French Singer Songwriter Daniel Lévi Passes Away, Who Is His Wife?

Daniel Levi passes away
Daniel Levi passes away( Source : thefashionvibes )

Daniel Levi was a famous French songwriter, pianist, and composer. He quickly rose to fame through his duet with Carine Costa for Aladdin by Disney in 1993.

Levy is best known for the 2000s musical "The Ten Commandments" along with the 2004's "Warp vision: the videos 1989 to 2004 and 2006's Hey good looking!

Daniel Levi Early life and Career

Levi was born on 26th August 1961 into a Jewish family in Constantine, French Algeria. He spent most of his life in Lyon practicing and studying piano for a decade in order to be a musician in the city's conservatory.

Levi was born in a household of nine people consisting of his parents and six elder siblings with him being the youngest one of four brothers and two sisters.

He composed and recorded his first album Cocktail in 1983 and also participated in the musical on the stage of Chatelet which was produced by Catherine Lara in 1991.

Levy also collaborated with several musical legends, like Gloria Gaynor, who took him on the first part of our European Tour, and Michel Legrand, who gave him an offer to record songs for a 1985 film parking directed by Jacques Demy.

Daniel Levi with his ex-wife Laure Levi
Daniel Levi with his ex-wife Laure Levi( Source : purepeople )

He was hired by Disney to duet a song with Carine Costa for Aladdin in 1993 which made him quite popular in the music industry.

Levi also released another album which was entirely written by him with the support of AB studios in 1996. During this time, he sang many other songs as well.

He was inconsolable when he suffered the loss of his father in 1998. In his overall career, he also worked with a famous French composer and singer, Pascal Obispo for his fourth album in January 2005.

Levi sang twenty-three songs in his overall singing career from 1984 to 2020. Some of his popular songs are- Aime Moi Comme ton enfant with Catherine Lara in 1992, Ce reve bleu with Karine Costa in 1992, and Si on peut in 2020, along with Ce Soir in 2018.

Levi also tried acting and directing a few movies on his own. Some of them are The Ten Commandments(2001), Hey Good Looking! (2006), and Warp Vision: The Videos(1989-2004).

After his stint in the Ten Commandments, Levy also composed songs with a mix of soul music, jazz, and French variety while pursuing his solo career. All in all, he released six solo albums before his death.

He also made his appearances in five movies which are sand et les romantiques in the role of Chopin and musette in 1991, in the romantic soundtrack of the film Aladdin by Disney in 1993, as well As for the role of Moses in Les Dix commandments in 2000, and so on.

Daniel Levi's Wife

It is unknown when he got married to his ex-wife Laure Levi but they seem to have a peaceful and content life with the presence of their three children named  Abel who was born in 1993, Raphael who was born in 1998, and their little baby sister named Rivka born in 2005. However, they got divorced in 2014 due to their differences.

Levi again found love with his long-time girlfriend named Sandrine Aboukrat, a production manager, and they got married in the presence of their friends and family in 2018. With his current wife. He had taken up his life in Marseilles and she had taken great care of him since he learned that he was suffering from cancer.

He recently became a father again of a little girl whose name has not been disclosed yet with his wife Sandrine Aboukrat.

Levi with his wife Sandrine Aboukrat
Levi with his wife Sandrine Aboukrat( Source : closermag )

Daniel Levi's cause of death

Levi was suffering from Colorectal cancer for three years. He passed away at the age of sixty on 6th August 2022 leaving 4 of his children behind, Abel(29), Raphael(24), Rivka(17), and a little girl born a few weeks ago. French singer Daniel Levy passed away at the age of 60 after a long fight with cancer.

He also made the news of his Colorectal cancer public in 2019. It is also revealed that. Due to this cancer, he spent five days in a coma and lost up to 20 kilos weight.

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