Why Is Joe Gatto Leaving Impractical Jokers? Who Is Going To Replace Him?

Reason why Joe Gatto is taking a big step to leave impractical jokers
Reason why Joe Gatto is taking a big step to leave impractical jokers( Source : co )

Joe Gatto has created a wave of his fandom through his perfect comic time after being a part of the superhit TV show "Impractical Jokers".

Joseph Antony Gatto Jr., who is popularly known as Joe Gatto is an American comedian, actor, and producer. Born on June 5, 1976 A.D., Gatto's father died on 1995 A.D. leaving him alone at a very young age.

He started his career in 1998 A.D., working on several television shows. But Gatto got the breakthrough of his career on December 15, 2011 A.D. when he was cast in the television show "Impractical Jokers".

Let's know more about why is Joe Gatto leaving the show which gave him such fame and his boosted career. 

Why is Joe Gatto leaving Impractical Jokers?- choosing family over career

Did breakup with wife Bessy made things worst for Joe
Did breakup with wife Bessy made things worst for Joe( Source : usmagazine )

We can't deny Impractical Jokers has come through a long journey, from just being a low-budget show to overtaking the world in the span of a few years. 

The public went gaga over the comedy and prank wars telecasted from the hidden cameras. Joe Gatto was one of the cast every audience adored and used to laugh hilariously on.

Although it has been a huge shock for "Impractical Jokers" fans to hear about their favorite star's departure from the show. This heart-wrenching news for fans was given by Joe himself via his official Instagram handle, where he went on-" Will no longer be involved with Impractical Joker." 

As per the speculations Joe has decided to step down from the show to look after his two children, daughter Milana and son Remington, 7 and 5  respectively.

Whatever happens in life family always comes first, By saying this everyone has heavy-heartedly accepted Joe's departure but still just like his fans he also shares his part of how sad he is to be separated from his classic jokers. 

"Outside my family, my relationship with Murr, Q, and, Sal have been the most important n my life. I know they will continue to make the world laugh." penning this down on his Instagram, he pours out his feeling to all.

Who is going to replace him?- big hit or a miss

After Joe's departure from the show, there were many assumptions about who will be taking his place. Many rumors were spreading but everything came to an end after his co- host's announcement.

Murr, Q, and Sal the popular co-hosts of the show Impractical Jokers announced that there won't be any replacement for Joe Gatto and they will work as a trio from the days onwards. 

For them, no one can replace Joe as he was "irreplaceable". As Joe's co-host Murr said to a source, "He's irreplacable, so we didn't even try to replace him." 

Gatto was loved by all for his great sense of humor and anticipation to take part in every dare. His fans were worried about who was going to replace him but after the news of working as a trio broke, it became a huge relief to Joe's fans.

Fans can never forget how tremendous the four were together but now they can still enjoy looking after the Trio.  Joe's fans are glad that there can never be someone like Joe to replace him and his friendship with the other three is still strong. 

Did Joe Gatto break-up with his wife Bessy declined his career?


46-years-old Joe Gatto was married to his former wife Bessy Gatto in 2013 A.D. and soon after moved to New York from California. They had their daughter Milana Francis on 2015 and their son Remington James on 2017 together. 

Everything seemed to be perfect before Joe announced his split from wife Bessy Gatto. Joe was seen as a family-oriented and loving husband from his posts on Instagram.

Just a few weeks before their splitting announcement he posted a photo of his wife captioning," Such a big, beautiful heart on this wife of mine."

But soon after, Joe confirmed his divorce from Bessy due to some personal concerns. He stated it was a mutual decision and they are opting for the way of co-parenting.

Later that month Joe also announced his departure from the show "Impractical Jokers" due to his breakup with his wife, wanting him to look after his children more carefully.

It was a great shock for his fans to get two big heartbreaking news. A perfect 8-year-long relationship came to an end which was a much big shock, rising different rumors of them breaking up due to incompatibility, lack of communication, and more to name.

Avid everything we wish Joe for a great life after all the decisions he made. The undying love from his fans will always be with him till the end without any doubt. 

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