Where Is Kevin Maguire Now? Popular Journalist Reveals Next Plan

Kevin Maguire
Kevin Maguire ( Source : shieldsgazette )

Kevin Maguire, also known as Kevin John Maguire is a Uk born British political journalist who is currently an associate editor at the Daily Mirror Newspaper, a columnist for New Statesman, a commentator for GMB, and a visiting professor for the University of Sunderland.

Maguire was born on 1960 September 20 in South Shields, Country Durham in England. He is currently 62 years of age and is still active in the media business. He is a pioneering political journalist who is at the forefront of government policy and political power and its affairs in the United Kingdom. He is able to provide the audience with an insight into the effects of ongoing political conditions on individuals, society, finances, businesses, and many other agendas. Maguire is a highly demanded-political speaker and has been asked to attend many tv channels, radio programs, seminars, and guest lectures.  

He has been actively involved in political controversies like the general elections, Brexit, and Coronavirus outbreaks. Maguire's contribution to the British media and in particular to political journalism has been known to influence the audience to think on the subject more critically.


Where is Kevin Maguire now?

Kevin maguire closeup shot
Kevin maguire closeup shot ( Source : timeshighereducation )

Kevin is currently living in South West London. He is living in South West London with his wife Emma Burstall who is a journalist and a novelist. They together have two sons and a daughter. Maguire's family lives in privacy as the two sons are not publicly present like his father. His daughter Georgia Maguire however, is an actor and a writer who is active on her social media. He is currently in the capital of Britain and is traveling throughout the city in media houses to attend political debates, seminars, and guest lectures. 

Kevin Maguire's Career Details

Kevin Maguire holding a degree from University of Sunderland
Kevin Maguire holding a degree from University of Sunderland ( Source : sunderland )

Kevin Maguire is a famous British political journalist who is an associate editor at the Daily Mirror Newspaper,  columnist for New Statesman, Commentator at GMB, and visiting professor at the University of Sunderland. 

He completed his school and attended South Shields Grammar Technical School for boys from 1972-74. After that, he studied politics at the University of York and studied journalism postgraduate diploma at Cardiff University.

His Career working for Newspapers

He started working at the Western Morning News from 1984 to 1987. Then worked at the New Civil Engineer in 1987. He worked for The Daily Telegraph from 1990 to 1994, then joined the Daily Mirror from 1994 to 1999, and The Guardian from 1999 to 2005.  

His Career in Broadcasting

After his career in the print media, he started contributing his time in the broadcasting media for political debate. Maguire consistently appears on Sky News and BBC. He appeared on Have I Got News for You on October 24, 2008.  

By the mid of 2001, he worked on a Sunday morning politics show in the Daily Mail as a co-host along with Andrew Pierce on talk radio station LBC 97.3. He has also been a regular presenter for other shows on the station. He quit the show in March 2012 to concentrate more of his time at the Daily Mirror. He is a regular guest on Jeremy Vine, a Channel 5 TV talk show. As of now, he appears Monday - Wednesday on the ITV Breakfast program Goodmorning Britain. 


Maguire's Net Worth

Kevin Maguire gives his opinion about the Queen in GMB
Kevin Maguire gives his opinion about the Queen in GMB ( Source : plymouthherald )

Kevin Maguire earns his living from his journalism profession. He is estimated to earn more than $9.79 million. He is a British political journalist and is active in political debates regarding the world and national political news. In 2017 He demanded £230,000 as a salary from the Mirror. He is enjoying his six-figure salary being a political journalist. 

His recent posts in the Daily Mirror

Kevin Maguire is an associate editor of the Daily Mirror and a political columnist in it. he regularly writes for the company regarding national and international politics. He publishes editorials and opinions in the media. His recent editorials include:

  • Labour must cash in on Tory budget hike disaster to pave the way to power.
  • Sunak and Hunk are using Tory voodoo economics that will cut Uk's legs off.
  • Rishi Sunak's record proves he's an economic dud that the Uk can't afford.
  • Rishi Sunak's to blame for the austerity juggernaut he's driving at us fast.
  • Tinpot tyrannical Tories are the Uk's equivalent of the Chinese Communist Party 

Preview of maguire's editorials on Mirror
Preview of maguire's editorials on Mirror ( Source : mirror )

To Read more on his editorials visit Mirror



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