Who Is Zach Williams Wife? Five Untold Facts About The Singer

Zach Williams made his country music awards show debut appearing with Dolly Parton on the 53rd Annual CMA Awards. ( Source : Thechristianbeat )

Zach Williams's life story would be different without the support of his wife, Crystal William.

Zach William had a hard time due to an addiction problem. He was at a low point in his life with a failed marriage and addiction problem.
Williams had a second marriage with Crystal at the brink of collapse.

However, their love becomes more substantial over time, and the two are way past the rocky road now.

Quick Facts About Zach Williams

Date of BirthMarch 5, 1981
Profession/OccupationGospel Singer
Height5 feet 8 inch
Net Worth$61 Million

1. Zach Williams Dating Life

Zach Williams And Crystal Williams
Zach Williams And Crystal Williams ( Source : pbs )

According to the database, there isn't much information about Zach Williams. However, he is currently married to Crystal Williams, and they have two children. 

Zach was still struggling with drugs when he met Crystal.Crystal helped him overcome the addiction, and she played a significant role in turning Zach's life around.

Crystal was able to help Zach by sharing the experience of her own low point in her life. She was sexually abused from a young age. She eventually turned to weed and alcohol to help her through the pain of her life.

2. Music Career

Zach Williams Official Website
Zach Williams Official Website ( Source : zachwilliamsmusic )

Zach Williams's singing career officially began as a lead singer in the music group Zach Williams & The Reformation. He was also the lead singer of Zach Williams and the Brothers of Grace. 

In 2016 he went solo when he signed with Provident Label Group. Chain Breaker was his first solo single title released in 2016. The listeners loved the song, reaching the top 10 charts on Christian radio. It also peaked at number one on the Hot Christian Songs chart.  

3. Revival

Zach Williams 'Rescue Story Tour'
Zach Williams 'Rescue Story Tour' ( Source : ccmmagazine )

Zach Williams has recently shared about the early stages of his life and how he grew up attending church services. 

Even if he believed himself to be a Christian and knew everything about good and evil, his way of life did not reflect the true Christian life. 

Touring with his former band- Zach Williams & The Reformation, makes him realize these things.He eventually realizes how lost he truly is. With the support of his life partner- Crystal Williams, he turned over a new leaf.

The faith of Cristian became a reality for him. It was a rebirth for him to dedicate his life to Christ. Since then, he has published popular praise songs, and he continues to help in a refugee camp for the Central Baptist Church located in Jonesboro.

4. His Chain Breaker Single

Zach Williams First Solo Single
Zach Williams First Solo Single "The Chain Breaker" ( Source : bible )

He made it to the number one spot on the U.S. Christian Songs charts with his first solo single, Chain Breaker. 

In 2017 he won the New Artist of the Year and Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year for the same single. 

Followed by the single, Williams released a five-song     EP, Chain Breaker, with producers Jonathan Smith and Colby Wedgeworth.

On December 14, 2016, He Digitally released his full-length album, Chain Breaker. On October 4, 2019, he also released his second album, "Rescue Story." It includes the single "There Was Jesus," with Dolly Patron.

5. Zach Williams Net Worth

Multi GRAMMY Award and multi-GMA Dove Award winner Zach Williams drops a new song,
Multi GRAMMY Award and multi-GMA Dove Award winner Zach Williams drops a new song, "The Struggle". ( Source : coghive )

According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb & Various Online resources, Zach Williams's net worth is $61 Million. This mainly arises from his singing career, especially as a gospel singer. 

According to a database, it is also believed that an upright share of his wealth comes from his time as a lead singer with his first band. 

Survivor: Zach Williams Recounts His Rescue Story

Zach Williams announcing the Chain Breaker Spring Revival Tour.
Zach Williams announcing the Chain Breaker Spring Revival Tour. ( Source : pbs )

Zach William as an 18-year-old kid, started working for his dad's construction company as he took his GED. His superior height and skill on the basketball court garnered the attention of college recruiters.

A year later, while playing in a men's basketball league, Zach was offered the chance to walk on to a team and earned a full scholarship to a college three hours away from his hometown of Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Far from home and free of all parental supervision, Williams's teenage relish for drugs and alcohol shoots up.

Zach Williams's life story would be different without the support of his wife, Crystal William. He might have been the party's life, but his athletic aspirations were quickly shattered when he tore five ligaments in his ankle before even playing the season's first game.

While redshirting, he was attracted to his roommate's guitar. He remembers saying, 'As soon as I picked it up, I was like, Man, there's something here with this guitar. I can just feel something. He started playing that guitar, and he just fell in love with music.

In running time, College poetry classes helped him to write his own lyrics. He was writing his own song and also working toward an art degree simultaneously. His interest and passion for music continue to grow up also with his drug consumption.

During his late 20s, Mark Williams met his now-wife, Crystal Williams. She already had two young children.

Williams hit rock bottom five years into the marriage, with a daughter of their own on the way. He was living a "rock star life," touring with his band across Europe. 

He suddenly realized and knew something had to give in order for him to become the husband and father he ultimately wanted to be. As he was grown up in church, he ultimately found himself praying, "God, I know You're real, but I just need You to prove it to me."

Mark stopped his tour and called his wife, saying, "I'm done. I'm done playing music. I'm coming home. We're going to find a church, and I'm going to get my life together".

William left the tour, exited the band, and headed back home to Arkansas. He started cleaning up his life, putting an end to years of hard partying; Williams and his family began attending church together.  

Mark Williams began leading worship. He eventually started writing songs for the new church plant. His wife encouraged him to bring his guitar along.

There, in a women's prison in the middle of Arkansas, Williams played a new song he had just written called "Washed Clean." That day, more than 30 incarcerated women committed their lives to the lord.

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Who Is Zach Williams Wife? Five Untold Facts About The Singer

Zach Williams's life story would be different without the support of his wife, Crystal William. Zach William had a hard time due to an addiction problem. He was at a low point in his life with a failed marriage and addiction problem.Williams had a se...

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