How Much Is Alexis DeJoria Net Worth In 2022?

Alexis DeJoria has been drag racing from a young age
Alexis DeJoria has been drag racing from a young age( Source : cnbc )

Alexis DeJoria, an American drag racer, and the daughter of John Paul Dejora has an estimated net worth of $100 million.

Born on 1977, September 24 in Venice Beach, the racer has been in the racing profession since 2005. She is one of the most famous female drag racers in America. She got into drag racing in her teens when she was just 16, and never stop loving her work.

Even with several injuries from racing, she did not give up and continued to get back on track. She was able to build all of her wealth through her skills and hard work in racing which opened up a pathway to success. 

How Much Is Alexis DeJoria Net Worth In 2022?

Alexis DeJoria, who spent most of her life drag racing and risking her life has a net worth of $100 million as of 2022. 

Even before her drag racing career, the DeJoria family comes from a wealthy background. Her father is the founder of a tequila company Patron as well as Paul Mitchell Hair Care Products which is worth billions of dollars and will eventually make her one of the richest women after she inherits the empire of her father. 

She not only has a successful career in racing but has also acted in a fair share of movies. She has also played in advertisements and commercials which has helped her net worth to be at $100 million. 

The racer's salary has gradually increased over the years. In 2013 her annual income was $8 million whereas over the years her salary per year has increased. In 2022 her salary is estimated to be $9 million in a year. Her net worth has also been growing significantly. Her net worth was estimated to be $55 million in the year 2015. The net worth is estimated to be above $100 million in 2022 and is on a trajectory to increase even more. 

DeJoria has won several championship in her career
DeJoria has won several championship in her career ( Source : caknowledge )

Full NameAlexis DeJoria
Birth Date1977, September 24
Birth PlaceVenice Beach, California, United States
ProfessionRace Driver, Actor
Age45 Years Old
Net Worth$100 Million

Brand Endorsements by Alexis DeJoria

Alexis DeJoria Brand Endorsement with ABK Beer
Alexis DeJoria Brand Endorsement with ABK Beer ( Source : nhra )

Alexis DeJoria has a multi-year sponsorship deal with ROKiT phones and ABK Beer, two high-profile companies. 

ROKiT phones make mobile devices that are 3D and glasses-free which are affordable and come with various life-changing benefits. It provides various services such as telemedicine, life insurance services, and pharmacy saving. ABK Beer is an award-winning, one of the oldest breweries in Germany that is hand-crafted. The company has been in the market for more than 600 years and provided consistent quality products since 1308. 

The sponsorship deals include having ROKiT phones and the ABK Beer logo on the racer's car, uniforms, and official merch for the driver and the crew. As a part of the deal, the ROKiT phone will create an exclusive 3D experience for the fans of DeJoria and the ABK beer will her fans refreshed. 

Alexis DeJoria Brand Endorsement with ROKiT Phones and ABK Beer
Alexis DeJoria Brand Endorsement with ROKiT Phones and ABK Beer ( Source : nhra )

Alexis DeJoria Family, Childhood and Marriage

Alexis DeJoria is the daughter of John Paul DeJoria and his former wife, Jamie Briggs. After his split with his wife, John remarried Eloise Broady. She has four siblings: Michael DeJario, Justin Dejario, John Anthony DeJoria, and John Paul DeJario II. She has a half-sister named Michaeline DeJario and another half-sister named Chloe Briggs from her mother's side.

John Paul DeJoria, her father has a business empire that is worth a billion dollars. He has a renowned tequila company named Patron and also another well-established company for hair care products.

Alexis was always interested in wild activities and broke bones skateboarding and other interesting activities. She was 16 years old when she came upon drag racing and fell in love with it. She and her friend went to the Pomona Drag Strip where she was introduced to drag racing. She found an immense interest in drag racing and moved to Florida leaving her hometown to join Howley's Drag School to pursue her dreams. Alexis worked hard to build herself and her career. She did let her family's reputation be a part of her success and gave her all to be one of the best drag racers.  

Alexis DeJoria and Jesse James during their wedding
Alexis DeJoria and Jesse James during their wedding ( Source : eonline )

Alexis was married to Jesse James, an entrepreneur, and a television personality. Their relationship began in September 2012. They were so much in love that they wasted no time and got married on 25 March 2013. The marriage took place in Malibu on a real estate owned by the bride's family.

She has a daughter from her previous relationship named Isabella. Jesse also had free kids, two daughters, and a son. After the marriage, she became a stepmother to Chandler, Sunny, and Eli. Their priorities were always their children during their marriage.  

Sadly after being married for seven years. the couple decided to call it quits because their lives had headed in different directions. She stated that one of the reasons for the divorce was James' infidelity. 

Alexis DeJoria after winning at 300 MPH
Alexis DeJoria after winning at 300 MPH ( Source : forbes )

Professional Career

Alexis DeJoria in her racing attire
Alexis DeJoria in her racing attire ( Source : dragillustrated )

Alexis DeJario has been drag racing from a young age when found a newfound passion after she went to Pomona Drag Strip. She moved to Florida to fulfill her dream leaving her family and her friends in her hometown.

She started her career officially in 2005 when she joined NHRA (National Hot Rod Association). She won her game "Sportsman National" which took place in Fontana, California after only eight months after her debut. 

She participated and won in different categories of sports like Super Comp, Super Gas, and many more. She also won in the TA/FC national event at the Northwest Fall Nationals in 2011. She decided to retire in 2017 because she wanted to leave when she was popular and she had the loudest ovation. She knew she had accomplished great heights in her career and decided to retire from motorsport to focus more on her family. 

In late 2019, he announced she was coming back to drag racing. She had a great time with her family and wanted to return back to the life of racing. Her family was in full support of her return back. The racer's fans are delighted with the great news and eagerly waiting for her official return.

Some FAQs

How old is Alexis DeJoria?

Alexis DeJoria is 45 years old.

When did Alexis DeJoria retire?

Alexis DeJoria retired in 2017.

Who is Alexis's father?

Alexis's father is John Paul DeJoria.

Does Alexis DeJoria have any kids?

Alexis DeJoria has one kid named Isabella DeJoria.

What is the nationality of Alexis DeJoria?

Alexis DeJoria is American.


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