Gemma Owen Height, How Tall Is Michael Owen's Daughter?

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19-year-old English internet personality Gemma Owen, who stands at 1.70m, is one of the constants of the latest season of Love Island.

Gemma Owen is the newest constant of Love Island, but she is generating buzz for news other than her participation. 

As her father was a pivotal part of the English football scene, it's a sin not to mention him when talking about her recent endeavors. 

But that does not make the teenager's worth any less, as she is a successful international dressage rider and a business owner of a beachwear brand. She has been an avid watcher of the show and hoping to find a loved one. 

Although he is not delighted about the ordeal, he would never limit his daughter's pursuits as trust is the foundation of the father-daughter bond. 

What Is The Age And Height Of Gemma Owen?

Gemma Owen is at the end of her teenage years as she is nineteen years old and stands tall at 1.7 meters. 

On May 1, 2003, she was born shortly after Louise, her mother, suffered from horrible injuries while riding her horse when it reared up and unseated her.

The startled animal lost its balance and landed on her body, leaving her in agonizing pain and having to rush to Countess of Chester Hospital.

It turns out the event left her back broken in two places and her hip and pelvis, having to spend three weeks in the ward, and complications in her eldest child's birth.

Fortunately, no lives were lost as it was a natural birth, and she fully recovered by the time her son James was born in 2006, with Emily May and Jessica following suit. 

Gemma Owen and her family
Gemma Owen and her family

Is Gemma Owen The Daughter Of Michael Ownes?

Gemma Owen is the daughter of English former professional footballers Michael James Owen and Louise Bonsall. The pair are well-known figures in the British tabloids due to Owen's association with the world's known Football club Liverpool. 

The pair have the sweetest love story as they met in childhood and successfully converted their relationship to marriage. 

In 1984, they enrolled in the same primary school at the Hawarden High School in Flintshire, Wales, and became fast friends.

Gemma Owen
Gemma Owen

Like a dutiful girlfriend, she stuck by his side through thick and thin, eventually leading his proposal on Valentine's Day in 2004, Louise's birthday.

As the lady likes her privacy, they planned to recite their vows in the comfort of their homes but had a small private ceremony in front of lots of guests.

Rumors say she and her brother Andrew began horse riding sessions when they were seven and fell in love with the sport.

On the other hand, her husband has hung up his shoes to work as a BT Sport pundit and a racing horse owner.

Meet Gemma Owen On Instagram

Gemma Owen is present on Instagram with the account handle gemowendressage_, where she has 24.3k followers. 

Gemma Owen on her horse
Gemma Owen on her horse

Despite the horrible experience involving her mother and horses, she kept the passion alive as she is an international dressage rider for Great Britain, even participating in the European Championships 2021. The official page usually shows her in the company of her magnific dark hoses and her adoration for the animal. 

For a deeper look into her world, you can follow her account gemowen_1, where she is unapologetically herself.

The page also severed cameos from her mother, who has not aged a day since her prime in the 1990s. 

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