What Happened To Chris Froome? British Cyclist's Leg Condition Update

Chris Froome
Chris Froome( Source : eurosport )

The British Cyclist, Chris Froome, has suffered a knee injury that will be a major setback in his preparations for the new season.

Kenyan-born British cyclist Chris Froome is a four-time Tour de France winner as well as an Olympic medalist, with two bronze medals to his name. Froome won the Tour de Fance in the years of 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Chris Froome Training
Chris Froome Training( Source : cyclingnews )

What Happened to Chris Froome?

Chris Froome's health troubles held him back from winning the Tour de France title again as in 2019, he was hospitalized due to a fractured right femur, fractured elbow and fractured ribs due to a crash into a wall during training.

It took Froome a full year to recover and in 2021 he attempted to participate in the Tour de France again but sustained injuries during the opening stages. Continuing on, he would finish 133rd overall.

It seems like Froome's brush with injuries has not stopped at all, as he is injured again. During January, Froome revealed that he damaged a tendon on his knee while pre-season training.

Citing his own eagerness to train and pushing himself too hard as the reason for this injury. Froome's bad luck continues, as it is looking like he is sure to miss any major events this year as well.

Leg Condition Update

Things seem to be looking up recently as this past May, Chris Froome relayed to the media that he has been seeing more improvement than ever during the last couple of years. As if speaking truth into existence, Chris Froome set his sights to participate in the 2022 Tour de France and true to this word, he is.

So far, Froome's performance in this year's Tour de France is nothing compared to that during his heyday, but judging from all the injuries and health concerns of the past couple years, he has been doing quite well. Froome currently sits at a comfortable ranking of 89 and the rest of the month will show if he will rise or fall.

A Look Into Chris Froome's Background

Young Chris Froome
Young Chris Froome( Source : pinterest )

Chris Froome was born on May 20, 1985, in Nairobi, Kenya to British Parents, Jane and Clive Froome; following his parents' divorce, he moved to South Africa with his mother.

Froome's mother encouraged his cycling and at the age of 12 he began training with David Kinjah, a Kenyan Cyclist. Along with Kinjah and other, older native Kenyan riders, Froome would ride through Nairobi's dusty, rural highlands. 

Although Froome attended the University of Johannesburg and studied Economics for two years, he eventually decided to pursue a career in cycling instead.

Froome turned professional at the age of 22 and has been cycling ever since. Although he represented Kenya during the early part of his career, Froome strongly identifies himself as British and sees himself as a British cyclist.

Who is in Chris Froome's Family?


Chris Froome's parents are British-born Clive and Jane Froome, now Flatt, who lived in Nairobi, Kenya when Chris was born.

Clive Froome used to be a professional hockey player, while Jane Froome had emigrated to Kenya from England in order to run a crop farm.  They have two other sons, who are both accountants.

Froome's brothers stayed and studied in England when his parents moved to Kenya. The parents divorced when Froome's father filed for Bankruptcy, which led to Chris and his mother moving to South Africa.

Fiercely proud of her son and the one who first encouraged his interest in cycling, Jane Flatt never got to see her son achieve his dreams as she passed away of cancer in 2008. In fact, Froome has frequently stated that it was his mother who encouraged him to quit his Economics degree and focus on racing, and he eventually dedicated his first Tour de France victory in 2013 to her.

Froome married his long-term girlfriend, Michelle Cound, in 2014 after dating for more than 3 years. They have a son who was born in 2013.

Chris Froome and his Wife
Chris Froome and his Wife( Source : pinterest )

What is Chris Froome's Net Worth?

Chris Froome has a net worth of $12 million. He has the second-highest salary among male cyclists, earning 5.5 million euros yearly.

The only male cyclist who earns more than Froome is 23-year-old Slovenian, Tadej Pogacar. His yearly salary is 6 million euros yearly.

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