Anthony Davis Wife Marlen P Is A Model And Influencer

By Super Developer / December 13, 2022 11:44 AM

Anthony Davis and Marlen P celebrating Halloween together.
Anthony Davis and Marlen P celebrating Halloween together.( Source : instagram )

Marlen P is a well-known model who is the long-time wife of NBA superstar Anthony Davis.

Marlen has worked with several brands as a fashion designer but likes to stay out of the spotlight and keeps her life private. There are little to no sources informative about her career's progress.

Very few things are known about her as she has not even revealed her surname, birth date, or profession to the public. 

Minor details shared on her Instagram let us know Marlen is a Los Angeles native of Dominican ancestry. However, no information about her family and origin can be traced on the internet.

What do fans know about Anthony Davis' Relationship?

Anthony Davis and Marlen P's Wedding Picture.
Anthony Davis and Marlen P's Wedding Picture. ( Source : instagram )

There is very little that the fans know about Anthony Davis and Marlen P's marriage.

With such a big brand to himself and media stories following him everywhere he goes. It is a mystery how he has managed to keep his relationship private and out of the paparazzi's camera. 

There are no possible sources on when Anthony Davis met his wife Marlen P, but reports suggest that they met in early 2015-2016 even though they came public as a couple during their first public appearance only at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. 

Anthony Davis and Marlen P during their Baby Shower
Anthony Davis and Marlen P during their Baby Shower ( Source : terezowens )

Together, they have a daughter named Nala born before their marriage on November 2017 whose baby shower pictures were shared by them on the internet as one of the few glimpses of their private life. Marlen has a private Instagram with barely 3000 followers and Anthony filters his Instagram content with Basketball and endorsements-related content.

She was born into a strict Christian family which might support her belief in living a secret and unproblematic life. Marlen's parents and their occupation are also a mystery, but her being raised in a religious environment can be seen reflected in her later years.

They tied their knot on September 18, 2021, after years of rumors surrounding their love life in a quiet and private ceremony held in Los Angeles. Their wedding was attended by celebrities like Adele, and fellow NBA superstars, legends, and his teammates. Davis even performed a solo of "Never Make a Promise" for Marlen dedicating his love and trust to her. 
Anthony looked dashing in his all-black suit while Marlen looked like an angel in her white dress custom designed for the wedding.

Anthony Davis and his daughter Nala
Anthony Davis and his daughter Nala ( Source : instagram )

Marlen says her marriage with Anthony is one of the best things to happen to her and considers Nala a blessing from God. Anthony constantly posts pictures of Nala and keeps updating us on how proud he is of his daughter. They both plan on giving optimum focus on providing Nala with good beliefs and education.

Anthony and Marlen alongside their daughter reside in a $14 million Bel-Air mansion near the Staples Center designed by Marlen herself. Marlen has a bachelor's degree from a public U.S. State University and seems interested in designing. But, there are no sources claiming that she works as a designer and very little is known about her profession.

Marlen shared the process of designing a home with a Court, Sauna, and Gym keeping her husband's work and health in mind for better recovery and efficiency. The 12,000 square home has 6 bedrooms and a pool.

Davis supports his wife in her decision to stay away from the limelight as he believes it's good for his family and likes to remain very secretive on this matter. Her age is also a mystery as she is believed to be born in the same year as Davis while some sources claim that she was born between the years of 1993 to 1996. This places her between the ages of late 20s to early 30s.

Regardless, one thing we have noticed and can't be kept private is the huge height difference between the NBA star and his wife. Davis stands at a height of 6 feet 10 inches while Marlen stands to be 5 feet 6 inches.

While their relationship is secretive, there have been rumors of Anthony Davis snooping around with other women. In an incident during the late 2020s, Davis was accused of flirting with a woman whilst being in a relationship with Marlen. In an Instagram post exposing Davis' secrets, the IG Model claimed that Anthony offered her a channel bag to fly out and meet him.

Soon, numerous claims related to Davis' affairs were rumored around the internet.

However, neither Marlen nor Anthony addressed these rumors and remain married and together to this day. 

What do fans know about Anthony Davis' Career?

 Anthony Davis with the NBA Championship 2020
Anthony Davis with the NBA Championship 2020 ( Source : instagram )

Anthony Davis is an NBA Champion who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the Power Forward and sometimes Center position.

He played for the University of Kentucky in his college days and is responsible for them winning their first championship. Davis' brilliance during this tournament earned him the "Consensus National Player of the Year" award and registered his name in the First Team All-American.

He was the 1st overall pick drafted by The New Orleans Hornets in the 2012 NBA Draft and since then became an eight-time NBA All-Star, and has been named the All-NBA First Team and the NBA All-Defensive Teams four times with numerous awards and franchise records under his belt including a "Pete Newell Big Man Award" and the "NABC Defensive Player of the Year."

Known as one of the best 'big men' of the game, Anthony Davis signed a five-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers team, earning him $190 million and making him one of the top dogs of the NBA.

He was the first guy wanted by Lebron James in order to create a title-contending Lakers side and was an essential part of the 2020 championship run averaging 27.7 points, 9.7 rebounds, and 3.5 assists. He is widely regarded as one of the best Power Forward of all time and has the chance to be a future Hall Of Famer.

When perfectly healthy, he is one of the best Power Forwards of the game but frequently suffers from major injuries and has been sidelined due to injury in the current season of the NBA while just returning from knee and ankle injuries that cost him a total of 42 games last year. 

 Davis as the cover athlete for popular video game franchise NBA 2k20
Davis as the cover athlete for popular video game franchise NBA 2k20 ( Source : ign )

Outside of Basketball, Anthony Davis brings home $10 million from brand deals and endorsements. Additionally, Davis is known for helping charities and setting up various foundations to help the needy.

He is also frequently seen helping the less fortunate on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

His impact inside and outside of the basketball world is undeniable and is considered one of the nicest guys in the beautiful game.