Fans Are Eager To Know, How Does The 90 Day Fiance Star "Shaeeda Sween" Looks Without Hijab?

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Shaeeda Sween is a yogi who is well-known to fans of shows like 90-Day Fiance. Read this article for more info.

Shaeeda Sween Photo
Shaeeda Sween Photo

Shaeeda Sween, a yogi from Trinidad and Tobago, is a cast member of "90 Day Finance" season 9. Fans are overjoyed that the reality dating program has returned.

She entered the reality show industry after meeting a man named Bilal online. He's from Missouri, and he's a successful real estate investor.

Shaeeda is currently 36 years old. Shaeeda Sween was born in 1985 in the ports of Spain, Trinidad, and Tobago.

She has been cast in the ninth season of TLC's reality dating show "90 Day Fiance." The program is about cross-cultural connections since it focuses on Americans who are drawn to foreigners.

The foreign accomplices enter the country on a K-1 visa, which permits them to marry and exit the country within 90 days.

How Does Shaeeda Sween Look Without Her Hijab?

Shaeeda Sween In Hijab
Shaeeda Sween In Hijab

People rarely see Sween without a hijab. Shaeeda feels that being a Hijabi lady necessitates a woman who is strong, bold, and adventurous, especially given the prevalent negative perceptions. Many women who wear the hijab on a daily basis find it difficult.

Sween also maintains that she wears the hijab to define herself and her dignity, as well as to demonstrate her devotion to Islam.

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Shaeeda Is A Yoga Teacher

Shaeeda Sween is a fashionista from Trinidad and Tobago. She's also a qualified yoga instructor with four years of experience who supplements her income with virtual adaptation meetings.

She practices Vinyasa yoga, a fluid kind of yoga. It is distinguished by the association of gifts, which causes everyone to flow into the next.

Shaeeda Sween In Yoga Position
Shaeeda Sween In Yoga Position

Sween, on the other hand, obtained her certification from Aura Wellness in the U. S. a year ago and has kept her readiness up to date.

The Yogi was particularly concerned when the studio had to close last year because of the pandemic because she feared a financial loss.

She also draws international understudies who contact her after viewing her Instagram images. They were captured and uploaded to the Instagram account of the Inflexible Yogi.

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Shaeeda Can Be Found On Instagram

Shaeeda is active on Instagram at @westindianbella.

She now has 34.3k followers and 109 posts. She posts images of herself with celebs as well as vacation photos.

Shaeeda Sween will be 37 years old in 2022. Despite her status as a reality TV maven, she is not interested in being overly public or vociferous about her opinions, and this has served her well.

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Shaeeda's Husband's Name Is Bilal Hazziez

Shaeeda Sween
Shaeeda Sween

Shaeeda Sween's husband, Bilal Hazziez, a Missouri native, has been identified as her father.

Bilal is a successful luxury broker and the divorced father of two children. Bilal was the CEO and President of Premier Home & Investment for approximately 17 years.

It was rare for Bilal and Shaeeda to communicate by text messages, voice conversations, or video calls.

Regardless, the relator came to Trinidad and Tobago in December 2019 to spend seven days with his wife, unable to endure being alone any longer.

They were assured of their love after spending time together. Shaeeda eagerly accepted Bila's proposal for a beach wedding in Maracas.

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