Hila And Ethan Klein Relationship Timeline: From Israeli Defense Force To Having Babies

Ethan and Hila Klein are famous YouTubers
Ethan and Hila Klein are famous YouTubers( Source : tubefilter )

Very few people can claim that they had a few million views on YouTube, but Ethan and Hila Klein have collectively over 2 billion views on the platform.

Ethan Klein  and Hila Klein, Youtubers, are an American and Israeli husband and wife duo. Perhaps they are better known as h3h3 Productions their YouTube alias. The couple has three YouTube channels namely, h3h3 Productions, H3 podcast, and Ethan and Hila.

Collectively, they have almost 11 million subscribers spread across the said channels. As of writing this article they have 6.11 million subscribers on their main channel h3h3 productions, 2.9 million on the H3 podcast, and 1.97 million on Ethan and Hila.

In the early 2010s when YouTube was just beginning, it saw a sleuth of creators who came onto the scene and the internet and pop culture saw the rise of new internet stars.

YouTubers like Ryan Higa, PewDiePie, Casey Neistat, and Jenna Marbles became overnight sensations and household names across the world.

While many came and went few OG YouTubers have staying power. Ethan and Hila are one such OG YouTubers, who have fared well over a decade to today, from their start in 2011.

If it still doesn’t ring any bells, on who Ethan and Hila are, during 2020-2021, Ethan was the center of many memes over the internet, were clips from his podcast H3 podcast with the infamous Trisha Paytas where they could be seen with the opposite personalities.

These clips provided laughter relief with Ethan’s passive-aggressive personality and Trisha Paytas’ chaotic energy.

Similarly, Hila and Ethan also had to call out James Charles over merch designs that bared resemblance with her streetwear brand Teddy Fresh, and the internet was divided in two, with people siding with either the opposite party.

Get to know all about this power couple’s relationship from Israeli Defense forces to having kids together.

Ethan and Hila's Relationship Timeline

Hila Klien is an Israeli-American artist, who was born on December 12, 1986, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Meanwhile, her husband is an American Comedy Content creator who was born on June 25, 1985, in Los Angeles, California, United States. He has Jewish origins (Ashkenazi). It is in part due to Jewish origins; he could go on a Birthright Tour to Israel.

The trip to Israel became one of the pivotal moments in bringing the couple together. Ethan himself talks about this in one of his YouTube videos, where he mentions his deteriorating mental health during that time in his life.

Despite the exposition here, the couple didn’t meet in a romantic place. It was at The Holocaust Museum, where they first met. Looking for a respite in a Foreign Land in 2007, he met Hila, the love of his life.

The State of Israel requires every Israeli citizen over the age of 18, who is Jewish, Druze, or Circassian to serve in Israel Defense Force. Hila was serving in the military when they met. When she learned about the Birthright Tour, she took the chance and she too ended up with Ethan’s group who were also doing the Birthright Tour.

During the tour, Ethan noticed Hila’s big blue eyes and contrasting black hair and felt compelled to approach her. They started dating and subsequently got married on October 12, 2012.

Ethan and Hila's Kids

The couple’s first son was born on June 5, 2019.  Pregnancy was announced through an Instagram post in 2018.

In a video titled “Our Lives Are About Change Forever” on their main channel, they talk about how a baby’s going to change their lives. They also showed off a baby gift from the CEO of YouTube herself a Spider-Man costume. With the kid on the way, they also released the baby merch on their merch store as well.

Kleins with their first kid Theodore
Kleins with their first kid Theodore ( Source : instagram )

They named the kid, Theodore. Childbirth was not easy on Hila. On the podcast on H3, Ethan talks about her 19-hour labor and how she handled it well.

Moreover, they also have another child together, a son Bruce, who was born on February 2 of this year.

It was made official on Instagram as Ethan shared a picture of the two parents holding their newborn. The pregnancy with Bruce was announced to Ethan and viewers alike on the show After Dark’s 38th episode when Hila received a text from the doctor exclaiming that she was “super pregnant”.

Ethan has Tourette's Syndrome

Ethan has a mild case of Tourette’s Syndrome, which is a disorder that involves often uncontroallable repetitive movements or unwanted sounds, which are called tics. This has caused him to have facial tics that affect the movement of his eyebrows.

This can be often noticed in his videos. This was addressed by both of them in a 2016 video “What’s with Ethan’s eyebrows?!”

Ethan has mild Tourettes
Ethan has mild Tourettes ( Source : wikibio )

In the video, he explains, “I’ll go through phases where I’ll be completely normal, and then I will just completely like, I don’t know, my face just explodes with all these crazy tics. It’s really annoying.”

Internet personality and former collaborator Trisha Paytas was slammed on the internet and called an "ableist" for making fun of his condition.

So, there you have it about the internet-famous Klein couples, though sometime earlier the rumors were circulating about their separation, they slammed it and the couple is still going strong.

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