Meet Alexis DeJoria Parents - Her Siblings & Family

Alexis DeJoria posing with black dress and classic car
Alexis DeJoria posing with black dress and classic car( Source : cinematnic )

Alexis DeJoria is a famous American drag racer who has competed in various races and also won quite a number of them.

She is one of the most successful female athletes in the entire world with a good career and a very fantastic net worth. She was born on September 24, 1977, and is currently 45 years old with an ongoing racing career. 

She competes in National Hot Rod Association(NRHA) and participates in the funny car category. She is very popular for driving Toyota Camry for Kalitta Motorsports.

She is popular for being a fantastic race car driver but only a few know that she has also tried in movies. In the year 2013, she played the role of Paula in the movie snake and mongoose.

Now, let us get into the life of Alexis Dejoria and know her siblings, her parents, and her net worth at the present time.

Things to know about Alexis DeJoria

NameAlexis DeJoria
Date of birthSeptember 24,1977
Age45 years
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight128 lbs
SpouseJesse James (2013-2022)
MovieSnake and mongoose
ProfessionProfessional racer
ChildrenIsabella DeJoria

Parents of Alexis DeJoria

Alexis DeJoria has a very unique couple as her parents and her father is also very popular as he is one who made his own business empire.

The Father of Alexis DeJoria is John Paul DeJoria. He is currently 78 years old and is a Philanthropist, an American entrepreneur, and a self-made billionaire. His company is famous for its hair products. The story of John Paul DeJoria is quite unique and embodies the saying from rags to riches. 

His story is that he used to sleep in his car before creating the company with Paul Mitchel turning his life around and gaining an amazing net worth from their partnership. 

Today the net worth of Paul DeJoria alone is 3.1 billion dollars and living the life of his dreams.

The mother of Alexis Dejoria is Jamie Briggs. Unlike her father not much is known about her mother. She has two daughters Alexis Dejoria and Chloe Briggs. Her Grandchild is Isabella Dejoria from the side of Alexia Dejoria.

Alexia Dejoria with her father John Paul Dejoria
Alexia Dejoria with her father John Paul Dejoria ( Source : womenrockinc )

Alexis Dejoria Net Worth

Alexis DeJoria has a whooping net worth of 100 million dollars and has an amazing racing career.

As of 2022, she is the second richest female athlete in the world. This position of hers was made possible by her dedication and her hard work. She gradually pulled her into the line of the richest female athlete in the entire world. In the year 2019, she was the third richest and in this short time, she increased her net worth and come to second place.

Alexis Dejoria was inactive in the racing for some time. After her debut in the racing field in 2005, she continued till 2017. However, she made a comeback in the year 2020 and is going up the ladder of success. It is no doubt that she will climb further in this list in the future. 

Alexia DeJoria on her racing gear
Alexia DeJoria on her racing gear ( Source : playersbio )


Alexis DeJoria Daughter

Alexis DeJoria has one daughter and her name is Isabella DeJoria.

Isabella is currently 19 years old. She is the granddaughter of world-famous entrepreneur and multi-billionaire John Paul DeJoria. Not much information is available regarding the daughter of Alexis DeJoria.

Alexis is very much close with her daughter and once revealed that Isabella learned how to ride a bike in a parking lot. 

Alexia DeJoria and her daughter Isabella DeJoria
Alexia DeJoria and her daughter Isabella DeJoria ( Source : usatoday )

Alexis DeJoria Career

Racing Carer of Alexis officially began in the year 2005, she joined NHRA and started racing there. 

She debuted in the super gas category and gradually made her way up to super comp dragster. Her first win happened after 8 months of joining NHRA. It was Sportsman Nationals in Fontana, California. Then for some time, she raced on the West coast.

Four years after her debut in the year 2009 she increased her game by building her own racing team, Stealth Motorsports. After 2 years of forming her own team in the year 2011, she won the NRHA nation event in TA/FC. This was her first NRHA national event win but the bigger thing even that was she was the second woman to win that, which was a big thing in itself. 

In the year 2012, she set the career-best record with a run of 4.032 and a speed of 319.07 mph for reading. That is some record and some serious speed shown by the athlete at that time. In 2014 she again broke another record by becoming the first woman to the sub-four second pass. 

Alexis went on to make many achievements in her career year after year. She also won US nationals in Indianapolis. From her, ongoing successful racing career Alexis now decided to take a hiatus.

After having a few years of holding on to her career, she now decided to return to a life where she was breaking the speed record and winning one trophy after another. In late 2019 she finally returned back to racing. Now, she is engaging in various racing events. She also has now entered a multi-year contract with ROKiT phones and ABK beer. 

Alexis DeJoria posing with racing car on her back
Alexis DeJoria posing with racing car on her back ( Source : dragillustrated )


Alexis DeJoria Spouse

Alexis Dejoria was married to Jesse James, recently they ended their nine years of marriage.

Alexis married Jesse in the year 2013 and recently parted in 2022.

Jesse James is 53 years old American entrepreneur and has a total net worth of 50-100 million dollars. He is the founder of west coast choppers and the current CEO of Jessie James Firearms Unlimited.

Alexis and Jesse met in the race tracks of Dallas. Jesse knew the father of Alexis John Paul Dejoria and had been friends with him for a long time before meeting his daughter Alexis. Alexis told that she had an instant connection with him from the very first time they had met.

The thing for their strong bonding from the very first meeting was according to Alexis they had so much in common. She had never met a guy who had so many things in common with her. She even jokingly admitted she wanted to marry Jesse now her ex-husband the very first time they had met in Dallas.

Jesse had at that time 3 children from his previous relationship while Alexis had 10 years Isabella.

Popular actress Sandra Bullock was also a partner of Jesse for some time.

Alexis DeJoria and her ex-husband Jesse post wedding picture
Alexis DeJoria and her ex-husband Jesse post wedding picture ( Source : eonline )

Alexis DeJoria's Siblings

Alexis Dejoria has a total of four siblings from her father's side and one sibling from her mother's side.

On her father's side, she has a total of four half-brothers and one sister. John Anthony DeJoria, Michael DeJoria, Justin Dejoria, and John Paul Dejoria II are her four half-brothers and Michaeline Dejoria is her half-sister.

On her mother's side, she has only one half-sister Chloe Briggs. She is the only sibling from her mother's side.

Alexis DeJoria on racing suit
Alexis DeJoria on racing suit ( Source : pasoroblespress )


Alexis DeJoria Accidents

Alexis DeJoria is a professional racer and in her career, she also had a few unfortunate accidents.

From her doubt in the racing field, Alexis had some unfortunate moments. Looking at the major accidents, she had of total two major accidents in her long racing career. In 2009 she passed through two safety nets after hitting a sand trap after oil got sprayed on her brakes. Luckily, she was able to escape with little to no injury in this unfortunate event. 

She met another major accident at the year 2016. Unlike the previous where she escaped without major injury here, she fractured her left pelvis. During the race, she slammed her vehicle against the retaining wall. However, after being taken to the hospital she was discharged the same day without surgery.

Alexis DeJoria laughing
Alexis DeJoria laughing ( Source : pinterest )

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