Connecticut 0, Rhode Island 2

Monday, 7th August 2023 ( Winners' Brackett)

  • Game 4 ( Semifinal 1) - New York 10, New Jersey 1 

Wednesday, 9th August 2023 

  • Game 5 (Semifinal 2) - Rhode Island 10, New Jersey 5

Friday, 11th August 2023 ( Championship)

  • Game 6 ( Finals) - New York 1, Rhode Island 7 ( Title)

After the win in the finals, Rhode Island Little League Coach speech was recorded through his mic for the ESPN Broadcast.

Addressing the team he said that the team had their backs against the wall and there is no better time. Further, he said that the players are going to do something.

Players started whispering "Oh My God" and then he shouted to the team saying " We are going to Williamsport fellas, we are going to Williamsport!"

State Tournament 2023

Rhode Island Little League State Tournament 2023 was held at Rumford from 22nd July to 30th July. 

A total of four district champions participated in the state tournament. There were a total of 32 District teams among four districts that participated in the District Tournament where only four emerged as victorious.

Here were the participating teams in the State tournament which are listed below:

  • Cranston Western - District 1 Champions
  • Pawtucket - District 2 Champions
  • South Kingston - District 3 Champions
  • Smithfield - District 4 Champions

The tournament was held in Double Elimination Round matches where two losses means out. 

District 4 Champions Smithfield emerged victorious defeating South Kingston by 5-4 and 2-1 in the final series.

Smithfield also were crowned the District Champions defeating South Kingstiown in finals
Source : facebook

Here is the Rhode Island Little League schedule 2023 during the state tournament mentioned below:

Opening Round ( Saturday 22nd July)

  • Cranston Western 2, Smithfield 1
  • South Kingstown 1, Pawtucket 0

Elimination Brackett Semifinal ( Sunday 23rd July)

  • Smithfield 5. Pawtucket 0 

Winner's Bracket Final ( Sunday 23rd July)

  • South Kingstown 5, Cranston Western 3

Elimination Bracket Final ( Tuesday 25th July - Wednesday 26th July)

  • Smithfield 5, Cranston Western 4

Championship Series ( Thursday 27th July - Sunday 30th July)

  • Smithfield 5, South Kingstown 4
  • Smithfield 2, South Kingstown 1 ( 7 innings, Title )


Here are the participating Rhode Island districts in the District Tournament which are mentioned below:

District 1 Teams

  • Cranston East 
  • Silver Lake/ Olneyville
  • Mount Pleasant 
  • Fox Point/East Side
  • Cranston Western
  • North Providence
  • Johnstone
  • Elmwood

District 2 Teams

  • King Philip/Warren
  • Middletown
  • Pawtucket
  • Riverside
  • Portsmouth
  • Barrington
  • Newport
  • Rumford

District 3 Teams

  • Exter/West Greenwich 
  • Warwick North
  • South Kingstown
  • Narragansett
  • Coventry
  • East Greenwich
  • Warwick Continental/American
  • North Kingstown/Wickford
  • Chariho
  • Westerly

District 4 Teams

  • Smithfield
  • Cumberland
  • Lincoln
  • Scituate/ Foster
  • North Smithfield
  • Burillville
  • Woonsocket

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