Jules Egan - Guy Sebastian's Wife Age And Children Names

Jules with her husband Sebastian and their two children
Jules with her husband Sebastian and their two children ( Source : api )

Jules Egan is an Australian Philanthropist by profession. She also has her own Youtube channel, which is very popular and has a huge fan following. In addition to that, she also writes blogs and loves styling and presenting too. 

Jules Egan was born on October 1977, October 7, and is married to renowned singer Guy Sebastian. He was born in Malaysia and started his singing journey in his school years.

Sebastian used to sing lead and backup vocals in the Paradise Community Church Youth Conference. Moreover, he also attended the Baptist Grammar School as a child and actively participated in the chorus. 

Jules Egan has been married to Sebastian for the last seventeen years. Both individuals share every strong bond as a couple and embrace a healthy relationship to date. 

There are rumors that they met for the first time in the studio of the popular reality show "The Australian Idol." However, in an interview during the year 2016, Sebastian expressed that they first met at a wedding function. They had been close friends since they were twelve and rejoiced in each other's company. 

According to sources, they were just in their early teens when they started their relationship and had to go through a breakup phase. However, they got back together, tied the knots in 2008, and now they have two beautiful children; Hudson and Archer.

Jules Egan's life as an Influencer

Jules Egan is a trendy celebrity with a great fan base on all her social sites. She seems to be very active on Instagram, posting about her lifestyle, family, and friends. She is usually seen promoting different brands through her social media sites. 

Almost 11K subscribers to the Jules Sebastian Channel have been created on YouTube. The channel's growth shows how obsessed people are with the Sebastian family. Jules has been hosting the chat shows like "Tea with Jules," where she invites guest speakers over tea. Some trendy and renowned celebrities, including Angela Ceberano, Alex Perilli, and Kasey Chambers, have already been featured in the show. 

The first guest on the show when it debuted in 2015 was cosmetic artist Rae Morris. The artist gained colossal popularity after being on the show. 

She has been branding for healthy companies, including Hitvita Vitamins. In addition to that, she is very fond of accessories and clothing and can be seen promoting brands related to such businesses.

Personal Details of Jules Egan

If you are a follower of Jules Egan, you must be interested in learning more about her personal and professional life. Here, we have collected some personal details of Jules through different sources. 

Full Name Jules Egan
Date of birth October 7, 1979
Birthplace Australia
Religion Christianity
Nationality Australian
Zodiac Sign Libra
Profession and Career Philanthropist, Blogger, Stylist, Presentor, and Youtuber 
Height 165 cm
Weight 55 KG
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Marital status Married
Husband  Guy Sebastian
Children  Hudson James and Archer Jones 


The Sebastian Foundation

The Sebastian family established the Sebastian Foundation in the year 2013. Both Jules and Sebastian decided to establish a foundation through which they could provide services to people. The foundation has been working endlessly since its formation, and the couples are consistently praised by their family and friends for their good deeds. 

The Sebastian Foundation works together and collaborates with other different charitable organizations to provide help to the needy ones. The foundation usually donates sleeper beds and meals to the Westmead Kinder Hospital. In addition to that, it also provides music therapy for little children and teenagers. 

Jules is a very strong-headed and opinionated woman. She regularly speaks against harassment, human trafficking, and domestic violence. Her organization also looks forward to creating a better environment for rehabilitating victims, survivors, and left-out children. 

Jules and her Children

Jules Egan shares a beautiful bond with her children, Hudson James Sebastian and Archer Jones Sebastian. Jules has been together with her husband for nearly two decades. The family seems to be spending a lot of time together. 

Jules often posts pictures of her sons, including her husband Sebastian, on Instagram. For their 13th wedding anniversary, Jules wrote;

"13 years strong with the love of my life! No one likes you, and I am so glad you're mine. Happy Anniversary!"

All these years, the couple has gone through many ups and downs. Walking down memory lane, they must have come forth, passing different hurdles and obstacles. 

Many people consider Jules's husband, Sebastian, a man of honor. Throughout his life, there haven't been any rumors about him having extra-marital affairs or controversies. 

The pair is looked upon by many people belonging to the entertainment fraternity. Moreover, the Sebastian couple also has a huge fan following because of their beautiful life journey together. 

Jules and her husband with their children
Jules and her husband with their children ( Source : i )

More about Jules' Husband

Guy Sebastian was born on the 26th of October in 1981. His family belonged to Malaysia. However, since they moved to Australia, Sebastian holds an Australian Nationality. As for 2022, the net worth of Guy Sebastian is about $11 million. Besides his musical career, he also collaborates with different brands. 

Sebastian is the winner of the popular reality show, Australian Idol. Moreover, he has also judged shows including X-Factor, The voice of Australia, and The Newzealand Idol. 

The debut album of Sebastian had a huge success. In fact, it was the most adored and appreciated album any Australian Singer had ever released. The 2020 album T.R.U.T.H was successful in being on the top ARIA charts. 

Sebastian loves doing charity work. He was the ambassador of Golden Stave including the World Vision and Red Cross Society of Australia. 

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