Jack Grealish Stuns With New Celebration For Finlay And Remembers His Sister Hollie Grealish

Finlay Meeting His Hero Jack Grealish
Finlay Meeting His Hero Jack Grealish( Source : irishnews )

Jack Grealish is an English football player playing for Manchester City. In the world cup match with Iran, he celebrated his goal of committing to Finlay.

Finlay had sent him a letter to Jack expressing his thankfulness for Jack being a motivating person and a hero in his heart who is very kind and good to his sister. He also wished for more people like Jack that treat people with disability the same as everyone.

In the letter, he also mentioned Finlay wanting to meet Jack and give him a high five. From the letter, he seemed very eager to meet Jack.

Jack Grealish Finlay Celebration For Finlay Who Is Suffering From Cerebral Palsy

Jack Grealish finally did the celebration dance for his no.1 fan Finlay completing his promise, whom he met earlier this month.

Finlay is an 11-year-old boy handicapped with cerebral palsy who had sent a fanmail to Jack Grealish. He had the opportunity to meet his idol through Premier League's 'Fanmail' setup, got to hug him, and received a signed shirt from Jack Grealish.

Finlay also had chosen a celebratory goal dance move for Jack Grealish. The dance move was 'The Worm' by WWE wrestler star Scotty 2 Hotty.

Jack Grealish dancing 'The Worm'
Jack Grealish dancing 'The Worm' ( Source : instagram )

In the match between England and Iran, after putting a goal in the opponent's team, the star player danced 'The Worm' as a celebratory goal in front of the masses, fulfilling his promise to his no.1 fan Finlay. Although a hard dance step to complete, he somehow has completed the steps. 

Jack Grealish Shares Thoughts On Sister Hollie Grealish

Jack Grealish has a very close bond with his sister Hollie. Hollie Grealish is 19 and has been plagued by cerebral palsy since birth.

Jack revealed in his interview that Hollie is his 'best friend.' Hollie Grealish is also believed to be a factor in the rise of Jack Grealish in recent years.

The city forward also shares a lot about his sister in his interviews.

Jack Grealish and his sister Hollie Grealish
Jack Grealish and his sister Hollie Grealish ( Source : instagram )

Jack shares that his sister Hollie is very proud of her brother. The England player always wants to make her smile and happy. If there is any chance and any occasion he can do something for her, he does it. Jack also takes her to his matches and other activities to make her happy and make her feel proud.

One such chance was on her birthday, Hollie. To surprise Hollie, on her 18th birthday, Jack called a British actor Andy Whyment which shocked Hollie as Andy is one of her idols. So, she thanked her brother for the surprise. 

Meet Hollie Grealish

19 years old Hollie Grealish is the sister of Manchester City player Jack Grealish. Hollie is a differently abled person having a long history of cerebral palsy from birth.

This has caused her to have an imbalance in her ability to move that starts in early childhood. So, she has been a frequent visitor to the hospital for operations.

Hollie and Jack Grealish
Hollie and Jack Grealish ( Source : instagram )

Despite all the obstacles put in front of her by her body and the toll it has taken upon the Grealish family, she is a very cheerful person and loves to put smiles on everyone's faces she meets, specifically on Jack's face.

So, the former Aston Villa player also tries his best to be close to her sister and tries his best for her to be happy and loved.

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