What Happened To Willow Wilson? Where Is The Writer Now?

Willow wilson
Willow wilson ( Source : njmonthly )

Willow Wilson is an American writer with her most notable works in the field of comics. She was born on August 31, 1982, and is now 42 years old. Her most notable project is Ms. Marvel which was aired in 2022 on Disney+. Ms. Marvel is the story of a 16-year-old American-Pakistani Muslim girl who aspires to become a superhero in the world of marvel superheroes. 
The writer is moving ahead in the writing field. She has many notable projects in the past but her game changer is Ms. Marvel. The show has a 6.2 Imdb score out of 10 but has an amazing rotten tomato score of 97%, which is an amazing score for any show or movie. 
Writing comics is one part of her career and she is much more than a comic writer. She has handled projects as a prose author, essayist, and according to IMDB an actress.

Name Willow Wilson
Profession Writer
Date of birth August 31, 1982
Age 40
Net worth 1.5 million dollars
spouse Omar
Nationality American
Religion Muslim

Beginning of writing career

She is not new to the field of writing. Her career in this field started when she used to work as a freelance music critic for Dig Boston. Then after this worked for Atlantic City, New York Times Magazine, and the National Post, when she moved to Cairo she also wrote for Cairo Magazine.

Willow Wilson had her first graphic novel published in the year 2007, named Cairo with art by M.K.Peter. and was published by Vertigo. Her publication was then named one best publications of the year 2007 among a few others by renowned critics and publications. This was an amazing boost for her writing career.  

She did some projects before joining DC. For DC comics she worked in superman and Vixen. They are both heavy-hitting characters of the DC universe. After working for DC she went on to work for Marvel. After completing some projects for Marvel in the year 2014 she finally got a chance to work with Ms.Marvel.

Willow wilson giving speech
Willow wilson giving speech ( Source : princeton )

Conversion to Islam

Willow Wilson is not a born Muslim but later converted to the religion. During her college days, she was much interested in studying other religions and researched Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. She was inclined to Islam from the very beginning but after the 911 attack she was afraid of her inclination and her interest was on hold for some time. That was a difficult time for entire world and even more for the Muslim community that were living in the United States.
In the year 2003, she graduated. After graduation, she decided to move to Cairo and started to teach. She was in Cairo to teach english, but life had many plans for her in Cairo than just teaching english. This all changed when she moved to Cairo. She decided to convert to Islam during the journey and even converted to one before landing in Cairo. She claimed that she made peace with god during the plane ride.

For the beginning period of her conversion to Islam, she practiced the religion secretly even when she was in Cairo. For some time she did this. However, once she was engaged to Egyptian Muslim. Then bit by bit she embraced her religion and practiced it more openly.

Williow wilson in Hijab
Williow wilson in Hijab ( Source : archive )


Willow Wilson is an American, but she found her love when she moved to Cairo. She met her soon-to-be future husband Omar in Cairo. Omar used to teach physics in Cairo, and they met when Omar agreed to help her to show her around Cairo and teach things about culture and religion. He was like her cultural guide in the city and the religion itself. After a few months of knowing each other, they got engaged.  
Willow now decided she need to head back to States and while returning she took her love, Omar, with her to the United States. This was when Willow decided to return as a writer while Omar who was a Physic teacher back decided to become a legal advocate for refugees. 
Now, she has two daughters with her husband Omar.

Willow wilson
Willow wilson ( Source : leagueofcomicgeeks )

Creating a superhero Kamala Khan

The world now has many superheroes, belonging to various nationalities and of various origins. The most notable superheroes belong to the giants of the comic, Dc and Marvel. However, many companies have their version of heroes with unique storylines.
Willow Wilson was hired to recreate the popular superhero, Ms.Marvel, with another comic book artist Sana Amanat, a director and editor at Marvel Entertainment.
Creating Kamala Khan was a complicated and risky decision as both creators had decided that she is going to belong to a Muslim family of Pakistani origin. However, both were afraid in the sense that with one mistake and they were going to get hate from around the globe. Not, just the creator and the character they were going to create at risk, even their loved ones could have been affected by this decision. 

Willow wilson
Willow wilson ( Source : tedxseattle )

Kamala Khan

The good thing was that Willo had experience working in comics as she had worked for superman and Vixen. Superman is considered the first superhero and one with morality and principles to become a superhero and define why he does what he does. So, she had a clear idea of what a superhero should be and what it should not be.
However, despite this, the creators were concerned for Kamala Khan. She may get a lot of hate from anti-muslim was a great concern. But, an even greater concern was what if the Muslim community does not accept how Kamala Khan is portrayed in the comics. There was a definite border where they could work and in that line, they could not make any mistake and if they did lots of things could have gone wrong. 
The major thing that Willo did was make Kamala Khan not wear Hijab. Which was a big decision they were skeptical about the decision regarding the Hijab but they remained adamant about their decision and now was the moment of truth.
Their decision and their dedication now bore fruit as Kamala Khan was taken very positively. She was a teenager her decision was impulsive, belonged to different cultures and traditions, and was funny and very much likable. She was even viewed as a symbol of equality and representation of all minor cultures and traditions that are living in the United states. More than that she was the example that even Muslim girls can be superheroes and that was certainly a big thing.

Kamala khan dressed up as Ms.Marvel
Kamala khan dressed up as Ms.Marvel ( Source : menshealth )



Writers of every genre, type write at least one novel in their writing career.  It is even said that a writer's worth is tested when they write a novel. The indepth story, context, length and engeging ability tests them as a writer. 
Willow Wilson also has her fair share in the field of Novels. She is currently most popular with Ms. Marvel that is one thing. As the show aired in the year 2022 and people loved it. Also, Marvel is very much ahead in the entertainment field as it is expanding the cinematic universe from the year 2008 when it released Ironman. However, in the field of Novels, she made her own name with her own original work and concept.
Her first novel is The Butterfly Mosque released in the year 2011. Another Novel Alif the unseen was released in the year 2012. Her most recent work was published in the year 2019  named The Bird King.

The bird king
The bird king ( Source : amazon )


Willow Wilson net worth

Willow Wilson has made quite a name in the writing field and with the name has amassed quite a fortune. The fortune she has made in this field is the result of her dedication, talent, and how much she can keep people engaged with her writing. She is one of the richest journalists in the present times according to various media and journalists. 
According to various media, she has a net worth above 1.5 million dollars. The exact amount is difficult to determine but the range by various media is 1.5 to 5 million dollars. 

Willow wilson looking outside
Willow wilson looking outside ( Source : nytimes )



For her writing, Willow Wilson has won many awards till now. Till now, she has won 7 notable awards with 11 notable nominations in various awards and functions. 
In the year 2012, she won the Middle East Book Award-Young Literature for Alif the unseen. Alif the unseen continued generating awards in the years 2013 and 2014 also. She also won various awards for Ms. Marvel. Hugo Award and American Award are some of the most notable awards won by her creation, Ms.Marvel. 

Willow wilson attending function
Willow wilson attending function ( Source : ew )



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