Jwan Yosef Net Worth, Everything To Know About Swedish Painter

Jwan Yosef in his studio
Jwan Yosef in his studio( Source : architecturaldigest )

Jwan Yosef is 37 yer old Plastic Art Specialist, painter, and artist born in Syria and renowned worldwide due to his exceptional painting styles.

Jwan Yosef is a Swedish painter who has taken part in several art exhibitions. He exhibited his two different paintings in the DIVUS Gallery in the year 2013 with the titles "Painting about sex" and "Flesh and violence". Yosef was Awarded 2 different awards in 2013 in London with the title "The Threadneedle prize 2013" and "Beers Contemporary Award".

Jwan Yosef is openly gay
Jwan Yosef is openly gay ( Source : zip )

Yosef has worked in composing new styles of art that are completely different from the traditional way of painting. Yosef learned art Education from the Konstfack University located in Stockholm in the year 2004-2006 and completed his Master's degree in Fine arts in Central Saint Martins, London. 

As for the Relation Status, Jwan Yosef is open about being gay and married to Ricky Martin who is popular due to the High Energy Pop band singing. Ricky Martin is a serious painting collector so he got attracted by the unique style of Yosef's work and arranged meetings to meet him. 

How Much Is Jwan Yosef Net Worth? -Swedish Painter Earnings

Jwan Yosef has worked Professionally since his Master's graduation in fine arts and amassed a total net worth estimation of 400 Thousand USD. 

Yosef can live his luxurious lifestyle from his painting and artworks that collect an annual estimated salary of 70 thousand USD.

Since the Painter has not provided any info about his earnings and salary, the estimation is only through multiple research. Most of Yosef's work was involved in the London and Stockholm Exhibitions through which his plastic artworks and paintings gained recognization.

Jwan Yosef did not gain as much recognization as present until he met his spouse Ricky Martin who is a popular singer and songwriter. After the announcement of the relationship between these two, the popularity of Yosef went through the roof making him known throughout the globe.

From the online and offline sale of Jwan Yosef's work through the website and studio, he has made various profits with the promotion from his husband and himself.

What Does Jwan Yosef Do For Living?

Jwan Yosef with his work
Jwan Yosef with his work( Source : schonmagazine )

Jwan Yosef is a professional Swedish Artist and painter actively working in different art fairs and Exhibitions.

Josef is the founding member of the Bomb Factory Art foundation located in London which supports newcomer Artists in building their careers by providing them with the necessary equipment and studios. Josef is also the studio holder of the foundation.

Some of the recognized works of Jwan Yosef can be listed as Elsewhere, Some Catch, There and Back Again, Till stand, Brussels, and others. Jawn Yosef states that he is inspired by his surroundings and the objects around him.

In recent years, he has been married to Ricky Martin who is estimated to have a net worth of 130 Million USD. As so, Jwan Yosef can sufficiently live his life with quality and security.

Juan Yosef is actively working on his social media like Instagram and Facebook. He has acquired 734k followers on Instagram and 35 k on Facebook respectively where he posts for interactions and promotions.

Jwan Yosef- Nationality Explored

Jwan Yosef and Ricky Martin
Jwan Yosef and Ricky Martin( Source : thepersonage )

Jwan Yosef, a Swedish painter was born on 6 September 1984 in Syrian and later migrated to Sweden when he was only two years old.

Jwan Yosef was brought up by his father Ahmad Yosef his Armenian Mother, Hiba Hammoud. The Painter has not disclosed any information regarding the siblings until the present date. Through various reports, it is known that Yosef's mother was a Christian.

Yosef Holds the identity of Syrian and Swedish nations as he has different birthplace and brought place. 

Yosef completed his degree in fine arts in the Stockholms at Stockholm's contact University and master's in London. He led different exhibitions for a few years during which he focused one exhibition on the painting of his father, Ahmad Yosef.


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Jwan Yosef Net Worth, Everything To Know About Swedish Painter

Jwan Yosef is 37 yer old Plastic Art Specialist, painter, and artist born in Syria and renowned worldwide due to his exceptional painting styles. Jwan Yosef is a Swedish painter who has taken part in several art exhibitions. He exhibited his two diff...

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