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Tom Jones
Tom Jones( Source : hellomagazine )

Sir Tom is a  living legend, one of the few musical artists who has sustained and gained continuous success in the field from the very start of his career. After contributing to the field for five decades and more, Tom Jones remains one of the most well-known singers of today’s generation. 

His journey has extraordinarily gone from strength to strength and one success story after another which shows for itself that his passion and enthusiasm for music are unabated.

Take a peek into the life of Welsh icon: Tom Jones

Tom Jones, popularly known as Sir Tom is a welsh born singer- live performer, and recording artist who has a fundamental interest in a wide range of music.

As a musical genius, Tom has sung and is a cut above in several genres of music including pop, rock, R&B, show tunes, country, dance, soul, and gospel. Jones, was interested in music since his childhood and he loved to sing at any chance he got.

He is best known for his songs- "It's Not Unusual," "Green Green Grass of Home," "Delilah," "Till" and "A Boy From Nowhere." He has been continuously entertaining a wide range of audiences since the 1960s and even now he rocks the stage as he did in the prime of his youth. 

Young Tom performing on stage
Young Tom performing on stage( Source : co )

Quick Facts about Sir Tom Jones

Date of BirthJune 7, 1940
Age82 (As of June 2022)
ParentsThomas Woodward and Freda Jones
SpouseMelinda "Linda" Trenchard
ChildrenMark Woodward
GrandChildren2 (Alex and Emma)

Background and Early Life

Sir Tom Jones was born on June 7, 1940, in the industrial town of Pontypridd, South Wales, Great Britain, as Thomas Jone Woodward. Tom’s musical talents were very evident from his early years.

While in school, while he struggled with dyslexia, he enjoyed listening to music, including BBC radio which later influenced his style.
As a child, he always enjoyed singing at school choirs and family gatherings.

When he was 12, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis, because of which he had to stay home for an extended time in bed resting. During the time, the only thing he could do was listen to music. 

Tom, didn’t like going to school, but he gained confidence from his singing talents. As a teen, he quit school at the age of 16 and began working as a door-to-door salesman. 

Tom Jones’s Parents and Siblings

Tom was born to parents, Thomas Woodward (1910-1981) who was a coal miner, and Freda Jones (1914-2003), a homemaker. Tom was very close to his parents and they had a tight-knitted family.

Tom Jones with his parents: Thomas and Freda
Tom Jones with his parents: Thomas and Freda ( Source : nl )

Tom’s mother was very proud of his son and always supported him in his career. When he was down with tuberculosis at the age of 12, Freda nursed him throughout the illness. The welsh icon loved his mother dearly and was said to be devastated by her passing away in 2003. 

Tom has one sibling, a sister who goes by the name Sheila Davis.

Tom Jones's mother Freda and his sister Sheila
Tom Jones's mother Freda and his sister Sheila ( Source : hellomagazine )

His Late Wife

Tom married his high school sweetheart  Melinda “Linda” Trenchard when both of them were 17 years old, in 1957. They were expecting a baby at the time of their marriage. They gave birth to a baby boy that same year. 

Young Tom jones with his wife Linda
Young Tom jones with his wife Linda ( Source : thetimes )

In his autobiography, Over the Top and Back, Tom disclosed how he fell for his wife, Linda on the way to school in  Treforest, South Glamorgan, at the age of 12. 

Tom and Linda were married for almost 60 years until Trenchard died of a “short but fierce” battle with cancer on April 10, 2016, at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.


Extramarital relationships of Tom Jones

Although, Tom remained married to Linda and has spoken lovingly about his wife calling her “the one”, he is well known for his infidelities. In his autobiography, he admitted to having dalliances with other women. Tom Jones, himself has said that he was with up to 250 groupies a year at the height of his fame.


Tom and Linda had remained devoted to each other for all the years they were married, but Tom is also known for his infidelity. His name has been linked with various other famous women, including Mary Wilson of the Supremes, TV host Charlotte Laws, and former Miss World Marjorie Wallace. More recently, he has been linked with Priscilla Presley, the former wife of Elvis Presley.

Tom jones with Priscilla Presley- former wife of Elvis Presley
Tom jones with Priscilla Presley- former wife of Elvis Presley ( Source : ro )

Tom Jones Children and Grand Children

Tom and Linda gave birth to their son, Mark shortly after they got married in the year 1957. After the birth of his son, Tom took a job in a glove factory to support his young family. He had worked various construction jobs before his singing career finally took off. 


Mark has followed his father into the music industry. He became manager to his father in the 1980s after his former manager of Tom passed away.

