Jim Cantore Net Worth In 2022

Jim D. Cantore  a renowned American Meteorologist.
Jim D. Cantore a renowned American Meteorologist. ( Source : speakerbookingagency )

Jim D. Cantore is a renowned American Meteorologist who has the highest Networth in 2022. He was born on 16th February 1964. He was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, and raised in White River Junction, Vermont.

He is the most recognized television weather personality on America's 'The Weather Channel' and AMS fellow. As he said that his journey is a reward, he has gained a lot of popularity along with enormous wealth. Today, he has become successful and is one of the highest-paid Meteorologists in 2022. 

The Television Weather Meteorologist shows his ability to give the scientific cause and effect of the weather live on television. He anchors and forecasts the weather every day. He also helps to produce documentaries on Meteorology, storms, hurricanes, and forecastings. As a storm tracker, he reports each and every weather event providing the live report.

Details about Jim Cantore

NameJames D. Cantore
Date of Birth16th Feb. 1964
Net worth$4.5 Million
Salary$1.5 Million

Career Beginning

Cantore Forecasting The Weather
Cantore Forecasting The Weather ( Source : bostonherald )

The 58-year-old television personality has crossed a long journey to earn this place. Jim used to have a keen interest in the weather and Journalism. So, he started as an intern and was later employed in 'The Weather Channel' after graduating from Lyndon State College in 1986 and working there afterward.
Throughout his career, he has covered over 100 weather events. Ever since he has given his best as a meteorologist, however, he is taken as a legend for his live weather updates of hurricanes i.e. Karina, Ian, Isabel, Floyd, Irene, Superstorm Sandy, and many more. He is always in dangerous locations.
Similarly, He has also reported events like The Space Shuttle Discovery Launch, The 'Winter X Games," PGA Tournaments, NFL games, and many more. He updates the world even in challenging weather and condition. He shows his efforts and presentation in a fearless way that his videos on Twitter are watched over and over and have gained more than a million views. From his live updates, he has, become the audience's favorite.

How much is his Networth?

Networth of Jim Cantore
Networth of Jim Cantore ( Source : celebritynetworth )

Jim Cantore is one of the influential and main personnel in the Meteorological department. His main source of income is his working career as a meteorologist. As he is one of the leading weather forecasters, his salary with other side earnings is over a million annually. From the overall, income of his, work his net worth becomes around 5 million.

 However, in the year, 2022 his net worth turn out to be $4.5 million. Currently, he is the richest weather journalist in the world. His outstanding work and dedicated career goals earned him a luxurious lifestyle, vacations, and fancy car trips.


Family Background

Cantore with Family
Cantore with Family ( Source : ecelebritymirror )

Just like the harshness of the weather, his personal life is also quite severe. He married Tamra Zinn from 1990 to 2009. His wife Tamra was suffering from a fatal disease Parkinson's disease. His wife Tamra’s Parkinson’s disease diagnosis was a major contributing factor in their divorce. Jim marital status is currently single after a marital life with Tamra.

They have two children as well. However, their offspring also carry the genetic disease of their mother. Their both children Christina and Ben inherited genetic disorders that led them to suffer from Fragile X Syndrome (the genetic condition causes mild intellectual disabilities).

5 Facts About Him

Social Work

Since he has seen his children suffer from severe diseases, he is very curious to find its remedy. Hence, he also engages in charitable work at the research center for the disease, and FRAXA is one of them. The Fragile X Research Foundation, and Parkinson's Unity Walk. He also serves as a celebrity cabinet at Make a Wish Foundation and the American Red Cross Society.

Boy with Autism taking photos with Cantore
Boy with Autism taking photos with Cantore ( Source : theadvocate )

Controversies In Cantore's Life

Jim once suffered from a scandal about his and another meteorologist Alexandra Steele getting married. However, they both never talked about the matter publicly. The matter is still suspenseful for the audience.

Controversy of Jim Cantore with Alexandra Steele
Controversy of Jim Cantore with Alexandra Steele ( Source : pinterest )

Rewards Earned

He has even been awarded by NOAA David S. Johnson Award (2002) for his splendid work in innovative satellite application for his contribution to the Meteorology sector. He was also awarded membership at the American Meteorological Society. Besides that, he is also a member of The American Red Cross.

Accepting the reward
Accepting the reward ( Source : pinterest )

Famous Videos

Jim's one of the most viral videos was on  28th January 2014, when he was shooting on a live location at the College of Charleston, South Carolina. Cantore was charged by a student named Colin Marcelli. He noticed the charge and defended himself by kneeing Marcelli in the groin (the area in the body where the upper thighs meet the lowest part of the abdomen). Cantore didn't even seem exhausted during the scene and simply carries on with his job. The recording of the incident crossed over two million views on Youtube.

Similarly, on 14th February 2015, during the coverage of winter storm Neptune an intense band of thundersnow hit the area to which the Meteorologist reacted excitedly which was quite unusual to the viewers. Hence, the video trended and reached over million views. Today for his love for Thunderstorm and has seen many thundersnows he is also known as the King of Thundersnow.

A video on Twitter also trended even more after its post. On 10th October 2018, Jim Cantore quickly dodged a flying piece of lumber during a live report of the live tornado Michael in Panama.

The Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore faced the dangers of Hurricane Ian in full force on 29th September 2022 while covering the storm in Punta Gorda, Florida. Winds from the then-Category 4 storm flung a tree branch into him as he was in the street, causing him to fall and struggle to battle the winds back to a safe location.

Cantore facing the Hurricane
Cantore facing the Hurricane ( Source : weather )

Social Media and Memes

 Jim is very active on the social media platform. He always posts about his activity on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He has around 529K followers on Facebook, and 186K followers on Instagram. His Twitter account has 1.2 million followers.

Jim is also famous in the sector of memes. Many of his Memes are trending on media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Since, his presence indicates that a hurricane, tornado, or another natural disaster will occur. So, people assume he has bad luck with the weather. His famous memes are about his lousy luck. "People ask when is the good time to worry and the answer is when this guy shows up",  "Everything was going fine and then Jim Cantore shows up" and "Jim Cantore stay home" are some of the famous ones.

Memes of Jim Cantore
Memes of Jim Cantore ( Source : pinterest )

Some FAQs

Why Jim Cantore is taken as bad luck?

His presence in the certain area indicates that a hurricane, tornado, or other natural disaster is going to occur. So, people assume he has bad luck.

Why is Jim Cantore famous?

He is a fearless person and gives us live report about the weather even in the dangerous condition.


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Jim Cantore Net Worth In 2022

Jim D. Cantore is a renowned American Meteorologist who has the highest Networth in 2022. He was born on 16th February 1964. He was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, and raised in White River Junction, Vermont. He is the most recognized television weat...

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