Who Is Ray Epps, The Donald Trump Conspiracy Theorist? Details About Him.

Ray Epps became unwitting face attempted by pro-Trump forces to promote baseless idea that FBI is behind the attack in Capitol.
Ray Epps became unwitting face attempted by pro-Trump forces to promote baseless idea that FBI is behind the attack in Capitol.( Source : nytimes )

Ray Epps is a 61 years old former Marine who run a bussiness of handling event and wedding venue in Queen Creek of Arizona with his wife Robyn. 

Epps is a staunch conservative as well as a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump. He went to Washington DC to support Trump as he believed 2020 election was stolen.

Also, Epps is former Oath Keeper in the militant right-wing gang. The members of this gang are currently under investigation on the seditious conspiracy charges.

Due to the Capitol riot occured in Janurary 6, 2021, his life turned upside down because of the people he once marched alongside. He had to leave his hometown and business in Arizona because of this Capital riot.

Ray Epps, The Donald Trump Conspiracy Theorist

Ray Epps in the pro-Trum rally at Capitol in Jan 6
Ray Epps in the pro-Trum rally at Capitol in Jan 6 ( Source : readtangle )

Ray Epps have became a center of conspiracy theory as he traveled to Washington DC to support former president but accused of attack in Capitol.

Mr Epps was accused by Media outlets because of the capitol riot in Antifa. According to the conspiracy throey, Ray Epps was encouraging people to enter the building with him who envaded law enforcement as if he was working with the government.

Also, media and reports thought him as the FBI agent who was sent in the crowd to stir dissent and put a flase flag to justify the incarceration of hundreds of Trump supporters. 

Mr. Epps trying to stop violence at Capitol in Jan 6, inserted himself into the conflict among the police and pro-Trump members mob which is considered as the tripping point of attack. From this cause, he became the face of conspiracy theory. 

Epps had to leave his home town Arizona, and sell his business to move to the mobile home in the foothills of the Rockies, carrying all their belongings because of that aligation of consipracy theory. 

As Mr. Epps name was attached in conspiracy theory, he began receiving emails of death threats was well as had intruders trespass on his property. Epps also said that those individuals approached and demanded him to know the truth about his involvement in FBI.

Mr. and Mrs. Epps then searched for a lawyer to end this threats and help them to file a defamation lawsuit against the people who spread the false accounts.

How Ray Epps Became Famous?

Due to the conspiracy theory, Ray Epps became famous as pro-Trump people and police thought he was behind the attack in Capitol.

Mr Epps videotap was taken by the right-wing provocateurs in which he was seen encpuraging people to go inside the Capitol. This videoclip not only depicted Ray Epps as the person to urged people for Capitol roit but also evaded him as a prosecuator. 

The Revolver News also edited videos and unfounded leaps of logic to make Mr Epps as a secret federal asset in charge responsible for setting off the Capitol riot.

The story of Mr.Epps was quickly seized in Fox host Tucker Carlson, which make ta videotap viral. This news was also displayed by Republican members of other parties.

Ray Epps Connections With Donald Trump

Ray Epps was one of the supporter of former president Donald Trump and Trump also mentioned Epps in one of his political rallies. 

Epps and one of his sons took the last minute trip to Washington to support Trump about election fraud but was betrayed by Donald trump when Epps was accused of attacking Capital riot. 

Trump said that Epps was one of his supporter. Becaue of the consipracy theory, Trump back stabbed him and did not supported Epps. So, Epps said that he used to respect Trump but now as Trump tarred his name and destroyed the reputation, he no more support Trump. 

During the interview with Ray Epps, he said he was a father, former Marine and a staunch but a disillusioned conservative as his leader (Donald Trump) betrayed him. 

Epps also said that he regrets staying in Washington the day before the 

One of the moments Mr. Epps said he regrets most from his stay in Washington took place the night before the Capitol attack, when he joined his son and a friend for a pro-Trump rally at Black Lives Matter Plaza. 

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