Tom Jones with his son Mark WoodWard
Tom Jones with his son Mark WoodWard ( Source : zimbio )

Tom has another son, Jonathan Berkery, from his brief affair with model Katherine Berkery during his US tour in October 1987. Tom had denied any relationship with Berkery or her son even after the DNA testing and the ruling of the court stating that Jonathan was indeed the singer’s son. He finally, stated that the findings of the court were true in 2008. The singer has not shown any interest nor has attempted to meet his son.


Tom’s son Mark has two children. Tom is grandparents his son Mark's two children, Alex, age 38, and Emma, age 34.

Jones with his son and Grandchildren
Jones with his son and Grandchildren ( Source : hellomagazine )


Some FAQs

What is the real name of Sir Tom Jones?

Sir Tom's birth name is Thomas John Woodward.

When did Tom Jones Got married?

Tom Jones got married in 1957 when he was 17 years old.

When did wife of Tom Jones die?

Tom's wife Linda died in 2016, after battling cancer

How many children and grandchildren does Sir Jones have?

Sir Jone is a parent to his one son Mark and has two grandchildren -Alex and Emma

What was the first single Tom Jones released?

Contrary to the popular belief, "Chills and Fevers" was his first single.

When was Sir Tom Jones knighted by the Queen?

He was knighted by the Queen, in 2005 for his extraordinary service to music.


Tom first joined the band “Tommy Scott and the Senators” in 1963. They were popular among the local crowd but couldn’t grow because of their limited reach. 

In 1964, Gordon Mills, a London-based successful music industry manager recognized his talents, brought Tom back to London, and changed his name to Tom Jones. Tom, then signed a contract with Decca Records. 


Contrary to widespread belief, "It's Not Unusual", released in 1965, was not his debut single. "Chills and Fever" was released six months earlier, in 1964 which didn’t make much of an impact initially but later became an audience favorite. “It’s not Unusual” proved to be a great success for Jones. It made him a celebrity within an instant. After the hit of the song "It's Not Unusual", he was invited to "The Ed Sullivan Show."

By 1968, Tom Jones had several hit songs in his pocket, and in 1969 began his TV show, “This Is Tom Jones”, which ran till 1971.

In the 70s, he toured all around the world and released many hit singles such as "She's a Lady", "Till", and "The Young New Mexican Puppeteer".

Tom Jones after topping the charts
Tom Jones after topping the charts ( Source : udiscovermusic )

The beginning of the 80s was a low point in his career,  but he hit the singles chart with “A Boy From Nowhere”, released in 1987. After this, he collaborated with artist, Van Morrison and released ‘Carry a Torch’.


In 1993, Jones released the album, ‘The Lead And How To Swing It’, by signing a contract with "Interscope Records" from which the single, ‘If I Only Knew’ was a huge hit.

His next big hit was ‘Reload’ for which he joined hands with several artists such as Natalie Imbruglia, Cerys Matthews, Van Morrison, Mousse T, Robbie Williams, etc.

On New Year's Eve of 2000, he was invited to perform in Washington D.C by President Bill Clinton.

 In 2007, he performed at the ‘Concert for Diana’ organized at the Wembley Stadium, along with several world-famous artists. In 2008, he released ‘24 Hours’, from which the single, “If He Should Ever Leave You” gained huge success.

After that, in 2010, he released the album,” Praise and Blame” which is considered one of his best works so far.

In 2012, he was invited to be a judge along with other judges including, Jessie J, will. and Danny O'Donoghue on the exceptionally famous reality singing competition, "The Voice of UK."

Jones in
Jones in "The Voice" ( Source : digitalspy )

In 2015, he published his memoir, Over the Top and Back: The Autobiography.

Autobiography written by Jones
Autobiography written by Jones ( Source : amazon )

Achievements, Awards, and Accolades

Jones was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1998. Jones received a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1966, and an MTV Video Music Award in 1989. Tom Jones received a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II for his extraordinary services to music in 2005. 

Jones after being knighted by the Queen in 2005
Jones after being knighted by the Queen in 2005 ( Source : express )

He has won two Brit Awards. He won a Brit Award for Best Male Artist in 2000 for the first time in more than 30 years of his music career. He won the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music award in 2003, for the second time.

He is also awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Recording at 6608 Hollywood Blvd.

The irresistible show Tom brings forward bridges different musical eras and genres, and appeals to young and old, male and female, mainstream and cutting edge, all just the same. Sir Tom has always been about the power of the song, the power of the voice which is why he is one of the living legends of the music industry.


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