5 Unknown Facts About Lance McCullers Jr.

Lance McCullers in Houston for the game 6 of the World Series
Lance McCullers in Houston for the game 6 of the World Series ( Source : mlb )

Lance McCullers Jr. is an American professional baseball player. He plays as a pitcher for the Houston Astros of the Major Baseball League (MLB).

The two-time world series champion was drafted in the 2012 MLB draft as the 41st overall pick in the first round by the Houston Astros.

After getting drafted, McCullers was plying his trade at the minor baseball leagues for some time. It wasn’t until 2015 that he first made his MLB debut for the Astros.

The 2017 All-star bats with his left hand whereas he uses his right hand for throwing or pitching the ball.

Some facts about Lance McCullers Jr.

Full name:Lance Graye McCullers Jr.
D.O.B:October 3, 1993 (Age 29)
Place of birth:Tampa, Florida
Father:Lance McCullers Sr.
Mother:Stacie McCullers
Batting/Throwing hand:Left/Right
Spouce:Kara Kilfoile
Children:Ava Rae McCullers

Lance McCullers has been competitive since his childhood

Lance McCullers spent his childhood in Tampa, the place where he was born. He attended the Jesuit High School in Tampa, Florida.

During his high school days, he was also awarded the Gatorade National Baseball Player of the Year award in 2012. This award is handed out to the up-and-coming and budding high school athletes across the USA. 

Lance McCullers pictured during his childhood days with a dog
Lance McCullers pictured during his childhood days with a dog ( Source : lancemccullersfoundation )

Lance McCullers Parents have had a huge hand in his Success

Talking about parents, Lance McCullers's father, Lance McCullers Sr. himself was a major league baseball player during his days. Like his son, he was a pitcher and had 442 strikeouts during his career.

Lance McCullers Sr. played for four different teams during his time in the MLB after being drafted by the San Diego Padres in the 1982 MLB draft. He hung up his boots one year before the year his son was born.

Speaking of his mother, Stacie McCullers along with her husband Lance McCullers Sr. joined Fox news to discuss their child’s career in MLB and him following in his father’s footsteps.

Stacie McCullers opened up about how Lance McCullers jr.’s grandfather was the first one to notice his talents and prowess during his childhood days.

Stacie McCullers added that Lance Jr. and his father would always be in the playground playing baseball and very rarely would they be at home.

His parents before he was about to play the biggest game of his career back in the 2017 world series said that they were blessed and so was he for realizing his dream. Also, they pointed to the fact that they have been with him in his every step and will continue to do so. 

Lance McCullers wife recently opened up

Lance McCullers wife Kara Kilfoile recently opened up about how she has been handling criticism that is hurled at her.

Also, she spoke about her superstition regarding her husband’s performance and what she does before his match so that he performs solidly.

Lance McCullers married his long-time girlfriend Kara Kilfoile in 2015 making them husband and wife. It is not known publicly when the two first met each other.

However, looking into the Instagram profile of Kara Kilfoile, we can say that they’ve known each other since 2012 i.e., long before they were married as the first Instagram post of Kara Kilfoile involves her picture with Lance McCullers Jr.

Kara Kilfoile was born in Tampa, Florida just like Lance McCullers Jr. Kara is a year older than Lance. Together they have a daughter, born on December 27, 2019. Their daughter is named Ava Rae McCullers. 

Since Ava Kilfoile is into pets and it is her passion to rescue pets in distress, the pair together started a Lance McCullers Jr. foundation which focuses on pet adoption, rescue, and other activities which help pets.

Lance McCullers and his wife Kara Kilfoile pictured with a dog. His wife is big into pets and pet rescue
Lance McCullers and his wife Kara Kilfoile pictured with a dog. His wife is big into pets and pet rescue ( Source : houston )

A look into Lance McCullers career

Lance McCullers started his career in baseball after being drafted by the Astros in 2012 as the 41st overall pick.

However, he didn’t get to play for the Astros right away. Until his proper MLB debut in 2015, he played for the minor league teams. 

It would be fair to say that his MLB career has been fairly successful. He has been a part of two world series winning teams. Likewise, he ranks 11th among the active pitches when it comes to postseason innings with 68.1 throughout his career.

He has had around 800 strikeouts during his career. However, in his team’s recent championship run, he became the first pitcher to surrender 5 home runs in the world series. Nonetheless, his team won yet another world series and he became two times champion in his own right. 

Lance McCullers Jr. during a game with the Astros wearing the Houston's city connect Space city jersey
Lance McCullers Jr. during a game with the Astros wearing the Houston's city connect Space city jersey ( Source : sports )

Glancing at Lance McCullers Net Worth

Lance McCullers Jr.’s net worth is believed to be around $10 million. From his old contract, he used to earn up to around $6 million annually. 

However, after his new 5-year contract extension with the Astros, he will be earning around $15 million for the first two years as his base salary and $17 million annually for the remaining years of his contract.

Lane McCullers main source of income that adds up to his net worth is his salary from the Astros.  

We can confidently say that Lance McCullers net worth is only increasing moving forward. 

Lance McCullers Jr. gifts his wife a car
Lance McCullers Jr. gifts his wife a car ( Source : s1 )

Finally, we’ve looked at Lance McCullers Jr.s’ life, his family and his earnings. Do you want us to explore more athletes? If yes, please let us know by commenting below.

Some FAQs

What nationality is Lance McCullers Jr.?

Lance McCullers Jr. is an American

Will Lance McCullers Jr. pitch in 2022?

Lance McCullers Jr. will most likely pitch in the 2022 season

What is the salary of Lance McCullers Jr.?

Lance McCullers Jr. earns $15 million base salary which will increase to $17 million after another season

What's Lance McCullers wife's name?

Kara Kilfoile is Lance McCullers wife

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